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Gage Tucker and Jenna Reylan have been best friends since their diaper days, they would do anything for each other. Gage has a love for football and for Jenna, too bad she doesn't know this. Jenna's life was perfect until she started dating Jacob, he destroyed her and Gage was there to pick up the pieces. Jenna vows to herself she would never let another man into her heartGage Tucker and Jenna Reylan have been best friends since their diaper days, they would do anything for each other. Gage has a love for football and for Jenna, too bad she doesn't know this. Jenna's life was perfect until she started dating Jacob, he destroyed her and Gage was there to pick up the pieces. Jenna vows to herself she would never let another man into her heart. Locking up her emotions Jenna follows Gage to college, leaving her old life behind. But somebody forgot to tell her you can't always runaway to forget, there are somethings you have to face.Enter Larkin Nayler. Larkin is the sexy as hell bad boy football star, everything Jenna needs to avoid. Too bad for her she is exactly what Larkin wants and he is everything she craves. But Larkin has his own past and secrets that could once again ruin Jenna.Life for Jenna, Gage, and Larkin gets messy and everything they had planned out for their future gets changed. Can Larkin and Jenna tear down their walls and find love again? Can Gage step back and let Jenna go? Can Jenna finally allow someone other than Gage into her life and be happy again? This book is about finding and rebuilding yourself after tragedy and learning to cope with life. The good, the bad, and the sad. Not everything always goes as planned and sometimes following a new path leads you to something much better, or maybe it just leads you home....

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beautiful goodbye Reviews

  • jenna
    2019-06-04 16:24

    You know the feeling when you're reading a book and it really IS tiring reading it because the characters are all walking cliches and all that jazz??? Well. Know what I do before I even get to the middle of reading of this book? I log in to Goodreads and find some spoilers for me because I can't take it anymore. I don't want to finish this one but I have to know what happens to Gage. And then ....ARRRRRGGGHHHso, the characters.first is, Jenna that's my name you ninny, find another name my rant: this will sum up of about her, in my opinion.ooooh I'm not the "love" type girl, I wanna have some fun, Larkin.I can't love baby but I do love Gage. I keep repeating those words to him. I didn't know Gage love me for so long so I'm gonna ignore his feelings and do whatever I can to make this stupid story working. I can't do love you, Larkin but I truly love you. I'm fucked-up so walk away first or I'm gonna be the one so do you want to bang now?DUH2nd character, Larkin what in whale's name is thatI'm hot as freshly baked cookies but I'm fucked-up. I got past that haunts me but not really. I would change for you baby, you gotta trust bang me first. Fine, let's just be friends but I want you on my family dinner then we'll have sex upstairs or somewhere.GAAAAH3rd is Gage well, what the hell happened buddyI have a bff since we were in diapers and I love her but she doesn't know. I love football and other cliches. I would not tell my best friend that I truly, in a man and woman way, love her but I would be obsessively protective of her. Jenna's mine and I am hers but not really really. I hate Larkin and will piss of Jenna but I love her too much I can be a masochist/stupid best friend.BLEHAnd the extra thing I literally and figuratively hate is those name-callings e.g. anal-licker, dickweed, to my finale, these are my feelings.

