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You were warned.You’ve seen the harm inflicted in Michael Montoure’s SLICES, and you saw the countdown begin in COUNTING FROM TEN. But you’re still not safe. There’s more you need to learn before the damage sets in.Uncover the secret a dead woman’s children will have to deal with in “Upstairs, Locked.” Don’t place your trust in the neighbor who lives in the “Safe House,” tYou were warned.You’ve seen the harm inflicted in Michael Montoure’s SLICES, and you saw the countdown begin in COUNTING FROM TEN. But you’re still not safe. There’s more you need to learn before the damage sets in.Uncover the secret a dead woman’s children will have to deal with in “Upstairs, Locked.” Don’t place your trust in the neighbor who lives in the “Safe House,” the man who lives upstairs in “The Leak,” or in the lovers you meet in “The Devil You Know.”Bring back the dead in “The Lessons Learned and the Damage Done” — but be careful who’s watching. Build the walls that keep the monsters out in “Melt the Bullet, Blunt the Knife” — but don’t get trapped inside.Avoid the obsessions that make people become “Heroes and Villains.” Free yourself from the past that haunts you in “New Year, Old Ghosts,” the past that keeps leading you back to “The Old Apartment.” And if you know how it all ends, find someone who will be with you until very last moment, until “A Sudden Loss of Cabin Pressure.”Ten more unsettling stories to be read in the dark. Read them tonight.Before the damage becomes permanent …...

Title : Permanent Damage
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Permanent Damage Reviews

  • Dex
    2019-05-27 05:36

    Horror and suspense collections are of my favorite reads, the problem that sometimes arises is that most of the time you get an unbalanced set of stories. Though I cannot say every single story of this collection has become of my ever favorites, I can assure you won't regret reading it. I'll try to do a brief review of each story without spoilers.Upstairs LockedI felt this this was a little loose start but it was ok just to warm up the engines. I mean loose because I didn't quite get to care for the characters, but maybe it wasn't montoure's intention either. It was about how secrets can change people's lives and how to deal about them.The Devil You KnowOne of my favorites of the collection. I could picture this one in my mind like those stories where they reveal some scary truth in a blurry memory. The Lessons Learned and the Damage DoneThis one felt, to me, like an 80's horror movie where someone becomes aware of a gift that may not necessarily be a gift at all. The ending was kind of confusing to me but it was good.The LeakI liked the setting of this one. The rusted cheap apartments where you don't really get an idea of where our characters lives in, which feels like some kind of "twilight zone" reality where strange things happen for no reason. This one is the weakest tough, because you can figure out how it ends long before you get to it.Safe HouseThe main character of this story is evil but at some point, no matter how of a monster it is, you feel at least some morbid curiosity about finding out more about him and why he does these things. A weird sympathy for him.Heroes and VillainsA story about obsession and how it can make you do anything to achieve what you want. The ambiguous twist was a nice touch here.New Year, Old GhostsI really liked the whole idea of the story. The idea of people having this special perception. A bittersweet ending that rises the question "how well do you know the people you love?"The Old ApartmentThis may be my favorite story. Not because it has a lot of characters but because you really get to be in the head of this guy. It makes me think of things you thought you would never do until you do them. I really love this piece of speculative fiction because you don't fully get to see the line between reality and fiction. This one sort of reminds me of Thomas Ligotti's work.A Sudden Loss of Cabin PressureI think Montoure loves the idea of odd dating websites and this is another proof, just like in "The Devil You Know". This one made me think of the story "That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French" from Stephen King's "Everything's Eventual" Collection even tough this one had a "happier" ending. Fate will always find its way through, no matter what.Melt the Bullet, Blunt The KnifeI love stories about werewolves. I recently read "The Howling" and it was like an enhanced version of the movie playing in my head. This one talks about a curse too but in a more mafia oriented style. I also like how Montoure adds those tech details to bring it more to the modern era. Cool story.There you have it. A really good collection to get some scares this Halloween. But remember, don't be afraid of Vampires or Wolves; be afraid of the human mind.

