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She was sensitive and naive--and incredibly innocent--and he was about to ruin her life.There was no justification for what he was doing. After all, Greeks respect their women; they don't take advantage of them. But he, of course, was only half Greek.And he'd obviously forgotten the old Greek proverb that warns, "The man who lights the fire is not immune to being burned."...

Title : Rich as Sin
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ISBN : 9780373115679
Format Type : Paperback
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  • boogenhagen
    2019-03-24 18:02

    RE Rich as Sin- Anne Mather gets her shot at HP Plus with extra frustration pages in this one.The h is a 24 yr old sheltered, naive unicorn groomer who is engaged and has over-controlling parents. She also has a little sandwich cafe and has recently branched out into catering on the side.The H is a 26 or 27 yr old computer geek, who also happens to be the lone heir apparent to his grandfather, (I kid you not, he calls himself Apollo, but his name is Aristotle Appolonius,) and his grandfather's huge, gigantic shipping company - Insert Aristotle Onassis jokes here.The book opens with the H being cranky and surly and having beer for breakfast. After seeing his mother celebrate her widowhood after the H's English father died and fighting with his grandfather for YEARS about taking over the Greek side of the family's firm, as well as noticing the steady parade of his grandfather's lurvely lady buffet into the family home, the H isn't too keen on either marriage or on taking over the family firm.Instead he rooted himself in England, despite demands for him to base himself in Athens, get married to a good Greek girl and then set up a lurvely lady buffet of his own. While in England, he started his own computer software firm and he does all the coding. He also got himself hooked on an English High Society piece of totty, but since he refused to marry her and give her unlimited checking options on her bank overdraft, she took herself off to get engaged to some unknown European prince.This makes the H very angry and vengeful and even more angry when his High Society Totty sends a personal letter to invite him to the engagement party. The H goes, but he enters via the kitchen and he startles the h, who thinks he might be an intruder.The instant HP lurve mojo force kicks into high gear. Even as the h is trying to hold him off with a knife, cause the man looks dangerous and he is kinda geekily scruffy and wearing some dubious denims too. The h and H get locked into an intimate embrace as he takes the knife away from her, the High Society Totty wanders in and has a major hissy fit. The h, who was only hired to cook, deliver and set up the buffet, tells Ms. HST to sod off when she demands the h stay and clean up. (Everyone in this book, except the H and h, but including the H's ex, the h's parents and the h's fiance, seems to think that caterers are just another name for high paid waitress/call girls. This is 1993 and I was not making that connection. But AM had to ram that point home that even the h's family thought she was being low class, and it was kinda jarring. Mainly cause I have had experience with caterers and they are NOT cheap or low class. So shame on AM for that.)Anyhows, the H is attracted to the h, but she takes off and he is left with predatory Ms. HST. Who is very clear that if the H will marry her, her current prince can go back to Europe. The H isn't interested, he doesn't seduce other guy's fiancee's.Until the h refuses to see him again when the H shows up at her cafe for lunch, he even has a grilled cheese, (he is such a little coder geek.) The h explains that she isn't interested, she is engaged and she wants him to leave her alone. The H is ready to punish his ex or something, this h intrigues him and she isn't getting away, fiance or not.So next the H tries a fake catering set-up at his computer software company. When the h comes to discuss the menu and venue - a business lunch thingy- the H makes his move and when she clearly tells him NO, he corners her against the door and roofie kisses ensue until the h pushes him over and runs out of the offices like a bat out of Hades.The h is frantic, she was really liking that kiss and she is really not that into her fiance. She finally makes it back to her Essex after her jaunt to London, only to get the third degree from her really pushy and controlling mother. (The h's parents were extremely annoying. They were not supportive of anything she wanted to do. They were angry that she went into food instead of using her English degree to teach and they kept insisting that she had to be engaged to her rather dragging fiance. The h wasn't all that into him, but her parent's did not want her dating, so they pushed her into being with him and then chastised her for waiting to get married for six years. The h is 24, for pity's sake, she runs a business and has for two years and she is too stupid to tell them to back off and move herself out.)The h then decides to cut the catering business, as she has no desire to run into the H again, but of course her parents and her fiance have to crow about how wrong she was to start it to begin with. Which was sad for the h, cause she was doing well and she could have done lunch catering and really made a big business out of it. Since this is HPlandia and AM's at that, it is probably just as well, cause she is destined for useless ornamenthood as an H wife accessory instead. Then the H shows up again. This time with an offer to help his mother do a 72nd birthday bash for the H's grandfather. But really to get the h to Greece where he can pump and then dump her and get revenge on his ex Ms HST. How on earth that was supposed to work, I have no clue, but AM wrote it, the H thought it and even tho he knew he would be wrecking the h's life, he just doesn't care. So the h goes to Greece, we get the strong feeling that the h knows she is on the menu, but she is ready to take that step and so we can all assume that this h is ready to cheat on her fiance. However the h gets taken to Aristotle Appolonius's private island in a helicopter and when she sees the house, she know she is hopelessly out of her depth. The H is rich and she thought he was just a regular computer geeky dude with a little more money. Now she knows that he isn't falling in love or may fall in love like she is, ( hence her willingness to cheat for true love avowals.) Nope, she is there to be his private tart and she loses her temper when the H finally shows up. She tells him off and tells him she wants to leave. But the H won't let her. He is very happy that all his money doesn't mean much to her and he still wants her body - he even told his grandfather that he wanted her and brought her to the island to seduce her. So the H institutes the overwhelming roofie kissing plan and the h, in a haze of purple passion, agrees to stay.Then the H brings the h to the family gathering and his mother, who is one in classic AM style, starts making tarty noises towards the h. The grandfather is pretty nasty to the H about the h too, and the H, who throughout the book has been having more Captain consults than I do when reading a Sara Wood story, slams down his drink and goes to rescue the h from his mother.He tries more seductions on the beach, in full view of his family and then drags the h off to some beach caves. He is becoming more determined that the h is going to be his and he doesn't care what anyone thinks. But when they get to the caves, the h is too excited looking for shells and seeing the other beaches the caves connect to, for him to think about seducing her. He starts to realize that he really likes the h and that this may not have been one of his better idears.They go back to the house and the h starts crying, cause the H is ignoring her, then he gets upset when he sees her crying and it all ends in a big purple passion lurve mojo moment with extra added boudoir bouncing in the h's assigned room.The H is shocked to find that he has a certified unicorn petter in his arms, but he passes out in ecstasy mid thrust and the h has to contemplate her sorry situation, cause the uniting part of the experience was NOT FUN at all. The h wants the H to leave, but he gives her a bath instead and the second time was much better.The H borrows a dress from his mother for the h for dinner. (Amusingly his mother has so many clothes she doesn't even recognize her own things and wonders how the h can afford all these togs.) The h is getting ready to go down for the big family dinner when the H's mother shows up. The H has left the island. He got called back to London on behalf of Ms. High Society Totty and the mother wants the h to know that all tarts must vacate the premises before the family party. She also tells the h that the H is going to marry Ms. HST, so the h won't get idears above her station.The h agrees to go, but since she can't leave until tomorrow, she will attend the family dinner even tho the H's mother wants her to have a tray in her room. The H's grandfather questions the h pretty closely after dinner, but the h tells him that she won't be seeing his grandson again, after she explains that she thought he was an ordinary person.The H gets back to the island, the h is gone and he goes off to have a fight with his mother. Apparently Ms. HST got caught cheating on her fiance and took six paracetamol tablets in a suicide attempt and demanded that H come to see her. The H's mother played it up to get the H off the island and the h out.The mother wants her son married and to take over for his grandfather and she thinks Ms High Society Totty will make a tolerable wife. Tho the H's mother does admit that the H's examples of marital bliss are few and far between between her own non-marital forays and the H's grandfather's habit of parading his mistress's around in front of his now deceased wife. The H makes his great displeasure known and his mother is actually scared she may have gone too far in manipulating him this time.Then we get the h, who is back in her shop and has broken her engagement. Her father comes into bully her back into complaisant daughter and fiancee mode and the h explains that it isn't going to happen, she met the H and had a moment and now she is moving on into an independent life. The H's father is aghast, but the h finally grows up enough to assert herself, so things are mostly sorted there. Then the H shows up and the h has a great time telling him off for seducing her and then running off to his Ms. HST. The H claims he loves her, he will even buy them a house, but the h wants a wedding ring, that is the price for her passion. The H doesn't want to marry anyone and the h knows it. The h is very firm when she says she won't see the H again and her ex-fiance finally proves himself useful when he shows up and the h uses him to run the H off. Then she has to run the ex-fiance off, but he was easier to dump.The H goes into another little mopey moment. He is snarly and Captain consulting and writing really bad code for his new English translation program. His grandfather shows up to harangue the H about not marrying Ms. High Society Totty, but the H is very assertive in his statement that he is done with her and has been for six months. He is in love with the h instead and thinks she is married to the ex-fiance. His grandfather tells him to go find out and marry the girl if he wants, he won't stop him. So the H goes to the h's house, her parents are on vacation, and he collapses on her doorstep from lack of food and sleep. The h hauls him inside and he proposes, right before he passes out. The next morning the h tells him they don't have to get married, she finally got rid of her ex and she loves the H and she will move in with him if that is what he wants. But the H is tying her to him in every way he can and they are going to get married, he is going to write his computer code and his mother can run the family firm, cause she likes manipulating things and ordering people about. The h is really happy that they can stay in England and be married in love and they go for the triple boudoir bounce for the big HEA.This one was exhausting and both of these people were pretty tacky. I was just glad to get to the end of this, as HP Plus seems to mean Plus size drama scenes of really annoying people instead of the regular HP outing.