  • *Marsha,Marsha,Marsha* It's always Marsha
    2019-05-30 11:27

    Okay. If you DO Not WANT TO READ ABOUT SPOILERS, DO NOT READ ANY MORE. Otherwise, I am going to be brutally honest.I know I am in the minority but again, I'm being honest.****************************I cannot give this book more than 3. I simply cannot≥. There was SO much that simply did not work in this book. So much. To be quite honest, the drama and angst were so overboard I almost didn't finish it. I did skip ahead quite a bit just to "see" how it finally did end. Never have I felt so frustrated with a story line or its characters. The plot did NOT work well. Too MUCH crammed into such a short time. Just not enough characterization or the WRONG characterization. My Concerns? Read em and weep.1. I do NOT believe that most girls who are 16 and who appear to have a loving set of parents like this character does is out getting beat up and pregnant without anyone being the wiser. Just what the hell did they think she was doing? 2. Any girl who has been beaten and raped and lost a child in such a violent traumatic way is not going to be the slut...yes slut that this author painted her. I'm not talking about "virgin" behavior but just sort of normal behavior. Violence and trauma of that kind do not normally have girls sleeping and hooking up with whomever. Not realistically.3. The relationship with Gage was so OVER the top it was just painful. I can't imagine ANY guy being content to have his girl room with a guy that would sleep in the bed with her and comfort her. Being best friends was not what they were. Too many lines were drawn. The constant "I love you babe" and "I love you too" just got to be too much. Just too much.4. My biggest gripe? This so called relationship with Larking was pure insanity. They hook up and have mind blowing sex. She worries over her "past" and what she won't be. Larkin is trying to be a boyfriend while she keeps pretending they aren't but then goes home with him, saying "we're just friends." And even after he tells her he loves her, she just pretends it's nothing or that she can't hear it and sends him on his way. I actually liked Larkin and felt the author sold him short and did not give him the character he deserved. After telling her that he was in it for the long haul and it wasn't over, the author allows him to get "drunk" and with some other skank. Just too much angst for me. This book had potential but I'm going to tell you that a filthy mouth heroine with semi slutty behavior does NOT a strong woman make. The college scene in this story was ridiculous. Totally ridiculous. And for all of these guys to get drafted to the NFL just seemed so corny. I need realism with my stories. Sure angst and drama are great but a realistic story with a believable plot is a MUST for me. Also, for NEW INDIE authors, lay off using the great lines from other stories. This is the third story with the "My little peanut" line. Sorry, but I cannot see Gage falling for anyone if he loves Jenna this much. I doubt I will read the next one.

  • Meli
    2019-06-19 17:42

    Overall, I liked the book. So why 2.5/5 stars? Well.....*Stop reading if you do not want to read spoilers*It seems like most romance novels are following this format:Girl (some type of troubled past/sob story who is either a virgin or has a magic vagina)Bad boy manwhore (who has never settled down until he meets her)Although not as fast as other novels, I still felt there was "insta-love" and the characters needed to know more about eachother other than have extreme sexual chemistry (which was HOT by the way)Then a fight occurs for no real reason, then bad boy cheats (or not technically?)Girl finds our she's pregnantDrama...Girl ends up marrying bad boy and h.e.a.Gage was seriously the perfect catch, in this book nice guys finish last.One part that really bothered me was when she broke off the engagement with Gage and within the hour she's engaged to Larkin? REALLY!!!???Anyway enough of my rambling.Good job for a debut album, I would have liked to know a little more detail about Larkins bad past other than just saying it was bad (girls, trouble, drugs) any specific events?

  • Elisabeth Cole
    2019-06-18 14:20

    I'm trying to come up with something positive to say about this book but I'm struggling. How about "kudos to the author for putting a full length novel down on paper"? That's the best I can do, unfortunately. I don't think I've ever disliked a main character as much as I did Jenna. She was crude, rude and just plain obnoxious. I know she was supposed to be someone you felt sympathy for but it just wasn't happening for me. The writing in this book was soooo tiresome!! The endless heartfelt declarations of love between everyone was so overwhelming I thought I was going to go into diabetic shock. Everytime Jenna and Gage (her best friend) had a conversation they had to spend half of it telling each other why they were each other's best friend. I started skipping ahead, which is something I almost never do.The editing on this book was very poor and the writing was incredibly stilted.I should get major kudos for finishing the whole book!

  • Sawyer Bennett
    2019-06-06 12:36

    I actually couldn't finish this book, and not because it was badly written. Outside of being annoyed by the overuse of the word "babe", the writing is quite good. The sex scenes are beyond hot, and I would rate those a 5 star. Ultimately, I just couldn't connect with Jenna and Larkin, but more than that, I just don't like this much angst in my reading. I could sense this was heading for a love triangle mash up, and because I couldn't really get into Jenna's character, I felt I probably would not like the ultimate outcome. Again, Miss Whitten has mad writing skills. It was just the story itself that didn't connect with me. I'd still try her other books though because I know a book cannot appeal to everyone.

