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Secrets and revenge make for desperate measures and fateful choices in this gripping conclusion to the Fury trilogy.The weather is mild in Ascension, but beneath the surface, everything is burning up.The nightmare Emily Winters has been living through for months shows no sign of ending, as the Furies stay on the peripheral, slowly driving her crazy. Em feels...different. SSecrets and revenge make for desperate measures and fateful choices in this gripping conclusion to the Fury trilogy.The weather is mild in Ascension, but beneath the surface, everything is burning up.The nightmare Emily Winters has been living through for months shows no sign of ending, as the Furies stay on the peripheral, slowly driving her crazy. Em feels...different. She's angry, and never cold, and too strong. It's only a matter of time before she turns into the thing she hates the most. Em needs to take her fate into her own hands, but without Drea's help, or anyone to turn to, Em is quickly running out of options.Crow's involvement with Em has grown more complicated. His visions are taking shape and it doesn't look good for Em. But Crow has a plan, and he will do anything to save her. Anything.JD misses the Em he used to know...and love. She doesn't seem like herself; it's like she's hiding something. When JD begins to learn the truth, he is as scared as he is determined to help her. And Em's survival may be dependent on his actions.The Furies love to play games, but this time they're deadly serious, and they hate to lose....

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Eternity Reviews

  • Ashley Daviau
    2019-05-10 02:44

    While I didn't like this book quite as much as the second in the trilogy which was excellent, I did still enjoy it quite a bit. I'm still absolutely in love with the mythology aspect of this series, I haven't come across any other series based on this myth but I would really love to. It's an incredibly intriguing story! This book was definitely the most action packed of the series with twists and turns all over the place! The characters were much more complex as well and I grew quite attached to them, especially Crow and JD. Totally different characters but I loved them both to pieces. All in all, the story was wrapped up quite nicely and I thought the ending was perfect but I would have liked more details on certain aspects of the mythology.

  • Stefania
    2019-05-12 01:51

    I'm so happy! ...and so sad. I didn't want this story to end even if at the same time I wished an happy ending for Em.This last book was creepy, terrifying... AMAZING! I couldn't read it before going to bed because some parts are quite frightening (now I'm really sure that I absolutely hate dolls). The Furies continue with their bloody murders, and Em's life is really in danger this time since her bound with the Furies is much deeper than she thought.Main characters such as Em, Crow (who's totally driving crazy, poor boy... I was quite fond of him) and JD undergo many changes in their personality, but without going out of character.Madness, trust, fear, love, envy, guilt, shock... these and many others feeling are concerned.I was really amazed by a couples of coups de théatre that I found clever, but there are two aspects that disappointed me. First of all, even though I hated her I wished Skylar had had a greater importance, thinking of all the problems she created. Now the ending. I'm the only one who found it a bit short and not very detailed? It's such an important part!(SPOILER)(view spoiler)[And... why was the first Em and JD's kiss described in a couple of lines?! I've been waiting for it for three books! ç__ç I was expecting something like... one page long! (hide spoiler)] (END SPOILER)The epilogue was quite disappointing. Maybe it would have been better to describe more in detail what happened after Em left the hospital, what she told her parent and her friends, how was Crow...But in general I really appreciated this series!

  • Christie
    2019-04-25 01:29

    I'm giving this 3 generously. I do not like to be reading a trilogy and get to the end and it's so abrupt. I also do not care for writing negative reviews with hardly anything positive, here goes. I enjoyed the concept. I enjoyed reading about how karma can be a bitch and come on, everyone has thought what if like that before so it's easily relatable In that way. But otherwise, more is better. A few more pages could've been all it took.

  • Butterblume
    2019-05-09 04:58

    Mit zwei Augen zudrücken zwei Sterne...

  • Tanya Batchellier
    2019-04-28 05:42

    Read this book in under 24 hours, after reading the first two books I just had to know what would become of Em! Although I didn't find this book as gripping as the first two, it was still good :) I really liked the mythology aspect of these books and these Furies are really cranking up the heat with their punishments. This book gave more of an insight into the origin of the Furies in Ascension and their links to the residents especially the Feiffers which was an interesting little twist. This book once again focusses on Em and how her life is being torn apart by the Furies. However, there is development of her relationships with both Crow and JD with these both playing major roles in the conclusion. The only problem I have with this book is that after all of the build up, the conclusion was very sudden and not quite as dramatic as it could have been.

  • Jacinta Carter
    2019-05-07 09:45

    As the final book in the Fury trilogy, Eternity does a good job of tying up loose ends. The characters hold true to their motivations from the first two books and Miles doesn't leave any gaping plot holes. Unfortunately, since the main point of this book seemed to be bringing everything full circle, there wasn't quite enough action. Instead, there were a lot of scenes focused on characters finally revealing secrets to each other in order to fix all of their problems. Overall, though, it was a pretty good way to end the trilogy.

