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Hunter and Dillon finally came to terms with the idea that they wanted more than just hot sex with each other. Dillon decided to quit hustling in order to invest his time and energy in building their relationship, and Hunter let his barriers down and opened his heart. But fear has a way of creeping up and dismantling things that we hold precious. Dillon’s family isn’t quitHunter and Dillon finally came to terms with the idea that they wanted more than just hot sex with each other. Dillon decided to quit hustling in order to invest his time and energy in building their relationship, and Hunter let his barriers down and opened his heart. But fear has a way of creeping up and dismantling things that we hold precious. Dillon’s family isn’t quite finished with him yet and Hunter is torn about whether he should step into the fray. Their journey together comes to a thrilling conclusion....

Title : Afflicted II
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ISBN : 9781480289857
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Afflicted II Reviews

  • Baba
    2019-06-28 12:13

    Review completed December 6, 2012 / Edited December 7, 20124.5 stars.*****Beautiful. Intriguing. Enticing. Carnal. Lascivious. Lush. Erotic. Raw.That’s Brandon’s writing—a heady flavor."I've fought misconceptions my whole life, Dillon. But most of that has been dealing with my own misconceptions about the presumed motives of other people."There’s nothing more I can say about this author that hasn’t been said before. Well, let me just add that Brandon is one of those authors who define my personal standards of M/M romance. Although Afflicted II provides way less lyrical prose than Afflicted, I thoroughly enjoyed this beautifully written story. In fact, Afflicted II is yet another sensual, inspiring, and passionate journey that features Dillon and Hunter on their ultimate path to L***LyricalO***OrgasmicV***ValuableE***Erotic Once arrived, there’s no going back."It was the way you touched me. How you explored every single inch of me before you really put your hands on me," Dillon admitted. "That first time we were in bed you searched out all the erogenous zones with your fingers, probably without even realizing it. It was subtle but very…tactile. It made me feel wanted, I mean more than just physically.""Listen to the breath of the rain."They were silent for a minute. Dillon closed his eyes and tried to grasp at what Hunter experienced. Hunter moved closer and put the heat of his breath in Dillon's ear. "I want you to make love to me by the rhythm of the rain," he whispered.They had f@@@ed the night before, and then again this morning, but that had been hard lust. Now Hunter wanted passion and slow, smooth rhythm. He wanted to feel the security of Dillon's embrace, the solid unfettered motion of their lovemaking, and he wanted to make Dillon understand that he no longer had to prove anything. He moved away and set his head on his own pillow, waiting for Dillon to find the rain's pulse.(…)His arms were on either side of Hunter's shoulders as he looked down. Now that he had the rain's rhythm he opened his eyes and saw the ecstasy on Hunter's face. Silence sat between them; silence and the gentle whimper of his lover's agony.(…)Brandon is a first-class director and I adore his writing skills. He goes from soft, gentle, quiet, and beautiful words to a full in-your-face crescendo of exquisite crudeness.When I hit the 43 % mark (The Bedroom scene) I might have blushed. Not. Have I ever read such a crude yet lascivious and enticing sex scene? Probably not. It’s entirely possible that the screen of my Kindle fogged up when Dillon and Hunter did celebrate their sweat-inducing, raw and oh-so hot man-sex. Now that was erotic as all get out! Hunter embraced Dillon's domination.That was the smell of winter…Goddamn he loved sex with this man.They (almost) crushed and devoured each other with their animalistic need. I can’t remember that I ever saw Dillon in such an uber, uber domineering pose. Wow. That blew my mind and I will shamelessly admit that I loved it. Every. Darn. Moment. Of. This. Lascivious. Interlude. It hardly needs mentioning that I devoured every sex scene. Well, and bathrooms will remind me of Dillon and Hunter for the rest of my life. I *think* that male authors write sex scenes differently. Hence, the sex is edgier and rougher and probably more authentic. There is nothing romantic about it either. But one thing's for sure, though, it's highly erotic and yet there is this underlying feel of tenderness that will push so many buttons as well. Brandon has the ability to bring his characters to life and I tag along eagerly to feel their pain as well as happiness. He paints a vivid and eclectic picture of authenticity.…It's breadth, and the strength between us to know that we're ready for the next step. I want to do it this way so it lasts, and I need you to understand that for me.""I understand.""Do you?" Hunter asked him closely. "Then why do I still hear rejection in your voice?""Because I'm impulsive, and immature, and…in love with you."Wasn’t it amazing to witness how these two men gave each other strength? They encouraged, reassured and supported one another even though they had to struggle with their own personal shortcomings. However, as soon as one of them had a problem to deal with the other one was there to offer unconditional support. As a matter of fact, Hunter wanted to save Dillon from any more pain. That was another proof of his love for Dillon. Trust, understanding, and love--that’s the foundation of a serious relationship. With that said, it was so significant that Hunter told Dillon that he loved him for the very first time when he went through a very difficult personal situation. I, for one, felt their love very deeply when I saw how they handled the ugly scene with Dillon’s mother.Brandon packed some great emotions into the story and everything felt well thought out. I loved to see Dillon work through his family issues, and I have to admit that I really fell hard for this guy. He deserved some happy. It goes without saying that Dillon's mother was a true nightmare, and it's beyond me why a mother would even think about abandoning her own child let alone execute the evil deed. Dillon went so still it was like Hunter was alone in the apartment again. He emitted no breath, no whisper of movement, nothing. He was just a blank space, an absence in the middle of the room. Hunter started to reach for him but froze his hand when Dillon spoke. (…)I loved Margie. The fag hag. She is straight-forward, intelligent, and very perceptive. The banter between her and Hunter was very entertaining, and they always put a smile on my face."You are such a fag hag. They should have a class just for you, call it Man Porn 101."Yeah, Baba is so ready for some Man Porn 101...There is more than raw lust, want and desire between Dillon and Hunter. Their love for one another is palpable but the crux of the matter is that Hunter has to acknowledge his feelings. Moreover, he has to express his love for Dillon. Hunter is a control freak and as I see it he has a hard time to accept that he can't control love; he can't control his emotions either and it's hard to let go. Life happens; life does not ask for permission. And this is about Hunter getting involved and it scared him because a man who manifests his emotions exposes himself completely. You are more prone to getting hurt. Honestly, the (view spoiler)[proposal came too quickly for me. (hide spoiler)] However, what followed suit made me go all awwww…This is a beautiful spoiler:(view spoiler)["I had these made special. The design is raised instead of carved in. Can you feel it?" Dillon asked.Hunter ran his fingertip over the outside of the ring. He nodded as a tear formed in the corner of his eye."Can you tell me what it is?" Dillon asked quietly.Hunter nodded and his voice choked. "Two people…""Two men," Dillon corrected."Two men," Hunter said, "pulling each other into the center of a circle."Dillon watched his single tear slip and start sliding down his cheek. "Would you step into that circle with me, Hunter?"Hunter nodded, a small sound escaping him. "Yes." (hide spoiler)]"Snow is kind of weird," Dillon said. "It's so slow, drifts a little here and there, and it doesn't make much noise," he said as he looked at Hunter. "I think I want to skip the symphony," he added as he untied Hunter's tie and slipped it from around his neck. " I would like very much for us to stay in and see if you can match its rhythm. What do you think?"If you are looking for something different then look no further. You have found it. I strongly advise you to read the books in order. AfflictedAfflicted IISteam: HIGH; one particular scene is blushworthy["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-07-12 04:17