  • Jenny Schwarz
    2019-06-01 12:24

    I can't really say what I DID like about this book. The story is over the top, the love- triangle is weak and unbelievable, the involved parents are not realistic, the "heroine" is more slutty than I could understand, was in Playboy ( Duh! sure....) , has, of course!, deep secrets and fears and all the guys and nearly every girl in this book were sooooo hot and smart and .... just meh. If you can't create a good plot, don't write a book. Seriously. 2 stars only, because there was potential. (if there are mistakes in my comment, sorry, I'm german ;-) )

  • Heather Carver
    2019-05-30 16:38

    Beautiful GoodbyeThis book grabs you from the very first page! You want to know everything about the characters. It takes you on am emotional roller coaster ride!! You will be happy, mad, frustrated and sad. You will definately need tissue. This is a well written love triangle. I actually LOVED both Gage and Larkin. I also hated them both.Gage has been best friends with Jenna forever. They grew up next door neighbors and he was always there for her. Jenna has a devastating past. She meet Jacob when she was 16 and he completely tore her world apart. If it wasn't for Gage she doesn't think she could have survived the devastation. She finds a safe haven in Gage so she follows him to college. Larkin is the bad boy football star everyone warns Jenna to stay away from(don't they know this just makes us want to get to know them more). He has a past and doesn't do girlfriends. He is captivated by Jenna the first time they meet. Will Larkin let his past take Jenna from him? Will Jenna realize the love Gage has for her? Will Jenna let her past destroy any type of LOVE she has for the man of her dreams? "The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it"This book was an amazing read! It is definitely in my top 5 books of the year!! It leaves you wanting to know more about the characters! I give this book 5 stars:) Chandin Witten what an AMAZING job on this book.

  • Wendy
    2019-06-06 13:39

    My Facebook post just minutes after finishing this book: Okay, I'm going to go on a major book pimpage for a minute. I just finished reading Chandin Whitten's BEAUTIFUL GOODBYE and I am having one of the most emotionally charged withdrawls from this book. I was laughing, anxious, pissed, frustrated and in some seriously ugly tears by the end of this book.....I can't say enough about how much I love it ♥ Please, if you buy one book over the weekend, let it be this one. INCREDIBLE!!! I'll be waiting for more from Ms. Whitten that's for sure.I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS BOOK! I'm going to take a day to figure out my review.

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD
    2019-06-16 19:45

    I love Gage, I love their special bond... I hated Jenna for a bit, with her kinda using Gage and for taking so long to wake up, almost think she didn't deserve Larkin, but in the end, I'm glad for both of them... It has to take a tragedy to make someone realize things sometimes I guess and I hate that.... all in all, I love the story... I wanna read Gage story next, I wish him the happiness he deserves...

  • Sam
    2019-05-29 11:28

    Another well written love triangle with tons of hot passion and emotions! I was hooked from the first page! We have Jenna who has had a devastating past and is struggling to move past it, Gage who has been her best friend forever and is secretly in love with her and Larkin your typical bad boy with also a past (wish we found out a bit more about it though)The chemistry between Jenna and Larkin are steamy and fun and although Gage was probably the best choice you couldn't help but to root for Larkin and hope they get together!This book definitely takes you on an emotional roller coaster and the storyline is great as it will pull you in from the very beginning. Not only did I like the main characters, but the supporting cast was equally great they all contributed nicely to the overall story. So love the banters they made me laugh!I don't know but is it me or is most of the characters in this book especially the football guys breathtaking hot??A great debut novel by Chandin Whitten and straight after reading this I did have a person in mind who I wanted Gage to hook up with and I’m so glad to see the author thought so too so definitely looking forward to Gage's story!

  •  Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    2019-06-05 17:29

    QUOTE xx "This is our beautiful goodbye babe,Now go and live you're happy ever after"this book was great i was hooked from page 1 i loved larkin but I'm sorry, but I'm team Gage all the way!i was annoyed with jenna at times i thought she used Gade as some sort of back up plan i know they where best friends since child hood but i just felt so sorry from him althou i like the whole story and the letter from her father at the end had me in tears then the letter from gabe tears come again then play "tears in heaven" for there girl and her daddy who is watching over her and the tears come again loved the book and will read book 2 which i hope will be Gabes story this book is a rollercoaster ride happy funny sad parts has it all

  • Sarah Fitz
    2019-05-30 13:43

    Really disappointed in this book. Felt like it was trying to come across as a trashy version of "That Boy." The editing needs major work. The timeline never really makes sense one chapter she tells Larkin's sister she's 18 then a few weeks later she's celebrating her 20th birthday. You never really understand what year in school they are. Was hoping for so much more with this book. Gage though, is a great character so I'm hoping book two will be about him and be better written and edited.