  • Abby♡Reading
    2019-05-10 05:48

    I'm so proud of Ems and I'm so happy that something good happened in the end (: a fantasy with a little of romance (: I love this series (:

  • Brina
    2019-05-20 03:30

    Endlich ist es soweit! "Im Herzen die Gier", der dritte und letzte Band der "Fury"-Trilogie wurde von mir schon sehnlichst erwartet und musste natürlich direkt verschlungen werden. Meine Erwartungen waren riesig und es fiel mir enorm schwer, mich nicht bereits im Vorfeld spoilern zu lassen. Zum Glück habe ich damit gewartet, denn das Buch ist nicht nur wieder einmal sehr düster, sondern auch unglaublich spannend und mit einem würdigen Abschluss versehen.Die Geschichte wird von der Autorin sehr gut weitererzählt, die Figuren entwickeln sich stets weiter und endlich erfährt man auch mehr über Figuren, über die man bislang nur wenig wusste. Während Ems beste Freundin Gabby z.B. immer mehr in die Bedeutungslosigkeit fällt, kommt endlich JD zu Wort. Alles, was ich bislang über ihn erfahren habe, hat mich unglaublich neugierig gemacht und somit war ich sehr froh, dass ich endlich mehr über ihn und seine Gedanken und Gefühle erfahren durfte. Auch die restlichen Figuren, wie z.B. Em, Ty, Meg und Co. entwickeln sich gut weiter, man erfährt einiges über die Geschichte der Stadt und die Vergangenheit der Furien und auch sonst hat die Autorin hier ein stimmiges und spannendes Szenario geschaffen. Die Geschichte wirkt an keiner einzigen Stelle langatmig, kann mit teilweise mysteriösen Dialogen glänzen und schafft es immer wieder, die Stadt Ascension und deren Bewohner noch geheimnisvoller zu gestalten.Nachdem Emily am Ende des zweiten Bandes die eindeutige Gewissheit erhalten hat, dass sie sich selbst in eine Furie verwandelt, fand ich es besonders spannend, wie sie nun mit der Situation umgeht und welche Lösungswege dabei gefunden werden. Dabei erkennt sie nur langsam, dass die Furien letztendlich nicht mehr nur hinter ihr her sind, sondern auch noch andere Familien in Ascension betroffen sind. Hierbei war es besonders spannend zu beobachten, wie sehr Dreas und Skylars Familie mit den Furien verbunden sind und welches Leid sie dadurch bereits erleiden mussten. Ebenfalls sehr schön fand ich die Entwicklung von JD, der in diesem Band erstmals selbst zu Wort kommt. Ich mag seine sympathische und oftmals skeptische Art sehr und konnte mich sehr gut in ihn hineinversetzen. Seine Gefühle für Emily sind oftmals herzzerreißend und es war besonders schön zu beobachten, wie er mit Ty umging und ihr immer mehr auf die Schliche kam - bis er jedoch merkte, dass weitaus mehr hinter der Sache steckt. Crow, der bei vielen Menschen als talentierter Musiker, aber auch als Außenseiter gilt, hat mir ebenfalls sehr gut gefallen und konnte mich mit seinen Visionen überzeugen. Ebenfalls gelungen finde ich die Herabstufung einiger Charaktere. So kommt Gabby in der Geschichte nur noch selten vor, was der Geschichte mehr als gut tut, denn sie kam mir zuletzt immer wieder wie eine Art Fremdkörper vor, da ihre Geschichte bereits am Ende des erstes Bandes abgeschlossen war. Bei dem Ende hatte ich sehr hohe Erwartungen und ich muss sagen, dass diese fast alle erfüllt wurden. Ich wollte mehr über die Furien erfahren, einen möglichen und vor allem glaubwürdigen Ausweg für Emily vorfinden und endlich wissen, wie sehr die Stadt tatsächlich mit den Furien verknüpft ist. Dabei habe ich sehr häufig gute und vor allem glaubwürdige Antworten erhalten, jedoch muss ich sagen, dass leider nicht alle Fragen beantwortet wurden. Damit kann ich aber sehr gut leben, da das Ende in sich sehr schlüssig ist. Der einzige Kritikpunkt ist hierbei lediglich, dass mir das Ende viel zu schnell kam. Dieses hätte gut und gerne noch zehn weitere Seiten verdient gehabt. Das Cover ist nett, allerdings haben mir die Cover der ersten beiden Bände deutlich besser gefallen, allerdings passen alle drei so wunderschön nebeneinander, dass ich gerne darüber hinwegsehe. Die Kurzbeschreibung ist wieder einmal sehr gelungen und spannend beschrieben und hat mich direkt wieder nach Ascension befördert. Kompliment an den Verlag!Insgesamt ist "Im Herzen die Gier" ein würdiger Abschluss, der fast alle Fragen beantwortet und für jede Menge Drama und spannende Momente sorgt. Ich werde Em, JD und ja, sogar die Furien vermissen und freue mich bereits auf viele weitere Werke von Elizabeth Miles. Wer die Trilogie noch nicht gelesen hat und sich für Rachegöttinnen interessiert, sollte diesen Büchern definitiv eine Chance geben. Ich kann sie nur empfehlen und irgendwann mit Sicherheit auch ein zweites Mal lesen.