    ***3 Stars***Loving someone gives you courage; being loved back gives you strength.An enjoyable conclusion to Dillon and Hunter's story. I liked seeing the guys stand up and support each other, especially how protective Hunter was of Dillon. I wish we would have had Dillon's POV in some of his moments dealing with his family issues (specifically his visit with Travis and seeing his father's gravesite).And that scene with his mother...what a vile and evil woman. The progression of Dillon and Hunter's relationship may have been quick, but it still felt natural. The men had a real bond and a way of bringing out the honest and vulnerable side in each other. It was sweet. But don't be fooled, these two were hot as hell together too. As sweet and romantic as they could be, they could also be rough, desperate, passionate and intense. I do have to point out that I was a little confused by the bathroom scene at the end. I understood the message that it was supposed to relay, but it could have been done in a different way. It felt completely out of character for both men, and left me staring at my kindle completely baffled. Overall this ended up being an enjoyable duet that was equal parts sweet and romantic, emotional and heartwarming, and passionate and dirty."It's so different from what I imagined.""What's that?"" I don't know...but not this, I guess my imagination wasn't as good as it was cracked up to be. It fell pretty short.""Is that a good thing?"Hunter nodded and met his lips. It was an excellent thing, and words would only spoil it.

  • Susan
    2019-07-13 09:03

    3.5 stars …like but not love…I have been anxiously awaiting this follow-up to the first book! I fell in love with Hunter & Dillon (oh Dillon) and their uniquely senses-filled, beautifully budding relationship. Afflicted II, however, fell a little flat for me. Hunter & Dillon, instead of feeling more developed, felt more stereotyped and characterized. And the originality that made book 1 so appealing was lacking in book 2. Yes, there were still some gorgeous love scenes and displays of emotions (mountain cabin sex to the rhythm of the rain…lovely), but even those started to feel a bit contrived. Then there were scenes that I just didn’t understand…they felt out of place and unnecessary.I can’t deny still feeling drawn to the MC’s and their relationship, and I have a particular obsession towards Dillon. I would still love to read a 3rd installment and see where Shire takes these guys. But, as far as Afflicted II on its own: entertaining & hot…but just slightly disappointing. Liked it...just not as much as the first one.

  • Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog
    2019-06-20 09:12

    -”Two men,” Hunter said, “pulling each other in to the center of a circle.”The abrupt ending of Afflicted (I) left me breathless; I needed more, immediately. Luckily, the wait was worth it. This contemporary romance stands out primarily due to the unique character that is Hunter Stephens. However, it’s the sex, and the sex, and the hot, hot, hot sex that cements this story. The non-visual descriptions allow the reader a special experience that is like nothing else. Through Hunter and Dillon’s sexual explorations they learn everything about one another. They see what is beautiful and what is broken. From outside influences and internal struggles there is much to overcome before they can make a solid commitment.I suggest really trying to read this book while considering how you would describe things if you couldn’t see. Had never seen. Your words would undoubtedly be different. I found that Hunter’s descriptions of physical attributes, whether Dillon’s or nature's, were often connected to emotions. The descriptions of emotions that Dillon’s body felt like to Hunter is fascinating and makes for a rare reading experience. It is Masculine and Raw and very Real.THE STORY Sort of...>Sex in the cabin was about confessions and demons.>Sex against the wall, well that was just about lust and power.>Sex in the kitchen was about discovering something new. And spicy!>Sex, public sex, was about so many things, but mostly about Brandon giving us a gift. Holy hell, what a gift. Thank you Mr. Shire!!!!Honestly there is a lot more to the story than sex, and it's all poignant, pertinent and captivating.THE WRITINGIt’s not space I want…” Hunter said as he reached up and captured the side of Dillon’s face in his palm.He ran his thumb across Dillon’s chin, feeling the small stubble. “…It’s breadth,…Mr. Shire’s writing in Afflicted II is straight-forward without as much lyrical prose found in Afflicted. I found his composition tight and the story arc was perfection . There is a new-found ease that works well for this story. THE CHARACTERSHunter Stephens- Arrogant, defensive, fiercely independent and gorgeous. He’s blind, but that’s everyone else’s problem. He might even throw a tantrum or two to prove it. Oh, my little ninja.Because I’m impulsive, and immature, and…in love with you..Dillon Chambers- A broken survivor; Dillon will steal your heart. Sweet, tender, gentle. OH WAIT, he can also dominate the hell out of Hunter. Really. Others- Every secondary character is well-developed and intriguing on their own:Travis – Worth fixing? I don’t know.Lydia – Let’s get her a real man.Margie – We could all use a Margie in our lives. Let’s get her laid. Connie – There isn’t enough Connie in this story, but she’s perfect.Roland – Hmm, a fighter, a savior, a pimp. Hmm.~~~~~~~His cries became a weight; a mass that was more than either of them could tolerate.His touch was like liquid sugar; sweet, and hot, and running so slowly over Hunter’s skin that it felt like he was on fire everytime Dillon caressed him with his lips.~~~~~~~Recommended**My sincerest thanks to Brandon Shire for providing me with an eARC of this wonderful story in exchange for an honest review.Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:

  • Ingela
    2019-07-15 06:11

    5 Big Loving Stars - another amazing good novel about two adorable guys - one blind the other a former male escort - I'm completely charmed, again”Loving someone gives you courage; being loved back gives you strength.”I wrote it in my review of the first part of this two-book story, and I'll say it again: ~ “Some books are so much more than a good book. They are magical books. An author has written a beautiful text, the words flowing, the environments are so well described and it's smells, sounds, feels, and maybe it is some obscure characters - but it is sooo good. When you start reading that kind of book, you have no idea what you will be invited to and after having finished reading, you are still in the book's warm feeling for a long time. For me, this was such a book. I got so much more than a romance about "guys who love guys" - I got a very good and well-written contemporary novel.” ~ And I think I really got it again. A little bit weaker, perhaps, but it was offset by their insolent development of other goodies.Hunter - a blind, tall, dark, gay southern gentleman and Dillon - a beautiful former male escort found each other in the first book, and now we get to follow them again right where we last left them.“So…How about that roasted, spicy, sex thing we were talking about then?” Hunter asked with a smirk.Dillon smiled as Hunter switch gears again. “Is that really what you want?” He started tugging him toward the bedroom. “Come on, I can see you’re not going to give up.”The boys' life goes on. Dillon has old dark horrible memories from his teen years and family to handle. Hunter must drop even more on his independence and let another person in his life. Two sometimes anxious souls to shape a common life which will be based on much more than attraction. Full trust, security and total conviction about what you want, dare to trust and open up - sometimes takes a little time to find. Dillon goes before and Hunter can not but follow. Join now along for the ride once again...I will not spill out much more about the plot here, but this was a superb sequel - long epiolog - as you require after the first book's fairly quick and abrupt end (view spoiler)[, with a kind of HEA (they chose each other) or maybe it was just a HFN ending (hide spoiler)]. Possibly, this is only one novel divided in two volumes.“Listen to the breath of the rain."They were silent for a minute. Dillon closed his eyes and tried to grasp at what Hunter experienced. Hunter moved closer and put the heat of his breath in Dillon's ear. "I want you to make love to me by the rhythm of the rain," he whispered.”The author has again done an excellent job and I really loved the first book about these two wonderful guys. If you read that one and if you once again wish; a beautiful text, nicely described environments, well-described side characters, a lot of emotions, a little laughter and a romantic (very, very hot) story, I am sure you will love this one too.There is funny banter, sweat, love, emotions, smells, sounds, longing, need, touch, sex - all so beautifully described. I usually go for the sweet and tender, but now get something that is also a little dirtier and rawer AND it also makes a romantic girl like me to get a huge smile in her face.Another great M/M novel. I love it all. Great work again you talented writer, Mr Shire.I Like - ... and love it all over again!~~~~~~~And last of all, how is it that there are so many good novels with an amazing guy called Hunter in them? I have a strong feeling that I've read several. Anyone offhand remember them all?~~~~~~~We got a HEA in the first part but you obviously want to know more about Hunter and Dillon and their story forward - don't miss to read both books. The first book is: Afflicted and my review["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-07-17 11:59

    Oh I looooved this book. It was worth staying up until 2 am! It was just pure amazing wonderfulness. I'm not going to rehash the story but I'll just sum it up with...OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bev
    2019-07-08 10:06

    Phew. Another hot and steamy read from Mr Shire, hotter than it's prequel definitely. Another 4 stars and Shortie review. Hunter and Dillon are still finding their way in the relationship, and relationship problems enter the they tend to do. Dillon asks Hunter to move in with him, but Hunter turns him down, knowing that Dillon needs something for himself now that he is no longer an escort and encourages him to find a hobby/do a course at college....just something to take his mind off having nothing to do all day. Of course, Dillon interprets this the wrong a refusal, but it has to be said that the make-up sex was phenomenal!! Dillon discusses things with Travis, and that doesn't end well, but the worst part was him turning up on Dillon's doorstep with that complete bitch known as Dillon's that ends and what happens further down the road will be for you to discover.I have to agree with Deirdre though, the bathroom scene at the party towards the end of the book was awesome!!