  • Timothy Ward
    2019-06-16 00:53

    Permanent Damage is classic Montoure mind bombs. The stories are grounded smoothly enough in the people and settings so that they are easy to get into, but like a Chinese finger trap, getting out is much harder than you’ll expect. Michael has a fantastic gift in matching interesting characters with mind blowing situations, and the result is sure to leave you rattled. Michael has established himself at the top of my Horror authors to read because not only does he surprise me with each story, but he makes it a lot of fun to get lost in his character’s terror.I’d really love not to ruin any of these stories by giving you their premises. Half of the joy I get in reading Michael’s work is the surprise trap I find myself in when his story becomes so interesting that the real world fades away. I don’t want to ruin that surprise, so I’ll try to leave these individual story reviews as ambiguous as possible.“Upstairs, Locked” – With their parents now dead, three siblings return home to the monster locked upstairs. Their mother no longer their to feed it, the oldest accepts responsibility and is shocked by what she sees. The concept in this case isn’t as unique as the other stories, but the characters and setup make it real enough to scare you. 3.5 stars“The Devil You Know” – Michael ramps up the horror in this one with a psychological thriller about a speed dating experience gone way wrong. The initial twist is top notch on this one, so all I’ll say is that sometimes the scariest thing is to know about a monster and no one else believes you. 4 Stars“The Lessons Learned And the Damage Done” – A story about a boy with the gift to bring things back to life opens up to a Fringe-like scenario where the leaders of this gift come hunting for the one guilty of unauthorized resurrection. There is emotional payoff and interesting world-building, but compared to the rest of the stories, this one falls a little short. Still chilling, but in hindsight, this one is overshadowed by some killer stories to come. 3.5 Stars“The Leak” – Another good story that posits the question of what someone would do if blood started leaking into their apartment bathroom from the ceiling. I had a hard time believing he wouldn’t call the police right away, but I’m not the character. Michael shows how this person is a very busy person, and I can relate. I have tons of chores and cleaning that is left undone because I’m worn out doing the day to day jobs. Great illustration of how we let the business of our lives make bad things worse. After a few days of not telling anyone and the problem not taking care of itself, the character is plenty paranoid, and suspects the person he meets in the elevator. He tracks this guy down to see that he lives in the apartment above his. You’ll have to read to find out what happens. 3.5 Stars“Safe House” – Two parents visit the home of a sweet old man and ask him if he’d volunteer to host their neighborhood’s safe house in light of a recent string of child abductions. All signs point to a trustworthy old man, but there is much more to his past that they don’t know, and which makes their choice highly tragic. Even more interesting, is that you kind of like this guy. Will you at the end? 4 Stars“Heroes and Villains” – A very cool story for an anthology on hoarders. An old lady has a treasure trove of comics to sell. Two guys that work at a comic book store are sent to evaluate the goods, and when they realize they could buy the lot and start their own store, they shake hands to become business partners. Dishonesty and atrocities commence, leading back to a house with a wicked history of its own. Nice twists and as usual, great ending. 4 Stars“New Year, Old Ghosts” – This was one of Michael’s stranger stories, keeping me surprised until the end. A girl with a troubled past, chooses a violent and shady future to survive. Along the way, she meets and falls in love with the wrong man. A very mystical and haunting rivalry will ensue. 4.5 Stars“The Old Apartment” – After a long term relationship ended, this character never found another stable place to live. He works all night, sleeps in his car, and makes enough that he can’t quit, but not enough to afford the down payment needed for another apartment. Then he realizes he still has the key to his old apartment and the lure of a shower and a bed becomes to much to pass up. It works the first time, and once he feels he can get away with it, becomes too good to pass up. Add to that, he starts snooping into the girl’s stuff (his ex no longer lives there… or so he thinks). Snooping becomes obsession as he falls for this girl and resents the boyfriend he sees her with on Facebook, going so far as to confront him with a strange girl when he sees him at a late night diner.The story begins: “The first time was an accident. I need you to know that.” I loved how Michael tells this story as though the character is writing a letter to the girl who rents the apartment he’s been stay at, and whom he has fallen for. It’s an addicting method because, on top of a really interesting situation, you can’t wait to find out how it ends and how he’ll deliver the letter. Does he mail it to her? Does he see her in person and hand it to her? Or…Fantastic story. I’d say it was my favorite, but there was an even better one, I think. It may be too close to tell. 5 Stars“A Sudden Loss of Cabin Pressure” – My favorite story. Michael submitted this to a Machine of Death anthology, so, credit to a great concept by Ryan North. The idea of the Machine of Death is that a program accidentally discovered how to flawlessly predict how someone will die based on their genetic makeup. Michael’s story centers around a woman who worked on this project, and whom is predicted to die by “plane crash.” She finds it difficult to be with someone who isn’t going to die the same way because, to her, the love of her life has to be there when she dies, or what’s the point? This question alone was worth price of admission, but there is much more to the tale. She finds someone on a dating website who also has “plane crash” as his method of death. Nice love story with twists, strong tension, and a superb, emotional ending. 5 Stars“Melt the Bullet, Blunt the Knife” – Again, each story is so different from the last, and yet each one blows your mind with Michael’s gift at throwing you into a deep, character focused world. In this one, a Russian mafioso hires a security expert to design a home security system unlike anything the expert’s ever seen–it’s meant to keep someone in, not out. The expert requires mafioso to tell him more, and mafioso shows him a video of Mafioso Jr. inside a room, chanting some ritual before putting on a wolf’s skin and becoming a werewolf. Again, don’t want to spoil anything, but I liked the supernatural element here, along with the maze type adventure. Gripping, open ending that leaves you chilled for minutes to come. 5 StarsI hope you can tell that I really enjoyed reading this book. Please understand that a 3 star to me isn’t indicative of bad writing. All of the stories are written well, there were just some that I liked more than others. Two things going against Michael: some of his main characters are despicable, and if something bad happens to a character I don’t like, I’m not as affected as in stories where I like the main character; and his later stories set the bar high for a 5 star. That said, if you like short stories, and don’t mind being scared, you should definitely pick up this book.Overall Rating: 4.2 Stars