  • Stefanie Hasse
    2019-05-25 07:45

    Zitat:„Wir machen alle Fehler.“Und manche büßen mehr dafür als andere.(S. 239)Inhalt:JD schwört sich, für Emily Winters, in die er schon seit Jahren verliebt ist, da zu sein. Gerade jetzt, wo ihre Freundin Drea in dem Feuer ums Leben kam.Doch wie soll er helfen, wenn Em so distanziert ist und sich stets mit diesem Crow abgibt, auf den JD mit Neid und Eifersucht reagiert?Dann wäre da noch seine Schwester Melissa, die nach einem kleinen Unfall ein wirklich übernatürlich gut aussehendes Mädchen kennengelernt hat: Ali, die auf den Fotos von Em im Wohnzimmer von JD ihre Cousine Ty zu sehen glaubt – die sie JD noch am selben Tag vorstellt.Währenddessen hat Em Momente, in denen sie die Dunkelheit übernimmt – wird sie wirklich zu einer von IHNEN? Auch Crow spielt im Spiel der Furien eine wichtige Rolle…Meinung:Es gibt wenige Bücher, die durch ihre besondere Art so herausstechen, dass sie trotz scheinbarer Normalität Gänsehaut bescheren können. Elizabeth Miles‘ Trilogie rund um die Kleinstadt Ascension und die Upper Class Kids, die hinter der Fassade alles andere als normal sind, gehört definitiv dazu.So stürzte ich mich mit Spannung in das letzte Abenteuer in Ascension, um die Konsequenzen von Em Winters‘ Rettungsaktion in Band 1 zu verfolgen.Nach einem kurzen Prolog aus Crows Perspektive beginnt der 1. Akt. JD nimmt sich vor Em endlich seine Liebe zu gestehen – aber ständig kommt etwas dazwischen. Meine Sorge um ihn steigerte sich von Seite zu Seite, als er erst Ali, dann Ty kennenlernt. Wir alle wissen, dass diese Begegnungen nie zufällig sind…Em hingegen kämpft gegen die innere Dunkelheit. Sie spürt, dass Drea recht hatte: dass Em dabei ist, sich zu verändern. Aber wie genau passt Crow in diese Rechnung, die die Furien zu begleichen haben?In Erwartung einer ebenso fesselnden Handlung hinter alltäglichen Taten raste ich von Seite zu Seite, stets das Schlimmste befürchtend, sobald eine Orchidee oder eines der „Mädchen“ auftauchte.Doch schon nach wenigen Kapiteln wird klar, dass ich nicht mehr unter der Oberfläche suchen musste, denn die düstere Atmosphäre ist überall spürbar. Insbesondere JDs Perspektive war der reinste Nervenkitzel: ICH wusste schließlich Bescheid – er hingegen… Auch der Trilogieabschluss versteckt den Fantasy-Anteil wieder unter dem Deckmantel des Alltags. Auch wenn der Alltag in Ascension mittlerweile von so vielen Todesfällen gepflastert ist. Für JD jedoch ist noch nichts Übernatürliches dabei. Auch wenn ich hinter jeder Ecke etwas davon erwartete, war es für ihn Alltag, der wie bereits in den Vorgängerbänden etwas an Tempo herausnahm. Nichtsdestotrotz genoss ich die unterschwellige Bedrohung, die sich stets weiter aufbaute, je mehr sich JD zusammenreimte.Der Schreibstil bleibt dabei leichtgängig, die Beschreibungen der Szenerie sind nicht überdetailliert, dennoch gut vorstellbar. Ende des 2. Akts zog das Tempo immer weiter an, neues Wissen kam hinzu und formte sich zu einer Zündschnur, zu der wenig später dann der eine Funke hinzukam, der alles zum Explodieren bringen würde – die Frage war nur, wann. Ich hangelte mich an dieser Schnur entlang und stürzte unaufhaltsam dem letzten Akt entgegen.Und dieser hatte es dann in sich. Letzte Hoffnungen, letzte Hinweise und neue Erkenntnisse machten den Showdown zu einem Erlebnis, das ich gerne noch etwas länger ausgekostet hätte, ehe die Trilogie um die geheimnisvollen Mädchen in Ascension beinahe zu schnell endete.Urteil:Mit „Im Herzen die Gier“ setzte Elizabeth Miles ihrer Trilogie um die Rachegöttinnen ein würdiges Ende. Die gewohnte unterschwellige Bedrohung wird immer realer, ehe es nur noch einen Ausweg gibt. Haarscharfe 5 Bücher für diesen spannenden Trilogie-Abschluss.Wem es nach Rache dürstet, wer Zorn verspürt oder der Gier anheimfällt, sollte sich unbedingt damit auseinandersetzen, welche Folgen das haben könnte… Jene, die im Herzen die Liebe haben, können sich beruhigt zurücklehnen und eine außergewöhnliche Reihe genießen. Denn letztendlich bekommt doch jeder, was er verdient.Die Reihe:1. Im Herzen die Rache2. Im Herzen der Zorn3. Im Herzen die Gier©