  • Nina
    2019-07-09 11:21

    ETA: the typos are fixed. I read the Amazon version which hadn't been updated at the time but has now been edited.This was enjoyable, but not really satisfying.They had sex, they fought a couple times, they weren't in the mood sometimes (some realism! Yay!), they moved in together and they expressed their love (in all the possible ways). Very good. So? There was no resolution.Travis was an asshole, but he wasn't so bad. What happened to him, exactly? Why did he help Dillon's mom? Why didn't he call Dillon when (view spoiler)[his dad wanted to talk to him before dying (hide spoiler)]? What about Margie and whatsherface?And, again, it was so short! With a hundred more pages, maybe even less, it would have had a decent length and the unresolved issues/unanswered question could have been solved/answered, no sweat. Why? Why?Oh, one more thing: typos. I'm sure you can imagine how I feel about that. (hint: it drives me out of my fucking mind.)

  • Akanksha❤ Søren♰
    2019-06-21 08:56

    Loved this book!! It was wayh shorter than the first one, so bummer there but it was just abso-freaking-lutely amazing!!! :DHunter and Dillon were just asdfghjkl!!Their romance, their chemistry and their present! Beautiful!!What they went through with each other by their side! Amazing. Loved this book!! Wish it was longer though!

  • *Ja'Mecha* ~Dhevious~
    2019-06-23 10:22

    THE END...Seriouslythe hell just happened?Didn't we discuss that like a week ago? I kept tapping my tablet to get to the next page... ANNNNNND those two words showed up...again. Can we not know what happens next? I mean what's going to happen at Christmas? Is Dillon going to drop the shit between him and Travis? Is Margie going get it on with her chocolate bunny? So many unanswered questions. I want these questions answered dammit!Ok on to the good, bad, and eh...The GoodWe started out with some FUCKtastic weather. and boy did I! I will never look at rain the same again. That was the hottest scene right after the close your eyes scene. It might have been wet outside, but it was fire in the room!It was about time Marge read Hunter his rights, but I do think she was a little harsh. Maybe if we knew more about her, we could understand the pain and protection that she felt behind her actions. Still love her though.Gotta love Connie...sheeut I want to met whom ever inspired Brandon to write her. I did love the diversity in the book. I like to see different people in an author's writing; it makes it complete to feel included in a way.The BadIt's not the ending (this time). What really bothered was the terms fag, twink, etc. I don't know why but every time I read one of those words it made my heart hurt. The Eh Well not really the Eh just some other things I want to say...Dillon's mom... If I could do all those things to her I would in a heartbeat! You won't have to worry about Hunter going ninja on her ass. I'd beat him to it. That's your fucking kid bitch you don't do shit like that!!!! Okay let me stop before I One last thing know anyone who can make love to the sound of ?

  • Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    2019-07-12 04:20

    What a fantastic read. This is the continued story of Hunter and Dillon, picking up right where we left off In the first book. The bulk of the book revolves around the men embracing their relationship, growing together, supporting each other. Dillon has a lot of family issues from the past that have been haunting him and Hunter helps him bury those feelings so he can move on. It's a great combination of romance and eroticism. The writing is almost poetic and the main character being blind brought something especially sensual to the story. The use of his other senses to make up for lack of visual cues that "sightlings" are blessed with makes descriptions so much more detailed. Even the sexual tension, the raw shag in the kitchen and public bathroom were WOW. Great read.

  • JR
    2019-06-28 04:13

    Where do I begin. This has some of the hottest sex I've ever read. You have to keep a fire extinguisher nearby to keep from burning the house down. For that alone, I gave it 5 stars, but the heart of the story is even better. Hunter and Dillon are two very damaged souls that are able to repair themselves by loving each other. You can't help but hope as you follow them, that they will be happy ever after. For me, Afflicted and Afflicted II are journeys of discovery, acceptance, tolerance and learning to love. I hope everyone will do themselves a favor and read both books.