  • Ashley
    2019-06-02 15:24

    I didn't get past the first chapter, to be honest. The writing was amateurish, the characters were already on my nerves, and while it was set in my husbands hometown of Columbus, even I couldn't get into it. Gage must've said the word "babe" 150 times in the first chapter, which mad got on my nerves, and the relationship between he and whatever the girls name was was unrealistic.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-18 12:46

    ”I woke up early the next morning, walking into the living room, I saw a few of the guys had stayed over. I recognized two of them, but there was a guy on the loveseat I had never seen. He was hot.”Welcome to the city of Jenna Reylan. There’s a one hundred percent chance of both rain and sunshine, cold and warm weather. Don’t worry if you get lost while on your stay here; most people get lost at one point or another. The roads here aren’t made to make sense, so we suggest you just go with it and hope you’ll get to your destination in one piece.All right, joke aside, Beautiful Goodbye is one of the worst NA-books I’ve read so far (which is saying a lot since I haven’t had any greater luck with them). It represents everything I dislike about the NA-genre. A sex-centered plot, one-dimensional characters, usage of a traumatic past as a plot device, a love-triangle, slutshaming, and downright terrible execution.Let’s break down those parts.Plot: It’s about Jenna Reyland who moves to college with her best friend Gage Tucker. Jenna, with her traumatic past, wants to have fun, and doesn’t dare to fall in love after her last relationship ended bad. Gage is the best friend who wants to protect her from ever getting hurt again. Throw in Larkin, a reformed bad-boy who falls in love with Jenna almost immediately. Throw in Jenna’s insecurities and fear of love. Add a love-triangle between Jenna going back and forth on the ”safe” Gage, and ”the one she loves” Larkin. Add sex. Okay, I’ll give that the plot had a twist in there, but it made no sense to me after it’s explained in the beginning how it shouldn’t be a possibility for Jenna after her past trauma (I’ll talk about this later under a spoiler tag). Well, besides that, the whole plot is about Jenna going back and froth between the guys.Characters: Jenna is terrible. She goes back and forth on the male-interests. She’s a hypocrite, wanting Larkin to stay faithful to her even after she demands him to get out of her life. She slutshames every girl getting up close to either Larkin or Gage. I’ll probably describe her best with a couple of quotes.”Last I had overheard, yes overheard like some six year old sneaking around listening in on her parents important conversations, Larkin was back to his old self-- women, alcohol, and drugs. I hoped he was at least being safe and taking care of himself. I knew how much football meant to him and I was hoping he didn't ruin it somehow.”How is women, alcohol, and drugs not ruining his career? Seriously.And on one of her best friends:”If she wasn't so sweet, I might actually hate her for being absolutely drop dead beautiful.”I don’t even know how to respond to this.And then we also have her telling Larkin she can’t forgive him for hooking up with other girls when they had broken up, but it’s okay for her to get engaged to another man within the same amount of time? And that, my dear friends, is the wonderful Jenna Reylan.And then, of course, we have the ”best friend” Gage Tucker. I don’t think it’s a surprise for anyone (except Jenna) that he is madly in love with Jenna and has been for a long time. Although, with him slipping out things like these, it’s hard to imagine how she ever missed it."When it comes to you, mental doesn't even begin to fucking describe me. You’re my girl. I love you and would do anything to protect you.”You know what, I do understand why she never figured it out. Because between everyone telling each other how much they love each other, Gage also lets these kind of words slip past his lips."It’s your fucking pajamas babe and your ass is about to fall out. He might think you only want sex.""Maybe I do." I smiled and shrugged."Hell if I let that happen. You are not going to be a football slut.”Good thing he’s not my best friend."Fine. I'm done protecting you, I've done it long enough. Time for you to grow up and be a big girl. So what you got raped, not like you’re the only girl that's ever happened to. I'll be back tomorrow to get my shit, don't be here," Gage slurred.Thank God he’s not my best friend. No amount of alcohol would make this okay to say. Ever.Larkin on the other hand is just a walking stereotype. Bad boys reformed to the better. Him falling for Jenna for some reason never shown or told. I can’t say much more on him due to his lack of character development. He comes off as kind of creepy when he spills his heart out to Jenna after way too short time, explaining how she makes him want to be a better person. I kind of gave up on his character then.Spoilers (Jenna’s past & Plot twist):(view spoiler)[ The past, as in most NA-novels, Jenna was abused by her ex-boyfriend. During one particular encounter, she loses a baby she’s pregnant with. This then leads to her being unable to have children in the future. But, you know, plot twist. She does get pregnant with Larkin’s baby, and then doesn’t tell him since they’re broken up.The worst part about all this is how even if Jenna has an abusive past, she’s all for rough sex, which they have a lot, yet not once (as I can recall) make any connection to her ex-boyfriend. Not only this, but she’s crude in her language and has lots of sex. (I don’t care if people have lots of sex, but in this case it just felt poorly described or handled.) It didn’t match up to her past and how she reacted to that. So really, it only messed with her character and didn’t make her any less one-dimensional.The whole pregnancy thing then. For one thing, I kind of figured this one out the minute they had unprotected sex. I could buy her getting pregnant, but if it was so promptly needed for the story, why weren’t we shown more of the actual pregnancy leading to giving birth? There are such long jumps in time, skipping most medical issues that should’ve been brought up since the doctors said Jenna most likely would never bear children. The only issue comes up later, just before she gives birth. For someone such a high risk, this came off strange. And really, with the epilogue stating that she’s pregnant with twins? Yeah, sorry, I do not buy that. I won’t bother go into the part about Jenna not telling Larkin, because I’ll rant too long about it. (hide spoiler)]Sorry for long review, but I had to get it all out. I just couldn't deal with all inconsistency in this story, the characters, or the plot. For more reviews, visit AmandaSays on BookLikes and Leafmarks.