  • Kim
    2019-05-25 01:33

    I was really excited for this book. Firstly, because it was the final segment so it would be interesting to see how it would end. Secondly, JD is probably my favourite character and we were going to get his perspective on things. And thirdly, the cover was pretty. Yes I like pretty covers, so sue me!Sigh. I dont even know where to begin with this one... it was a mess. All over the place - M - E - S - S !!So let's get into it...Emily. Oh my freaking god. For a character I once had sympathy for at the end of the first book and mildly through the second... you just lost me. She was annoying and selfish in this book which pissed me off to no end. YES, we know you are turning into a fury and going crazy.. but that does not mean you run around yelling at people to help you. If I were Skye or her aunt, I would ALSO STAY AWAY FROM YOU.Crow. What the actual beep? I was beginning to slowly like him in Envy, but this book killed him for me. He was annoying and stalkerish (exactly as JD puts it) and just downright creepy. Everytime he was described it was like he was long haired, oily, messy, dirty... like some hobo guy... HOW IS THAT ATTRACTIVE EM? JUST NO. And that sad attempt at a final love triangle between him, em and JD was just pathetic... Maybe if he's character and description was written a little better I would have had more sympathy for him... but honestly, his visions and em describing him as "going off the deep end"... honestly I did not give one eff about him.Chapter plotting. OH EM GEE. Half of the chapters of Em were spent of her running around trying to find Crow and then they have a pointless conversation and it was over. WHAT AM I READING HERE? Kill conversations and chapters that aren't needed please!The ending. HUH? THAT IS THE END? REALLY? I can't believe that after all this time, that was the ending. So dumb. So simple. So boring. Who knew that all it took to save herself from becoming a fury was to (view spoiler)[sacrifice your life for someone else... but that doesn't matter because you'll survive so really you're not doing anything ARE YOU? (hide spoiler)]Maybe it was just the ending that killed it for me because there was so much that could have been played with. For example, I would have liked the ending much better if Miles (view spoiler)[kept it like she did, with Em sacrificing herself and waking up blah blah.. But the plot twist at the end is she is actually Ty, and Em became one of the furies after all. (hide spoiler)]... I would be satisfied with that ending... I really would.Overall, I felt that Envy and Eternity blended too much together and if I really think hard they are almost the same book to me in terms of plot but Eternity alternatively provides us with some sort of an ending. Very disappointing... I was expecting a much more climatic approach :(

  • books_life_books2
    2019-05-13 03:35

    Hello,OVERALL SPOILER FREE REVIEW on the whole Fury trilogy by Elizabeth Miles.**** This book series as a whole was BLOODY AMAZING!!! I absolutely adored the whole storyline of all 3 books. Basically these books are a paranormal horror series. These books are all based around this girl called Em (Emily) Winters, and she is the main character in each book. In all the books something has gone wrong for another person as they have done something wrong to another person, either on prepuce or as they simply weren't thinking right. And that person (whoever it may be) is the other (2nd) main character in the story. They share there story through corresponding chapters eg. Chapter 1. Em, Chapter 2. Chase, Chapter 3 Em so on, so forth and the second main character changes throughout each book. ****Basically as I said the two main characters Em and whoever is the other victim, have done something wrong to a person and there are these 3 mysterious girls in town: Ty, Meg and Ali and they have appeared to pay revenge to them. They are called the Furies. ****Brief Overview on each book:Book 1. Fury- Em and Chase are the two characters in this book, both have done something wrong and have to take the brutal revenge on them by the furies who appear to be nice but really aren't. Em manages to seal a deal with them, Instead of revenge. but they still haunt her and she is bound to them forever. Chase however isn't so lucky... 5/5 stars***Book 2. Envy- Em and Skylar are the main characters. Em this time round is still in debt to the Furies but is determined to stop them before more deaths and tragedy. Skylar is the new girl in town and is delighted when Ems best friend, popular fun loving Gabby takes her under her wing but Skylar is always in the background behind Gabby and the boy she likes is only interested in Gabby. So she takes revenge on Gabby to be noticed by the boy she likes. Gabby is in danger due to Skylar's revenge is more serious then Skylar originally realised. Gabby doesn't know it was Skylar who hurt her but the Furies do and are coming.... 5/5 stars***Book 3. Eternity- Em and JD are hen main characters. Em has not succeed in destroying the. Furies but many lives have been lost due to them, and she has to stop the Furies as they are destroying life in the town but most importantly Em is in danger... JD loves EM but since book 1 him and Em have been torn apart (thanks to the Furies) but the Furies are still seeking revenge in Em as she hasn't got it yet and JD is the target... 4/5 starsWill they destroy the Furies or will they destroy them?!*** I rate the whole series a 5/5!