  • Jen
    2019-07-05 08:03

    3.5 starsMy brain has 2 camps of thought about this book. The part of me that likes plot development liked it, the part of me that loves (well-done) ambiguous endings preferred the first one. When I finished, I almost wished that Afflicted had just stayed a stand-alone. This one felt more pragmatic, and less lyrical and romantic to me, despite the amount of sex in it (though on the upside, there were fewer scent descriptions that had me rolling me eyes - just that first page, really). In fact, I honestly felt more engaged during scenes that featured confrontations than I did scenes that that featured sex (and in this book, let's face it - all scenes were pretty much one or the other). And I do agree with D this could have been 1 book, instead of 2 novellas. I still like Dillon more than Hunter, though I will give Hunter credit for starting to become more aware of the fact that he really can be an asshole to people. I was really bothered by the fact that they hadn't (view spoiler)[bothered to get tested for STDs before they had unprotected sex. Dillon was a PROSTITUTE for 10 years, for fuck's sake. No way would I be letting his naked cock anywhere near my bits until both of us had been tested. And while I could believe that Hunter didn't give a shit, it almost seemed out of character to me that Dillon wouldn't have insisted on it first (hide spoiler)].I didn't have much of an opinion about Travis and Lydia, apart from wincing when Hunter (view spoiler)[over heard them doing the nasty. *shudder* Every kid's nightmare - hearing their parents going at it (hide spoiler)]. LOL Dillon's mother was an unbelievable bitch. "Audacity" doesn't even BEGIN to cover what (view spoiler)[that demand for him to come home and take care of her was. After she not only kicked him out to the street, but then kept him from his dying father?! Bitch, I am with Dillon - see you in hell (hide spoiler)]. I just hope that Dillon will be open to talking to Travis again in the future. Maybe not now - what he did was wrong. But in the future - they may need each other down the road. The (view spoiler)["public" (hide spoiler)] sex scene everyone has been talking about was not at ALL what I was expecting, based on the comments I've been seeing. (view spoiler)[I was expecting, like, a crowd of observers or something. LOL Which really would have turned me off. But I still really didn't get the point of letting that one twink in past security and letting Hunter come in his mouth. WHY?? I don't get it. I mean, I DO get it, because of all the shit Hunter is thinking about in the scene, and how well Dillon seems to know him, but.. I still really don't see the point. Maybe I'm just more of a prude than I think I am. (hide spoiler)]Now, let's talk about Margie. She was the reason I gave this book 3.5 stars instead of just 3. I honestly felt like Shire wrote ME into this book in their long conversation scene. All of it, from her calm acceptance of her weight issues, to being a faghag, to experimenting with women because she's just given up on finding a man who she really wants who actually wants her back, to her straight-shooting to Hunter about the fact that he can be an asshole. I have almost verbatim said some of the lines she says to my own friends. ...It was a little creepy, honestly. And in this next piece of my review, I am getting personal.(view spoiler)["I've been fat my whole life. I've accepted that. I really don't give a shit what anyone thinks. I have no plans to be anyone's mercy fuck and that's all I'd be getting from someone like Dillon."*nods* Yep. Said almost the exact same thing to more than one friend, just substitute the guy. Once you get out of your 20s, you realize this is just your life and there's no point agonizing over it anymore. Hunter's mental (mind you, he didn't say it aloud) reply: "Was that really how she thought of herself?", and that she is "beautiful" to him. And that "she probably knew more about discrimination than he did". Hunter, people like you have NO FUCKING CLUE. But, Lisa, I do concede that his regret over his 'fatty' comments felt sincere. I still don't 100% forgive him, but at least he's now more aware. But let me explain why this is offensive, even if he's sorry for it. Hunter, you make fat jokes, which shows what you REALLY think of fat people. Even if you feel bad about it later? You still said it. Which means that judgement is there, whether you *say* it out loud or not. It's so typical - your friend is an exception because you care about her, and she's cool. I've been that exception to so many people - do you know how many times I would hear people laugh at overweight people (for whatever reason - could be ill-fitting clothes, or jiggling cellulite while dancing at a club, or red-faced and sweating from simple exertion, or my favorite - health 'concern' comments), and I would make a reply like, "Thanks guys, that makes me feel great," and they would be all, "Oh, but we're not talking about you!!" But it makes you feel like complete shit when the people who care you about you still judge overweight people, because you know that if you were a complete stranger to them? They would be judging you, too. (hide spoiler)]Anyway, moving on. The ending was sweet; I liked it. I wish I could see a picture of (view spoiler)[the rings - I couldn't quite visualize them (hide spoiler)]!So over all, I did like it. More than I thought I would, based on what I was hearing from people about it beforehand, which I worried would color my perceptions of it. I just didn't love it. I think in a few months, I need to revisit both of these and read them as one cohesive piece, and see if I feel differently about this one.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-07-16 11:11

    Loved this. Will write my review when I am not running around getting ready for holidays.

  • Shirley Frances
    2019-07-13 07:12

    4.25A great follow-up book filled with emotions and unquenchable lust that will leave you wanting more of the raw sex, the tender lovemaking and the love.I met Dillon and Hunter in Afflicted, where their one chance encounter turns into something more. Feelings are not in the equation in this stage, just a need to connect and explore. Afflicted II picks up where the previous book left off. Hunter and Dillon are still exploring this new-found relationship and their sexual connection, but the feelings are starting to make an appearance. And so it continues.HunterThe author, Brandon Shire, grabbed my attention from the first sentence I read. In the previous book, I got to know Hunter through his interpretations of the different smells, touches and tastes. In this installment, I was immediately wrapped in Hunter's descriptive thoughts, specifically Dillon's scent. Oh, but not just any scent. No, Hunter is thinking about Dillon's horny aroma. That's Hunter for you - horny, insatiable and strong and independent. Or so I had come to expect.I got to see a crack to his armor when Dillon takes him for a getaway on a remote cabin. All through the drive he can't help but feel that something important will happen. He fears the worst - that Dillon will change his mind about taking their relationship further. This is the first of many times that I got to see this insecure, vulnerable side to Hunter and I loved it. Although he did try to be objective and take it slow, his feelings for Dillon were too strong. He wants to protect him, shelter him from his family and keep him for himself. He opens himself to this new-found connection and lets the chips fall where they may. He struggles and he denies, but underneath it all he KNOWS. He loves Dillon deeply and he is everything that he had ever dreamed of. I loved reading Hunter's development throughout the book. From and independent, strong man who believes he doesn't need a deeper connection with anyone else to an honest, vulnerable man who opens up his heart and fears for the first time in his life. He is raw and passionate, he takes the lead then submits beautifully to his passion and Dillon's ministrations.DillonFirst, I was taken through Dillon's past and the hurt and pain that are still evident even after 10 years. The glimpses into Dillon's struggles made me connect to him more. Mr. Shire brought them all to the surface to give me a clear view of what he has been through and how these experiences have shaped him. He is a survivor - strong but vulnerable in how he feels. He appreciates what he has found with Hunter and he will do his best to make it work. Being open about his past with Hunter is the first step he takes to prevent problems along the way.Then comes a series of events that leave Dillon broken - news about his father and a visit from his mother.But Hunter is always there, a presence to remind him that he is not alone in this. That he can lean on him and find strength in their connection. He knows how he feels about Hunter and he's tired of waiting, of being safe and thinking things through. He dominates, but submits to his feelings. He is honest and loyal and I love him for it. His development was a beautiful journey to read. From a handsome prostitute who doesn't know what he wants and doubts himself every step of the way to a strong young man confident in his love for Hunter, open about his domineering sexual ways and sure of himself and his decisions.The GreatI enjoyed this book from start to finish. I loved how it made me feel all kinds of emotions and how the characters developed throughout the story. The writing was excellent. Please, as if it could be any different. It may not have been as lyrical as I've come to expect from Brandon Shire, but I believe that it fit the story perfectly. The beauty of the story is in its realness and the way the author went about telling it was brilliant. This story is filled with pure, raw need mixed with love and real life.And of course, I can't forget the sex - to the rhythm of the rain, against a wall, spread on the kitchen counter, and in a public restroom. Each and every single time these two came together it had a purpose. No, not just to get off. The sex to the rhythm of the rain was about letting go and opening themselves to each other and to what they have found. The encounter against the wall was a show of power, initiated by Hunter but totally dominated by Dillon, it showed a new balance in their relationship - Hunter's willingness to give his everything to Dillon and Dillon's determination to have all of Hunter. The kitchen scene was about Dillon's confession and Hunter's silent acceptance and the scene in the restroom, well that was just them being their usual passionate, insatiable selves.I'll just keep my favorite sex scene to myself. I'll just say that Mr. Brandon Shire managed to surprise the hell out of me and made me blush.After all I've read, that is not an easy thing to do. Yes, there is a lot of sex and it is hot and raw and amazing, but it is not what the story is about. The GoodThe secondary characters were a joy to read, even Margie and Lydia. I admit that I have come to better understand where they are coming from and I am glad that Hunter has them in his life. I liked that Lydia seemed more approachable now, which I attribute to Hunter's willingness to see another side of her. This time around I would have loved a lot more interaction between Hunter and Margie. She is great at telling it like it is and apparently Hunter respects her opinion. Their banter was both enjoyable and revealing. Travis made me angry and I found myself wanting to smack the hell out of him at times, but he was not entirely to blame for some of the things he did. Yes, he made a huge mistake, but that was essential to Dillon's development, so I could overlook it.The UglyAbigail and the two dreaded words - "THE END". Once again, I am left hanging with an abrupt ending. :'(_____________________________________All in all, Afflicted II was an amazing read - full of lust, longing and love.I would like to extend my appreciation to Mr. Shire for providing me a copy of this book to read and review in exchange of my honest opinion.