  • Vegetable Princess
    2019-06-22 22:40

    This is an excellently creepy selection of short stories. The characters and settings are very believable, with just the right amount of detail to hang your own imagination on. In several stories, I was still unable to classify the villains, heroes, and victims at the end of the story. As one would expect, some stories will be triggering for some people. It's horror, it's kind of supposed to be triggering.(Full disclosure: I normally loathe short stories because they have insufficient depth. The only other horror I can remember reading was The Telltale Heart. I picked this book up because I went to school with the author. I was having trouble deciding whether this book deserved 5 stars or just 4, because perhaps I am blinded by acquaintanceship or something. Since I am going to buy everything else he has ever written and perhaps explore more of the genre, it seems only fair to award 5 stars.)

  • J Edward Tremlett
    2019-06-26 03:55

    When we last left author Michael Montoure, he’d written a book of horror fiction — Slices — that was, in my opinion, probably the best collection of short, sharp shocks I’ve read since Joe Hill’s 20th Century Ghosts. And I told you that, if you didn’t believe me, you should go read it, and see for yourself.Hopefully, you did. And I say that because, as you’ve hopefully done so, I’m also hoping you’ll join me in reading his newest collection, Permanent Damage. Because if Slices knocked your socks off, this one’s going to blow you out of your shoes, down the street, and through a brick wall into the secret garden beyond.No — really. If you liked Montoure’s gleeful sense of the macabre, and his command of not only how to sell and tell the story, but how to end the tale, then you need to get back on board for this further exploration of his talents. These 10 stories (along with an Introduction and Afterword) will happily wrap themselves around the warm coils of your brain, and lovingly squeeze your neurons to juicy paste.What’s in the box this time? Sinister tales of transgression and transformation, served up with a hearty dollop of dark discovery. We’ve got miraculous magic powers gone sour with use and a gift that may bring answers, but no peace or security. A stubbornly ignored intrusion in daily routine leads to tragedy, as does a strange attempt to reclaim one’s old home. There’s overly friendly killers that you may or may not see coming, a weird attempt to lie about your fate, and family secrets that need sharing with the world whether your relatives like it or not.And you should see what happens when a monster gets a home makeover.As always, Montoure’s ability to convince us as the veracity of his imaginings is superb; there’s no question that these shocking things are happening, as opposed to just some outlandish tale conjured up by a hack trying to ape Clive Barker, or out-King Stephen King. The dialogue is engaging, the horrific reveals perfectly timed, and the endings smack-bam on the nose.If I have one complaint, it’s that while just about all of the offerings are good and scary, I think a few of them are just a little long. Those few could have been a little more effective if they’d been shortened just a jot, though, given how well they work as horror fiction, the overage can — and indeed should — be forgiven, at least by this reviewer. Your mileage may vary, of course.In Slices, Michael Montoure showed us that he was going places. Permanent Damage proves that he’s more or less arrived. If you’re the sort of person who likes fumbling through the surrounding, sudden darkness that threatens to overtake us at any moment with little more than a flickering candle to show you the way, then this book should be placed in your hand as soon as possible.