  • Sophia
    2019-05-13 04:37

    my review on Loving LitI'm really disappointed. I thought this series would have a better ending! *Pout*Em is still...stupid. Unfortunately, because she could have been an awesome kick-butt character. There is so much potential wasted here. Her character developed through the story, but she never became stronger. She is just different, and it isn't because of her experience or knowledge gained. It's because of some magic mumbo jumbo. She also sstayed away from JD "for his own good" when she should have told him what was going on. He was fraternizing with the enemy! The lack of communication in the book was annoying because the problem could have been solved sooner.JD also frustrates me. He's clueless, especially when it comes to people. Hunter, too, is a half-*ssed character who is only in the story to create a love triangle. If you can call it that. The characters in the book lack life. Ty is by far the most interesting, but that part of her is never developed. I would love to see more motive here, as well as more personality in the characters. They are all so generic and follow specific archetypes.The plot is confusing. There are a lot of explanations, which bored the heck out of me. Half of it is true, half of it isn't...I couldn't keep up. The book was too ambitious in the wrong places. The plot should have unfolded more in the first two books, because Eternity was rushed and because of that, it was confusing. There should have been more of a focus on Em, not necessarily her relationships, but a question of morality. Characters and subplots could have been either taken away entirely or built up. Some characters, I feel, are in the book just to die. They are underdeveloped, so their deaths are meaningless. I thought of dropping the book halfway through, but I stuck with it. I didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I feel like this series went no where and it could have been compressed into one book, or stretched out into three longer books with more work on characters and better plot building.

  • Alexandra
    2019-04-28 03:38

    Alright. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty. It was okay. (hello, obviously .. 2 stars). I will say this, it was a little bit better than the first book I read. This would probably be a good time to mention I did NOT read the second book. Though I did have a trusted source tell me what went down in the second book..That being said, I was a little confused at the beginning. So as I trudged along the book I started to get into it..good pace, loving my man JD, Crow is pretty badass, Em still pisses me off..okay. But that's all I felt while reading this.. OKAY. I wasn't excited and at times I got bored. Even my main man JD got on my nerves on occasion. oops. Crow was a consistent like though. Even though I was annoyed that the author tried SO HARD to throw in one last "love triangle" before her series ended. Seriously? Completely irrelevant. We already know she loves JD so why is the author trying so hard to throw in some half-assed love triangle before it's all over? And it is VERY half-assed. I think Divergent even had a better love triangle (p.s. DIVERGENT DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A LOVE TRIANGLE THAT'S HOW MUCH IT SUCKED). *sorry for the caps I'm just very annoyed by irrelevant love triangles*Anyway. The only parts I actually found myself enjoying were the last few chapters where Em is basically preparing her goodbyes and then to the final action scenes. I will admit though the ending, like last two chapters, were very anti-climactic. I mean I sat there thinking "that's it? really?" She fends off Furies for three whole books and THAT'S how it ends? Oy. [Bangs head on wall] (view spoiler)[ And then the last like two pages she finally tells JD she loves him. SERIOUSLY? The very VERY end is when the author finally decides it's a good time to let JD know that all his doubts he had toward her were false because, oh, hey, she loves him too? Motherofgod I might have thrown a few choice words at the book(hide spoiler)]Overall, not impressed. But I wouldn't say it tanked as much as the first one did.

  • Viola
    2019-05-13 08:31

    Thos book was funny, in a way. When I started reading it, I knew exactly what my review would be. Something along the lines of 'strike three, you're out'. And for the first maybe...quarter of the book, that's how it stayed. It s another love stoey when pwople are going to be sad because of theor consequences. I was was sick of that storyline. But...things got better. Bette i can honestly say that the number one reason for this was the incorporation of JD's point of view. He seriously MADE this book. I still hated Emily's character. I didn't hate her any more than I did in the other books, but my dislike didn't get any less either. I did love how there seemed to be a tiny bit more to this story compared to the others. It wasn't a big love story this time. Things were actually happening. I even started to love Crow. He and JD were my favorites, and it was possibly bevause they didn't start off the series having an affair with their best friend's boyfriend. I still think the synopsis wad misleading in the first book and therefore made all of them misleading. The Furies were an integral part, but at the same time they weren't. Things were just thrown together and not much thought was put into anything. There wasn't any mythology or magic or anything in this book series. There wasn't even a real story. I did get attached to the book by the end, but again - that was all JD. Without him this book is bleh. And I'd give it three stars for him if I felt that the book deserved it, but it doesn't. There wrre shimmers pg greatness, but it all felt flat in the end and we no of a hodgepodge of different ideas. I didn't connect with Emily, and that's the real issue. Crow and JD though! Loved them. They're totally worth it. Especially if yoi want to learn more about JD. And I overall did like the ending. It came together rather well for sucking as bad as it did in the first couple of books.