  • AliciaJ
    2019-07-11 07:00

    Ahhhh, that was soooo sweet! What a great ending to the story. Dylan and Hunter have some things to work out in this book, but true love prevails. It makes my heart feel all warm and gooey.

  • Bea
    2019-07-15 11:55

    This book had everything that I loved about the first book. I think what I enjoyed the most about this book is that both men make mistakes, but they always come back to each other. The author doesn't waste time making up angst to give us conflict, but continues from book one with the how Hunter and Dillon deal with making their new relationship and life together work.We see how Dillon's past job and his family come back to affect his life and his emotional state, while Hunter has to accept how his life will change now that Dillon is in it. Through all of this change they come to learn that the constant will be their love and trust with each other.Also always, Shire writes exciting sex scenes that are hot, sexy, and emotionally driven. There is a scene with rain that is so amazing and it makes me realize that I certainly do not take advantage of the world around me.This book also made me realize that I need to appreciate my husband and all the things that he does to enrich my life. And we should always count our blessings!Such a well written book and a really nice author.

  • ¸. • * ° *❧Gwendolyn❧°**★•°**★
    2019-07-20 08:02

    I Love The Sweet-Realistic Undertones of Dillion and Hunter's Relationship~BUT...escort job(s) have really played out for me~The Book...Sad, Sweet, Family, Drama...and high-in escort stuff....has never been my favorite things to read in books...but, overcoming it all, is. I liked how they did that. And I really like the soft sweetness of this couple, it awesome to read. The writing is solid and flows well and part 2 of Dillion and Hunter ends beautifully....I Loved that Ending 2 Pieces❤️

  • Dreamer
    2019-07-14 06:15

    Enjoyed this sequel to Afflicted I, Hunter and Dillon continue to deepen their relationship. Some intensely hot sex scenes in this book, not a lot of plot however. I only highlighted one quote..'He would never leave this man if given the choice. He would fight anyone who dared to suggest it and he would face his family down when that time came. He would do it if it was the last thing he ever did. As he looked down on Hunter his heart filled and he finally understood what Shu-shu said. "Loving someone gives you courage; being loved back gives you strength."'