  • Aleisha Clark
    2019-06-17 12:19

    So I started out really enjoying this book but by the end I could barely finish it.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-06-15 19:19

    *Review in Portuguese and English.*Misture um monte de caras bonitos, musculosos, tatuados, mulherengos e todos jogadores que estão na Universidade e se preparando para jogar na NFL... acrescente um bando de garotas loucas para caçá-los, álcool, festas, confusões com mulheres, angústias familiares e você tem uma receita de um livro bem emocionante. Eu escolhi o livro aleatoriamente no meu leitor de e-books e fiquei surpresa. Achei muito legal e confesso que fiquei muito indecisa com a escolha da heroína... amei o Gage e amei o Larkin... óh dúvida cruel!O melhor amigo dela é o Gage. Ele está lá para ela em todas as horas, e olha que ela passou horrores, mas ele sempre a apoiou e mostrou seu amor por ela. Mas ela o vê apenas como o melhor amigo. Em cada gesto dele nós percebemos que ele é profundamente apaixonado por ela e que daria a vida por ela.Mas aí ela conhece Larkin e se apaixona por ele, apesar dela negar este sentimento o tempo todo, o sentimento está lá e está pronto para sair e mostrar sua face. Larkin também ama Jenna profundamente e muda seu comportamento por ela.Com muita angústia e certa dose de confusões a história vai progredindo e você pode até não concordar com as decisões que Jenna toma ao longo da história, mas ela tem medo e inseguranças que somente Gage entende. Afinal os dois são amigos desde sempre.Gostei também dos personagens secundários, cada um tem uma personalidade bem legal e que certamente será explorada nos outros livros da série.Muitos acharam a história previsível e muito piegas, mas era exatamente o que eu estava precisando ler no momento, portanto recomendo a todos.------------------------------------------------------Mix a bunch of cute guys, muscled, tattooed, womanizers and all players who are away at College and getting ready to play in the NFL ... Add a bunch of crazy chicks to hunt them down, alcohol, parties, trouble with women, family troubles and you have a recipe for a pretty exciting book.I chose the book randomly in my e-book reader and I was surprised. I thought it was very cool and I confess that I was very indecisive with the choice of heroin ... loved both Gage and Larkin ... Oh cruel doubt!Her best friend is Gage. He's there for her at all hours, and she's been through horrors, but he always supported and showed his love for her. But she sees him just as his best friend. In his every gesture we realized that he is deeply in love with her and that he would give his life for her.But then she meets Larkin and falls in love with him, despite her denying this feeling all the time, the feeling is there and ready to go out and show his face. Larkin also loves Jenna deeply and change their behavior for her.With a lot of anguish and certain amount of confusion the story will progress and you might not even agree with the decisions that Jenna takes throughout history, but she has fear and insecurities that Gage only understands. After all the two have been friends forever.I liked also the secondary characters, each one has a very nice personality and that certainly will be explored in other books of the series.Many found the story predictable and corny, but it was exactly what I needed to read right now, so I recommend it to everyone.