  • Roub
    2019-03-20 18:55

    i found the heroine too naive for my tastes and hero too Machiavellian ! it was astounding what he got upto and she fell right into his traps ! i also disliked the fact dat melissa eclipsed samantha. she was by far the prettier of the two but she also dominated the book as her presence cud be felt. obviously, matthew had had genuine feelings for her and thought a lot about her in his pov. i dunno how the author wants us to believe he was in love wid sam!

  • Anuradha
    2019-04-08 17:45

    I revisited the book cover at least half a dozen times to confirm whether this is really an Anne Mather story ! No massive age difference, no impossible love situations bordering incest ! Nothing convoluted.Just a simple rich boy poor girl tale. Written well, smooth and still engrossing. Anne Mather you surprised me here. A good surprise :)Heir of a greek shipping tycoon with a strong independence streak , so he runs his own software co - the HEROCommon London working girl , runs a catering business , engaged to a rather dull Paul , virgin of course no doubts there - the HEROINEWhere do they meet ?? She is catering for the engagement for his ex-flame. The bitchy ex-flame is still trying hard to get hold of our tycoon. But now, he has set his eyes on the sweet caterer. So the poor ex-flame doesn't stand a chance any more.Cliched plots follow - guy coerces girl to spend time with him, teaches her valuable life lessons of "How to lose your virginity to a near stranger and still feel great about it".And after a considerable no of pages elapse, they discover undying love and HEA.Might sound rather mundane, but was a good read. 3-3.5 stars.

  • Tia
    2019-03-27 19:44

    Hero decided to use heroine in his own twisted plot but needless to say the heroine fought right back and eventually when the hero falls in love with the heroine, he realizes if you play with fire, you are going to get burned.

  • Desi
    2019-03-23 18:01

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