  • Fani *loves angst*
    2019-07-15 12:12

    After the sheer awesomeness that the first book was, I admit my expectations were so high, that this book was destined to disappoint them somewhat; however, I didn't expect to completely crash them.Afflicted ends with Dillon's confession to Hunter that he's quitting the escort service and Hunter's enthousiastic acceptance of the news. If THAT is not a step towards a relationship, I don't know what is. Unfortunately, from the beginning of the second book, Hunter seems to be backtracking from that point and be plagued with questions about how soon it is to proceed to the next step, how serious is Dillon about him or if this is just a fling with an ending date, how good they are for each other, AND heaven help us, if he is in love with Dillon! When Margie accused him of being a drama-queen, I wanted to cry out "you got it sister!" and hit Hunter on the head with something heavy for being such an ass and worse, totally untrue to his character in book I. Overall, the book was filled with melodrama, lots of hot -with a slight kinky feeling- sex scenes, and a hero (Hunter) who I hated more and more with each page, as he proved not only indecisive and coward, but also inconsiderate to the others and completely selfish. A man who doesn't know a single thing about his best friend's hobbies, family or personal life, is not someone I admire or can easily come to care for:( Dillon seemed to me more like a guest star here than a main character; the book seemed to be more about Hunter insecurities and lots of hot sex scenes than getting to know both of them better and seeing their relationship evolve. It also didn't provide a resolution between Dillon and Travis; I didn't know I was supposed to be expecting a book III, because if this is the end, it left a whole lot of questions unanswered and threads dangling in the air between Dillon and Travis, Travis and Lydia, Hunter and Margie, Margie and her lover... you get the idea.The book was heading for a 3-stars rating for me, until the very end. But Holly-Molly, the last sex scene.... it could be hot and sexy if I knew I was reading erotica, but in a supposedly emotional, angsty romance (or am I reading the wrong genre here?) it felt completely out of place and even went so far as to disgust me (not with the physical aspect of what happened but with the setting and change of dynamics that it heralded). The more I think about it, the more I believe this is heading for a third book, because I can't believe that any author would leave so many edges hanging open. I wish I knew it before I picked it up, because I thought when I started it that I was going to read a book that would cement the trust and celebrate the deep love between Dillon and Hunter; this was definitely not it. Instead of the previous book's angstiness and affection, this was sexy but emotionally frustrating and unfullfilling. And if that last scene is what I'm supposed to be expecting in a next book... then I have to say it's definitely not for me. All in all, I wish I'd stopped at book I and never looked further:( PS: On top of everything else, there were too many typos for me to ignore as I usually do.

  • Sheri
    2019-07-07 08:17

    Acoustic loving. Emotional barrier kickboxing. Heart welding union. Smooth & seamless bridge from book one to book two, it picks right up where we left off. Thank goodness, for I was dumbstruck and unprepared for the cliff diving conclusion of the first. The intimate cabin escape was ablaze with passion. It was exquisite and beautiful, and will forever be incomparable. Now that Hunter & Dillon are together, will they beat their past and surge together into the 'awkward' future?Hunter has an emotional bitch slap. He finally realizes it is not a weakness to love someone or be loved, but quite the opposite... "Loving someone gives you courage; being loved back gives you strength."Dillon cracks his lacquered heart and Hunter relishes having someone to lean on and lead him. It is the first time he allows another to take the reigns, and finds it only makes him stronger. I adored the character growth. Dillon, well it was hard for him to get much better; but somehow Hunter pushes him to new heights. Hunter was allowed to be the man he could be, and should be with the strength he gains from Dillon. This bad-ass ninja was a closet marshmallow, hiding his soft insecurities. Together they were amazing, truly amazing. Not just the emotional bonding, but the *ahem* physical bonding too. Family assault made me want to run for cover. My heart bled for Dillon. It is inconceivale that parents can be so cruel. Breaks my heart that horrific things of this nature are not always fiction."Love is never wrong, even when it's directed at people who treat us like shit."Again, I appreciated the fun flavor the ladies threw in. Margie had her own shockers and I was thrilled that Lydia kept her priorities straight even in her cougar lusted state of mind.The club scene was unsettling and stirred a touch of anger, but Dillon certainly knows how to dish out a proper apology. Am I a fag hag? Would I attend Man Porn 101? Hmmmm, probably. But damn it, some things are too good to deny yourself. And apparently steamy man loving is my newest addiction. The tender conclusion was absolutely perfect. Could it get any better? Nope, I am afraid not. Settle in for a sexyawesome continuation of Hunter and Dillon and join in the Shire obsession. It's a great place to be. *4.5 red hot stars*

  • Cindi
    2019-07-01 06:09

    This is a beautifully written continuation of Dillon and Hunter's story from Afflicted. After reading the first book a few weeks ago, I was so eager to see the two men finally resolve their issues and have their hard-won happily ever after. Brandon Shire does an excellent job in giving the readers exactly what they want with this couple. I'm not big on sequels because I feel that they can never compare to the first book. That was so not the case with this one. Everything is written perfectly and because of the author's amazing writing style, you are not just reading the story, you are feeling it. The emotion is there. Dillon's pain is there. The two men have to overcome a lot to get where they need to be. When they do? Brilliant.Full review (with slight spoilers) can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of any of Brandon Shire's books are donated to LGBT youth charities.

  • MandaLee
    2019-07-07 10:17

    Great book!! Now that I think about it, I don't know why I'm not giving it 5 stars lol. After going over it in my head all day, one scene felt "odd" for the MC's. So I'm thinking 4.5 at least.Books 1 and 2 flowed so well together. If you read A1 then this is a must. If you haven't read the first book..go read it!! Beautiful raw and honest. Loved it!Oh and the rain scene*I'm a bit obsessed w/that* Some of the rawest and hottest m/m sex I've read yet...pure yumminess:)

  • Marion
    2019-07-07 07:18


  • Nic
    2019-07-17 08:06

    A beautiful conclusion to the story of Hunter and Dillon. Love the style of writing and the powerful love experienced between these 2 men.