  • LisaRockin' Between The Sheets Reviews
    2019-06-04 19:34

    NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER! This book sat in my Kindle library for a good 5 months probably. I buy books after reading the synopsis, but what 1st grabs me is the cover. Hence the reason this book Sat in my Kindle. I clicked it Friday am and HOLY SHIT I was blown away! THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE BEST I'VE READ in The past 12 months! I was absolutely blown away with this amazing story. The cover does not do this book justice! It is filled with such heart wrenching emotions, LOVE found then lost. I finished it and the novella in less than 24 hours! Larkin is the guy everyone warns you about. He has a past stilted by drugs, violence, and sex. He feels like he isn't worthy of love and the beauty it brings. Enter Jenna. She is broken and so scared from a past trauma, that she swears to never love again. Literally she swears it. She picks up the pieces of her life, but is never the same. If not for Her lifelong best friend Gage "Mother Fu**ing" Tucker she would have died long ago. Gage is a hot shot QB and plays on a team with Larkin. Gage has loved her since they were kids. He has ALWAYS protected Jenna and they are a package deal. She is the Yin and he is her Yang. She is the sunrise and he is the sunset. One does not exist without the other. He introduces Jenna to Larkin but warns her that he is one elfed up individual. Jenna and Larkin are drawn to one another like opposite sides of a magnet. They can't stay away. Stubborn wills and misunderstanding cause them to part. Gage is there to pick up the pieces once again. Jenna and Gage have a safe LOVE, Jenna and Larkin have a love that burns so hot it destroys everything in its path. Will a safe LOVE trump a unpredictable one? Can Jenna ever move on from the pain of her devastating past and let LOVE rule? You must read this story!

  • Tonya
    2019-06-08 17:40

    My head is so clogged, I'm so confused. I love Gage and I know Jenna has a different love for Gage than Larkyn but I cannot help myself I am team Gage, he loved Jenna something fierce. He stood by her and loved her despite every flaw she had. I just felt that she come off to me as a little bit of a slut after her tragic past and I am not one to judge because maybe that is how she dealt with it. We all deal with situations differently.There were moments that I.......[image error]And some that I was so.....And when Gage finally did what he did in the restaurant I was so happy but quickly....I agree Larkyn was a hot item but when times got tough he went back to his old ways instead of really fighting for Jenna, but Gage always fought with and for her. She had me confused a little especially when she got jealous of others eyeing Gage. She wanted him and then didn't. I realize her love was a different love for Larkyn and gage, with Gage she felt safe, he was her comfort and her rock and that with Larkyn she was afraid he would tear her heart out and I know he loved her but I wanted him to fight harder I guess, not bang some ho's at the first sight of trouble, and I know Gage had two when Jenna walked in on him but heck the girl was wild, first she had his friend Trent then Larkyn, which I know broke his heart but he seemed to love her enough to forgive and bounce back.It had a happy ending and it made me smile but Gage killed me. I don't like to be so torn.

  • Christina Huffstutler
    2019-06-11 16:33

    Oh my!! This is such an amazing story! I wanted to love Larkin, really I did but I was really torn between him and Gage. The story starts with Jenna and her best friend since birth moving into a new apartment and their love for each other is apparent from the first page! I found it so endearing that Gage calls her babe all the time and how their relationship seemed to come so easily. As the story progresses you get snippets of Jenna's past that haunts her and how Gage is truly her ROCK. In comes Larkin, the sexy bad boy who Jenna feels an instant sizzle with. I love how everyone one of the boys (Trent, Tyler, Jinx and of course Gage) have tattoos and are bad asses on their own. Fast forward to Jenna and Larkin trying their relationship out and failing miserably and you start to see how much Gage truly loves Jenna. He didn't even bat an eye when Jenna called him and told him she was pregnant and automatically stepped up to as the father to be role. Oh can you say SWOON!! How I wish this story turned out where the good guy got the girl. Although Larkin isn't a bad guy and is deeply in love with her, I just found myself cheering for Gage. There were times where I wanted to choke Jenna for stringing Gage along knowing her heart belonged to Larkin. And even when she ended her relationship with Gage, he STILL stood by her and I had a feeling if she changed her mind, he would taken her back. The book does have a nice and tidy HEA, but you just feel so torn between being happy for Jenna and Larkin or cheering for Gage to get his. I am definitely looking forward to his story!