  • SJH (A Dream of Books)
    2019-05-07 02:31

    'Eternity' is the third and final instalment in the trilogy about Emily Winters and the small town of Ascension. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous two books and I was looking forward to reading the conclusion of Emily's story but I wasn't quite as wowed by it as I'd been by 'Fury' and 'Envy'. Maybe because the gap between reading this and the other books was too long, but it took me a little while to get back into the story and pick up all the threads of the character's lives. Emily fears she's losing herself and becoming someone or something else. She doesn't know how to break the Furies curse until JD begins to put all the pieces together and provides the smallest glimmer of hope that Emily might have a future after all. The chapter point of view alternated mainly between Emily and JD. They both still seem to be oblivious to their feelings for each other but this may be the one thing that can save them. The story was pretty dark and twisty with life and death quite literally at stake but I couldn't help but feel that the Furies didn't come across as ominously as they had in the past. Previously they'd been a malevolent presence in the town but they didn't seem to play such a big part in 'Eternity'. They are still there to make Emily's life a misery but they didn't have such an active role in the book. I have to say that I was also disappointed with the ending which felt rather abrupt and the big showdown, when it finally came, was something of a let down. It seemed that Elizabeth Miles was trying to tie everything up too quickly and so the edge of tension went out of the story. I think it may have helped if I'd gone back and read the whole series in one go but as I didn't, this final chapter in the series just didn't seem to live up to it's promise. There were some aspects about it that I enjoyed and I was pleased to finally find out what was going to happen to Emily but overall I had high hopes for it which just weren't met.

  • Keksisbaby
    2019-05-11 02:28

    Ihre beste Freundin Drea ist tot und Emily wird den Furien immer ähnlicher. Doch sie weiß einfach nicht was sie dagegen tun soll. JD macht der Tod von Drea betroffen und er denkt über seine Beziehung zu Em nach. Vielleicht hat er sie doch zu schnell verurteilt. Außerdem macht er sich Sorgen, schließlich kann er zu sehen wie sie sich immer stärker verändert. Allmählich begreift er, dass in Ascension übernatürliche Kräfte am Werk sind. Besonders als er in den Aufmerksamkeitsradius der drei Cousinen gerät. Um Emily vor dem Fluch der Furien zu retten, ist er sogar bereit seine eigene Schwester in Gefahr zu bringen. Doch letztendlich ist es Emily, die den Bann der Rachegöttinnen über die kleine Stadt bricht. Mit ihrer Liebe rettet sie sich und JD.Am dritten Teil hat mir gefallen, dass JD zu Wort kommt, denn mit Emily bin ich nicht warm geworden. Endlich ging es nicht darum wer an der Schule in welcher Clique ist und wer ganz oben in der Hackordnung steht. Die Idee hinter dem Blot war nicht schlecht, keine Frage und auch der Schreibstil war gut. Doch irgendwie hatte ich immer das Gefühl das etwas fehlt. Der Autorin gelang es nicht immer die Emotionen, die sie beabsichtigte auch zu transportieren. Von daher hatte ich nicht nur ein Empathieproblem der Hauptprotagonistin gegenüber, sondern für die ganze Story. Für meinen Geschmack hätte ein bisschen mehr griechische Mythologie der Geschichte gut getan, um runder zu werden und vielleicht auch noch ein bisschen Folklore zu vermitteln. Aber so war es einfach nur ein netter Zeitvertreib, der nicht wirklich bleibende Spuren hinterlässt. Der dritte Band ist ein guter Abschluss, der den Leser jetzt nicht vom Hocker reißt. Man kann halt sagen, man hat die Reihe beendet und alle leben glücklich bis an ihr Lebensende. Ob ich mich aber in zwei Jahren noch an die Handlung erinnern kann, wage ich zu bezweifeln.

  • Juhina
    2019-04-30 07:50

    Eternity is the much anticipated finale to the Fury trilogy which I highly enjoyed. If you read my review of Fury, you would know I wasn't that excited about it, but Envy? I really loved that book. So it is an understatement when I say I was excited for Eternity. I have to say, I wasn't disappointed with the way Elizabeth Miles wrapped up the story, even though it felt a bit rushed towards the end. As with the previous two books, we get interchanging POVs.. this time there is Em, JD, and even Crow, the last two being the two love interests, though this trilogy doesn't really center around the romance. By the time I was getting so frustrated with the three furies, but the good kind. The kind that makes me want to read the novel faster trying to reach the end and find out how to defeat those three damned girls/furies. I'm glad we got to see more of Crow because he was such an intriguing character to me. As for JD, I am just not a fan of him because he felt a little bit too desperate for me. However both characters grow on you and even though they are different, you do like them both. As for Em, she had her ups and downs but she also really grew on me. I have to point out that what makes this trilogy is the creepy factor which is incorporated in creepy descriptions and settings. I loved the way Elizabeth Miles describes everything and I have to admit I was spooked from time to time reading these books. I've read a couple of greek mythology novels and in all honesty this trilogy is the only one that I actually really enjoyed. I definitely recommend it to greek mythology fans. Only pass the verdict after you read Fury AND Envy because I was about to give up the trilogy but I picked up Envy, and I am glad I did!

  • The_book_b!tch
    2019-05-02 06:46

    I'll put it plainly, YES, I LIKED THIS BOOK. Honestly I can understand why some didn't, but I don't get why people have to be so damn hateful just because they don't like something...I see this a lot. I read the series & while I did like it I wasn't rushing out to the bookstore on release day to get this, but once I downloaded it to my Nook I did make short work of it. The 3 rd book followed along the same lines the character development of the 1st two in the series. We get to know Crow slightly better & JD no longer acts like a spurned love interest, he's more objective, less pathetic. Gabby has considerably less FaceTime in this book. And Em...I actually felt like I go to know her in this book & found myself rooting for her in the end. Miles fleshed out Emily's character & made her more dimensional, someone we could care about, long time coming, but I'm grateful nonetheless. Those of you who have followed Em's plight will be happy that all the plots are tied up nice & neatly. Miles does take creative license with a Greek myth/fable, but it's her world, so I'd say she's entitled to do so, just as we are entitled to accept it or not. All in all I say 4 stars, I thought this book was the best in the series. Not the best book or series I've read, but if you accept things, such as the story here at face value & not compare it to high literature then you'll be okay & embrace the story for what it is, a dramatic chick lit romp. It's not Othello or Pericles but it's a good story all the same...