  • Jade
    2019-06-08 06:46

    Another awesome collection of short stories from Michael Montoure that are gripping, disturbing and ooooooh so very creepy! These are just a couple of my favorites…'The Devil You Know' was AWESOME! It’s as if she’s in a nightmare, knowing something bad is coming, yet helpless to do anything about it because nobody believes her! It gave me that great of shiver down the spine feeling!!‘The Lessons Learned & The Damage Done' Trevor can raise the dead…that’s a good thing…right?? He's such an interesting character, definitely not your average kid. I’d love to learn more about him! 'Safe house' was almost to much for me...the scariest things are the very real things!! This one gave me more of a yucky shiver down my spine!‘The Old Apartment’ You feel bad for the main character, who, explains his actions so sweetly and seemingly rationally that you totally forget, for a bit, that what he’s doing is soooooo incredibly inappropriate!! It’s great!‘A Sudden Loss of Cabin Pressure’ If you knew how you were going to die…who and what would become important to you?And in 'Melt the Bullet, Blunt the Knife' we get a very scary creature indeed! There are several characters throughout that you're really pulling for...and some you are really not!! Either way it really gets you invested in these people’s lives, wanting to know more! I once again loved the behind the scenes, at the end of the book, where Michael Montoure talks a bit about the origin of each gives you that little extra insight into where these creepy tales come from! I can't wait to see what he puts out next!!

  • Sam
    2019-06-11 05:40

    The 10 short stories of horror are so good its hard to pick a favorite. From the first one Upstairs-Locked, about siblings who reunite at their old house after their mother dies. They are there to decide what to do with what their mother kept locked in the attic. In the Leak, a man keeps finding blood dripping from his ceiling in the bathroom. Still haven't figured that one out. There is a story about speed dating that will make you think twice about speed dating. The old Apartment has a man sneaking back into his old apartment that he shared with his ex-girlfriend. All of the stories are excellent and you should really give the book a try. You won't be disappointed. I received this from the author and I recommend it.

  • Aaron
    2019-05-29 00:34

    This is the first of Montoure's work that I've read and I must say, I'm really impressed. The horror that he writes isn't as much straight-out nervewracking as it is subtly disquieting, which I personally prefer because it sticks with you longer. As much as I enjoyed the more supernatural-tinged stories like "New Year, Old Ghosts" and "Safe House" struck a deep chord with their real-world horror, and "The Old Apartment" is king of the castle in that regard. The story is still disturbing me, and I finished it yesterday. An overall excellent collection of work from an excellent writer.

  • Rita Khavich
    2019-06-20 01:27

    I liked Montoure's other two anthologies a little better but there were some really creepy stories in this one too. I love his style of writing, especially the way he leaves us to come up with the rest of the story. I really recommend any and all of Montoure's stories for Halloween themed parties or random late-night get-togethers because some of them really freak you out - I had to control myself when I read on the bus so I didn't scream or make noises of disgust or anything obnoxious like that. I will definitely be reading more of Montoure's work in the future!

  • Joy
    2019-06-26 03:28

    These stories have stayed with me and haunted my thoughts. Montoure is a master of the fine gradations of madness, where what starts out as a rational response to disturbing circumstances slips into out-and-out disturbed. The dilemmas his characters face and the mistakes they make resonate; I'm not sure I would make better choices in their shoes. Even doing the right thing can have terrible consequences. Recommended.

  • Linda
    2019-06-27 00:37

    This book came to me free from Mr. Montoure. I had reviewed SLICES last October and really liked it.Mr. Montoure has written another exceptional book of short stories that may be classified as horror or thriller. I think his stories are more in line with Edgar Allan Poe and O. Henry.Technique, mechanics, grammar, word usage and plots are excellent. Thank you for another good read, Mr. Montoure.

  • Amanda Smith
    2019-06-21 05:54

    This is my review from dated 3/29/2013Title: A lot of great horror storiesI read this book about a month ago and some of the stories are still with me. I found myself reminding and reviewing the stories that I had read. Some of them I wished there was more than just a couple of pages, others, about maybe three, were not as interesting. A great fast and interesting read.

  • Cassie
    2019-06-20 03:53

    I loved the combination of a number of stories. This was a great read on Halloween. The Author has smooth writing, and the stories are complete and do not leave the reader hanging. I hope to read more works by Michael Montoure.

  • Tona
    2019-05-31 01:51

    I should have picked a different day to start reading this. I think the stormy weather made it even scarier. These short stories are perfect for scary quick reads. I enjoyed them but would recommend reading them during the day. I think these will make great campfire reads next summer.

  • Taylor
    2019-05-30 00:26

    Creepy short stories! Quick and easy read. Great for late night insomnia. :D Hahaha.

  • B.P. Crouse
    2019-06-06 02:30

    Each story moved along very well. There were nice twists along the way. And great descriptions that made the subject matter come to life.