  • Carver's Book Cravings
    2019-06-18 18:40

    This book grabs you from the very first page! You want to know everything about the characters. It takes you on am emotional roller coaster ride!! You will be happy, mad, frustrated and sad. You will definitely need tissue. This is a well written love triangle. I actually LOVED both Gage and Larkin. I also hated them both. Gage has been best friends with Jenna forever. They grew up next door neighbors and he was always there for her. Jenna has a devastating past. She meets Jacob when she was 16 and he completely tore her world apart. If it wasn't for Gage she doesn't think she could have survived the devastation. She finds a safe haven in Gage so she follows him to college. Larkin is the bad boy football star everyone warns Jenna to stay away from (don't they know this just makes us want to get to know them more). He has a past and doesn't do girlfriends. He is captivated by Jenna the first time they meet. Will Larkin let his past take Jenna from him? Will Jenna realize the love Gage has for her? Will Jenna let her past destroy any type of LOVE she has for the man of her dreams? "The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it"This book was an amazing read! It leaves you wanting to know more about the characters! I give this book 5 stars:) Chandin Witten did an AMAZING job on this book. Reviewed by: Heather

  • Denise Lehmann
    2019-05-25 13:38

    Das Buch hat mich von der Handlung her sehr an "Beautiful disaster" erinnert, nur war die Umstezung leider nicht so gut. Zwei College-Studenten (Jenna und Gage) treffen aufeinander, die beide eine bewegende Verhangenheit haben und versuchen auf ihre Art damit umzugehen. Die Handlungen der weiblichen Hauptfigur fand ich dabei jedoch so unrealistisch, was sie mir absolut unsympathisch gemacht hat. Keiner mit so einer Vergangenheit geht ohne Unterwäsche auf Parties, läßt sich von fremden Männern anfassen und will eigentlich nur Spaß haben. Sorry, aber das geht gar nicht!! Dann läßtert sie über andere Frauen ab, die sich eigentlich nur genauso benehmen wie sie selbst, aber diese sind natürlich "Schlampen". Auch die männliche Hauptfigur springt emotional ständig hin und her und will uns dann weiß machen, dass er doch absolut in Jenna verliegt ist. Zum Ende des Buches hin ist auch plötzlich soviel in so kurzer Zeit passiert, dass man kaum hinterher kam. Die Charaktere haben sich überhaupt nicht weiterentwickelt, sondern sind mir mit ihren Aktionen nur noch weltfremder geworben. Alles in allem muss ich leider sagen, spart euch das Geld.

  • Crystal Hebert
    2019-06-07 14:41

    Wow.... It was hard to rate this book. I started out loving the book then Bam! I hated it. I gave it a five star anyway because let's face it two thumbs up to Chadin for making me feel like I knew the people personally and for having all kinds of feelings and emotions all over the place. Lol I wanted to throw it and stop reading but I just had to see how it would turn out. To say that I love Gage is an understatement. He sweet, kind, loving, loyal and the Biggest heart I ever seen. Jenna on the other hand I HATED. I hated her so much I would of throat punched her if she was real. She is a spoiled brat that doesn't deserve to be in the same room as Gage Tucker. I hope in the following books she gets everything that Karma can throw her way and just hope and pray Gage laughs in her face and turns around and walks away even if he doesn't have anyone. And let her feel a little bit of hurt that he has. And even that wouldn't do her justice. She just a user and don't care about anyone feeling but her own. plain and simple

  • Nicole Naranjo
    2019-06-14 19:22

    Love this book! I freaking love Gage and Larkin...I have so many different and confusing feelings in my head, I think I need a drink! I love that Larkin and Jenna are together, their love was unexpected and beautiful and they truly saved each other. " I'm afraid of what you make me feel. I'm afraid of you walikng away from me and me never feeling this way again. I do feel safe with you. Trusting someone isn't easy for me but there is something about you that makes me trust you with my life." I also have to say that I'm super sad for Gage. He loved Jenna and their friendship was beautiful and would do anything for each other. I know their still friends and always will be. "This is our beautiful goodbye babe. Now go live your happily ever after..."I just want Gage to have his too and I'm anxious to read the next book to read his story but to also get more of Jenna and Larkin.