  • James Cox
    2019-07-01 04:23


  • Kathy
    2019-06-28 05:17

    After reading Brandon Shire's story, Afflicted, I was impatient for the followup book. And now that I've finished Afflicted II, in one sitting because I really didn't want to wait any longer, I have to say that it's a wonderful complement to its predecessor. I love that the progress made by Hunter and Dillon in building a relationship continues. Not only is the sex hot and very satisfying, the emotional component has grown considerably—both men are opening up to the other; not always an easy thing in any relationship, but both Dillon and Hunter have spent years protecting themselves. If I'm going to give a brief explanation of both books I'd have to say that book one deals more with Hunter, his past, and its collision with his growing feelings for Dillon. While in book two it's Dillon's past moving to the forefront... and a nasty past it is too. The anger I felt on his behalf was almost overwhelming; parents like his, especially his mother, really get my ire blazing. They put their religion—not God, but religion—ahead of their children. They spout words of faith, of belief in God, but it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with them: their standing, their feelings. As a parent I despise them, totally and utterly. And that's enough of that! Obviously a hot-button topic.Which is kind of the point I guess; the author reminds us that a good-sized segment of society continues to be blind, ignorant, and hateful. Unfortunately, far too often it includes parents; the people who should love unreservedly and unconditionally. For them I hold nothing but disgust. Aaaand I digress once again...But Dillon and Hunter's story also reminds us that there is always hope; that there are people, like Dillon's friend and mentor Shu-shu, who care and do something.There are groups, like those to whom Mr Shire donates 10% of the proceeds from his books, who are a visible and active presence in the lives of the discarded children, whose greatest concern should be what to wear to school, not worry if they'll even be alive the next day. Ultimately, Afflicted II is about hope, love, family and friends, survival, life. It's a reminder to those of us, who take for granted the lives we have, that we are fortunate. Brandon Shire has written a story that entertains, wonderfully, but that also informs. And for me that makes it a big winner. If you've not yet read these two books then I strongly urge you to check them out; I honestly don't think you will be disappointed—I certainly was not!___________________________________Originally posted on jYin and Yang Reviews

  • Cathy M.
    2019-07-07 10:17

    Immediately after finishing Afflicted, I HAD to buy Afflicted II and I was not disappointed! I DEVOURED this book in one sitting. I really loved the continuation of Hunter & Dillon’s story, although in my opinion the lyrical prose that stood out so much from the first book seemed to have lessened quite a bit in this one. Of course, maybe that was just me and I got used to it?There was a LOT going on in this story…from Hunter & Dillon’s relationship, to their pasts and their relationships with others. At times, to me it was almost too much. But what really stood out for me was - One of My Favorite Scenes EVER - I’ve never had a love scene affect me as much as when Dillon made love to Hunter to the rhythm of the rain. *GUSH* It was so beautifully written and jam-packed with emotion that it literally brought tears to my eyes! I will NEVER forget that scene!!!Margie, the Bestie - I freaking LOVED Margie in this one! She really did care for Hunter, even when he was acting like the biggest ass and treated her like shit. She was the voice of reason, especially when it came to the issue of no condoms. Dillon was a prostitute for goodness sake! I’m glad that issue was at least brought up and she ripped him a new one for it :DSex, Sex and More Sex – There was a LOT of sex…and not the gentle lovemaking that I mentioned above. There was a lot of the rough and raw, dirty and so utterly masculine loving that was quite fascinating really! Although there was one scene I could’ve done without – the bathroom scene at the party. Umm, I just didn’t get it…So was this the end of this series? (view spoiler)[I know there isn’t much else to tell in Hunter & Dillon’s story since they got engaged at the end, but Dillon’s relationship with Travis still seemed unresolved to me…of course that could be because I REALLY wanted them to reconnect and mend their once close relationship. :( (hide spoiler)]I really enjoyed both Afflicted and Afflicted II, and I especially loved Brandon Shire’s story-telling ability and unique writing style. I am looking forward to reading more from this author! And thank you Ms. Baba for your beautiful reviews to get me interested in this series! You rock :)

  • Sunne
    2019-06-23 11:57

    This is not the "mainstream" m/m romance, this is gay contemporary.And this review is for both, Afflicted I and Afflicted II because in my opinion both books together are the story, the first one just ends at a convenient place, that's all.You notice that immediately while reading - it has the touch of a guy.The writing is very well done, the way the author describes Hunter's surroundings by using the smell fascinates immediately. He doesn't shy away from unpleasant odors either. reminded me of a discussion I had read a while ago that female authors do interpret the male sense of smell wrong.This time we read about body least in the beginning of the book. I found it a bit dissapointing that these descriptions got less during the story. On the other hand, the story progressed and distracted me from that.The relationship is good, it's hot and sexy. There are a few things I wasn't very comfortable with, e.g. the no-show of condoms (but I loved how Margie ripped Hunter a second one about unsafe sex) and the very infrequent mentioning of lube. Seriously, some of their sex must have hurt like hell.....but hey, a guy must know ;)The characters feel real, with all their little faults. Man, I loved how Hunter realized himself what a hypocrite he is when he tells Margie that she is a good person and being fat doesn't mean that she isn't worth love and remembers how he had said to Dillon he wouldn't do a fattie. Yes, they are not perfect and inconsequent like actual people.That makes the books good in a different way.

  • Caddy Rowland
    2019-06-22 09:07

    I totally enjoyed this book. Hunter and Dillon are both fascinating characters and it was interesting learning more about each of them. Additionally, Margie has a new love interest, which is good!There was some drama in the book (which I enjoy) but mostly this book was about Hunter and Dillon's love. It's rare in a romance that the story doesn't become sugary and cloying, but instead keeps the heat turned up full blast but still gives each character his or her own sense of self. This series does that, and because of it I not only can read it, I love it. Another thing I loved, loved, loved was that Mr. Shire didn't force himself to follow the hallowed "romance formula". He broke that formula big time with the party scene. That formula, those rigid rules of what makes a "romance", are what usually keep me far away from books classified as such. It's time the romance genre updated itself and allowed for more flexibility in what characters do, and Shire went for it. I've seen other gay fiction do this, too. It's a shame romance written for m/f is still stuck in the fairy tale mode regarding people's behavior and expectations of love. We all love our own unique way. They romance genre should reflect that.The sex was even more graphic than in the first book, so if there are readers who shy away from too many details, be forewarned. For those of us that feel graphic sex is part of any authentic hot love story, you won't be disappointed.I'm hoping there will be a book 3.