  • Olga
    2019-05-09 04:43

    "Sie sind wie Puppenspielerinnen mit ihrer widerwilligen Puppe."Finaale ! Kurz zum Inhalt: Am Anfang ist Emily mit den Nerven schon am Ende und sucht weiterhin einen Weg um die Furien loszuwerden und ihre Verwandlung aufzuhalten. Zur Unterstützung schließt sich ihr Crow an, aber sie weiß, nicht ob sie ihm trauen soll. JD scheint nun jedoch auch zu merken, dass etwas nicht stimmt und versucht darüber hinweg zu sehen, was Emily ihm angeblich angetan hat. Außerdem erfährt man endlich andeutungsweise, was auf der Seite der Furien passiert, denn Ty versucht Emilies Platz einzunehmen und das gefällt ihren „Cousinen“ anscheinend gar nicht.Auch dieses Buch war wieder leicht gruselig (gerade soviel, wie ich vertragen kann...puh). Der kleine Einblick in die Gedankenwelt der Furien hätte größer sein können... ... aber ansonsten hat mir das Buch wieder ganz gut gefallen. Das Ende war mir jedoch irgendwie zu plump und schnell abgehakt ... deswegen nur 3 Sterne. Es ist nicht zufriedenstellend und lässt noch Fragen offen ...als hätte die Autorin keine Lust mehr gehabt. Schade!*ACHTUNG - kleiner Spoiler*Nur eine Sache: Hat diese Kleinstadt keine ordentlichen Polizisten?! Ich meine, die roten Blumen müssen doch auffallen ... können die denn nicht kombinieren – die Furien sind doch wirklich nicht subtil ...und haben zudem ein Schrank mit den „Trophäen“ ihrer Opfer :_D.

  • Levian
    2019-05-11 08:34

    Em had been noticing signs of herself changing, she became easily angered, never felt cold, and had superhuman strength. the Furies trio remained nearby, always watching her. her fear of becoming one of the Furies were slowly coming true, after she swallowed the beans they gave her in exchange for JD's life. Crow's relationship with Em had grew complicated the moment he started having visions of her and all of them bad ones. but he was determined to save her, no matter the cost. JD on the other hand, missed the old Em. she no longer felt like herself, like she had a secret to hide. finishing the previous book for more than half a year ago, i had little difficulty trying to remember what the story was about due to its uniqueness. the Furies were creatures that fed on revenge and karma. in exchanged for JD's life, Em gave up her life and was slowly transforming into a Fury herself. from an ancient book she got from Sasha before she was murdered, she learnt more about the Furies than she wanted. first half of the book moved slowly considering the approaching climax, anticipating it had made the book a torturous read at first, but the drag was welcoming once the end finally started. i was more than please to find that the speedy climax was absolutely satisfying. my review: here

  • Jennifer Shiels
    2019-04-30 09:47

    This was a wonderful book that ends the trilogy of the Fury Series. Emily Winters made a mistake and hurt her best friend which caused the Furies to notice her. She's had the Furies on her trail for months now and she's also changing becoming more like the Furies. Drea died trying to save and protect Emily so now she is going to have to find another way to rid herself and the town of these girls. Emily is a really good person but she made a mistake that hurt someone she loved and now she has to live with that. She is trying to find a way to defeat the furies for herself but she also doesn't want others to be killed or hurt from them. She loves JD but she had to do what she could to protect him even if it means that she becomes the thing she hates. JD is a wonderful guy that would be considered the dork. He loves Emily but she has been so different that he hasn't known what to make of it. He loves and takes care of his little sister. He's smart and he pays attention.This book and series is definitely worth reading.

  • Jessica Miller
    2019-04-27 04:37

    *Spoilers* I really liked the first book in this series even though I was mad they killed off one of the characters I liked. The second book was good, but this one I had a hard time getting through. I think because after awhile I couldn't stand the main lead character Emily. She just bugged me. I also wasn't a fan on JD. Just not into the geeky nerd type I guess. I liked Crow but I felt his character was over shadowed, like he was just there to throw in some conflict between Em and JD. He confessed he loved her and then nothing. She had no response like it was never said and there wasn't really any follow up to it. The ending just kind of ended. I felt it was a bit rushed and there could have been more. It was almost like the author had nothing left to say. I did cringe when they were talking about the creepy doll, but then it was never brought up again making wonder what the whole significance of it was. Just to add a slight creep factor? I liked the concept of the story, but the last book felt flat. A little disappointed.