  • Teri Stuart
    2019-06-18 14:47

    The book was very similiar to 'From Ashes'. Although the underlying issue was different there were many similarities. Male/female best friend's, they go to college are roommates, one has romantic feelings the other doesn't, girl is an awesome cook constantly cooking for all the guys. Both books even have a character named Gage. I felt that Jenna was a little over the top, for someone who went through what she did how she choose to dress was a little much. The relationship been her and Gage was too mushy, they said 'babe' and 'love you' constantly it became annoying.Overall the book was worth the read and I will most likely read then next in the series even though it seems to follow the same path as this one.

  • Karen
    2019-06-16 19:48

    This book frustrated the shit out of me... At every page it had me saying WHAT THE FUCK?? I think the only character I liked was Larkin. Because he was he only one who didn't mind fuck you... That's what this story is about MIND FUCKING!! Brilliant!! [NOT]The book HAD everything going for it but it was too rushed and too much BULLSHIT!! EPIC FAIL!! I get that its hard to write a book and I could never do it.. But fuck me days! None of the shit that went down in this book would happen in real life.. I know its fiction. But make it believable... There were just to many WTF moments... And heres another one I just realised... I don't even know how this book ended up on my kindle??

  • Christina Lyn
    2019-06-07 12:36

    5 Stars are not enough how to rate this. My crying quota already exceeds my limit.I'm so much messed up right now. I cried my heart out while reading this. So much emotions I'm feeling right now towards to their story. I couldn't help myself to laugh, to feel loved, feel hurt and be happy for them. Oh I loved Gage so much. He's so perfect foe her. He's the safety net for Jenna. She trusted him in her whole life but then again he is not Larkin. Oh Chandin you make my Sunday afternoon a crying wreck weekend. I so LOVED this book. Thank you. Brilliant work. This is so worth to read.

  • Renee
    2019-05-22 15:32

    This book was good enough to keep me interested, but everything was just too extreme, too angsty, too perfect or too contrived. The best friends, Gage & Jenna--WAY too extreme; a lot of the bad stuff in the storyline--too angsty; the group of high school football friends all going pro--too perfect; the ending--too contrived, etc. Also, certain things were a little too sappy sweet for me (again, Gage & Jenna's best friend relationship--it REALLY got on my nerves after awhile), but I did enjoy some of the angst and the steamy love story. I will continue with the series because I'm all for the angst and hot lovin'--this just needed to be toned down a few notches!

  • Jessica Holbrook
    2019-06-18 17:23

    This book is very good. It just keeps the drama coming at you. I never expected most of the stuff that comes with this book. But it keep me pulled into it. I read this book in 2 days and one days was while I was on break at work. Jenna and Gage are such good friends and love each other very much. They are so close and could on imagine having a friend since I was in diapers. The help that Gage gives Jenna is just amazing. Then Larkin comes along and he needs Jenna just as much as she needs him. But she wont admit it. The story between these three main characters is pulling, distracting, and emotional. Its a great book. READ IT.

  • Rosie Siemer
    2019-05-29 14:33

    This book had me confused! I strongly felt for both the heroes and couldn't quite emotionally get into Jenna's relationship with either Gage or Larkin because of this.I'm usually all for a love triangle but I couldn't emphasise with Jenna as the heroine. I found her selfish and hurtful and plain annoying.The end made me sad, it just felt like it shouldn't have been that way. I guess in the end my love for Gage trumped my love for Larkin!To view my blog 'Rosie's Reading'

  • Dezi
    2019-06-11 15:40

    I could NOT reading this book. Read it in a couple hours and ill pay for it tomorrow but so worth.. This book had everything.. It made me laugh, cry, get angry and laugh like a little school girl.. It had me super frustrated for a portion of it and Jenna pissed me off but in the end she got it together.. I loved Gage but I never rooted for him just couldn't do it but I'm hoping he gets his own story and it rocks.. Gage is a dream :)