  • Mariam
    2019-05-23 03:49

    3/5 starsOverall, Eternity was a good read and I did happen to enjoy it...a decent part of the time. There were some moments where I ended up drifting off into space, but that was only when JD and Em kept mentioning their love for one another and the constant referral to all the good memories they once had together..and blah blah blah blah blah. I wish Miles could have toned these parts down a bit because it felt repetitive and annoying. Not only that, but for me it ruined the whole romantic relationship between JD and Em to the point where I was sick of both of them.I also thought that the ending was anticlimactic and went by too quickly Putting that aside though, I am being honest when I say that Eternity was a good read and some what of a page turner for me. It wasn't as exciting as Fury or Envy, but I still appreciate the author's efforts. With that being said, I would like to finish off this review by thanking Miles for writing this amazing trilogy. I have been a fan since book one and I am looking forward to reading more by this author.

  • Jules Goud
    2019-05-16 07:55

    I thought that this was a disappointing ending to this series.The first three quarters of this book was pining. Emily was distraught over Crow vs JD. JD was Emily vs Ty. Crow was all Emily. System. Overload. I found that after the first couple chapters, I really didn't care that Emily and JD had grown apart and all Emily wanted to do was to protect him.With the ending, not all of my questions were answered. What happens with Melissa and JD? Do they still talk or something? What about Emily? How does her life change after what happened with Ty? I felt like their were still things that I wanted to know that I won't know now.Even with all of this, the book had it's high points. The last 50 pages were really good. I liked way that this problem is dealt with (even if it was really, really, cheesy).This wasn't a bad series, I think there was just too much pining and love triangles. Overall, I enjoyed this book and its series. Definitely for the fans of Greek mythology.

  • Erin
    2019-05-24 03:38

    I'm kind of unsure how to rate this book as I'm still conflicted as to whether I liked this book or not, though there were definitely some moments where I did enjoy this book because of the dark twists the book had . . . but I think on a whole I probably just didn't not enjoy this book as much as the other two instalments in the Fury series.While I did wish there was more happening in this final book rather that moments being rushed and so on, especially in regards to the ending that I felt was tied up too quickly, but overall the book ended on a somewhat satisfactory level and everything (well mostly everything) was tied up for most of the characters and that's what matters in the end I guess. Again, I kind of expected a lot more from this final book.* Also a big thanks to Simon and Schuster Australia for providing me a review copy of this book!

  • Amber
    2019-05-03 06:30

    I recieved this book from Goodreads free of charge, as a first reads winner. SPOILERS! READ, ONLY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW THEM. Wow this book had me laughing sometimes, and crying at the next, and then worried. This book kept me on the edge of my seat/bed. Em has definetly been through a bunch, then I find out she is turning into a Fury, then Drea dies. I was balling tears when Drea died. I found out how Drea's mom was actually linked to the Fury's story in Ascension. The book was wonderful, and well put together. I rated the book 4 stars only because I enjoyed the first 2 books a bit more. All in all, the author did a wonderfull job on the trilogy.

  • Chelsea Williams
    2019-05-18 07:53

    This is the third book in Elizabeth Miles Furies trilogy. This is the conclusion the the series. I will have to admit that this book felt a little dragged out like as if she felt she needed to "fill the silence" and to be honest sometimes that's not for the best. I also felt that this book had a rushed ending. I do feel as if there was a couple of things that weren't explained enough or was talked about too much that it ended up not making much sense.However, in saying that, overall i did like this book and this series. I will say this again I recommend this for newbies to read as it was easy to read, not very long and it's interesting. will i re-read this series? Probably not

  • Laura
    2019-05-03 05:39

    It is official--I am way too old to read any more YA fiction about girls who turn into demigods, sirens, fairies, witches, or furies! I found the conclusion to Elizabeth Miles' Fury Trilogy to be alternately painfully slow in pace and incredibly silly. The ending reminded me of the Beautiful Creatures series and the Starcrossed Trilogy by Josephine Angelini in that the only way that Emily can save herself is to sacrifice herself for those she loves, a predictable plot device in YA fiction today. I guess I prefer my fantasy a la Deborah Harkness, Bee Ridgeway, and Diana Gabaldon!

  • C.penn
    2019-04-30 02:33

    I waited far too long to finish this trilogy, however, I must say I was satisfied with the ending. While pedantic at times, Miles still managed to weave together a mystery while Emily hunted for answers. I enjoyed the varied perspectives between Emily and JD and also the history behind the Furies connection with Ascension. I also felt slightly more of the thriller aspect coming through in this final instalment as well. If you've been reading the trilogy, I implore you to finish, and if you haven't, start. The Furies trilogy is light hearted, a little bit wicked, and an easy carefree read.

  • Lindsay
    2019-04-29 05:57

    3.5 starsThis is the third book in a trilogy. I have not read the first two books, but the blurb for this one sounded interesting. Unfortunately, I don't feel this can be read as a stand alone book. There were lots of references to previous events, and while I wouldn't expect a full accounting for them, I did expect some sufficient explanation. I was also left confused by the ending; I'm still not sure what really stopped the curse.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through First Reads.