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There's a place in every heart for forgiving....SARAHShe came to Deadwood, a rough and tumble western town, with an ambitious dream of starting a newspaper. But her journey had another purpose--to find her sister and mend the family tie that was severed years ago, when Addie left home with a hardened heart--and without an explanation.NOAHThe thought of this headstrong womaThere's a place in every heart for forgiving....SARAHShe came to Deadwood, a rough and tumble western town, with an ambitious dream of starting a newspaper. But her journey had another purpose--to find her sister and mend the family tie that was severed years ago, when Addie left home with a hardened heart--and without an explanation.NOAHThe thought of this headstrong woman turning his town upside down riled Marshal Campbell to no end. But there was something about Sarah that the lawman found irresistible. Inside, he longed to treat her like a lady. But outside, he'd keep up his ornery image--and give her a rocky welcome to town... Two strong-willed souls, Sarah and Noah would discover the timeless beauty of love--when the heart learns to take back the past and start again......

Title : Forgiving
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  • Lover of Romance
    2019-06-01 23:19

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance SummaryDeadwood, is a town that is rough western town, with only a few women to speak of. Sarah has arrived searching for her sister and with plans to start her own newspaper. She is startled by all the attention she gets from the men in town, and not her intention starts a altercation and the local sheriff in town put her in "jail" of sorts. Marshall Noah Campbell has no need for another troublemaker, and this strange and independent woman who seeks trouble wherever she goes. Sarah won't let Noah tell her what she should and shouldn't do. But she is also on a mission to save her sister. Her sister Addie, ran away from home and along the way became a prostitute. Sarah barely recognizes her bitter younger sister who was once full of life. But Addie has some painful memories of the past that drove her away from home. Robert has been in love with Addie for years and has come to Deadwood to fight for her. Soon these two couples will have to build trust and fight to hold onto the love they have found...Plot & Story LineForgiving is a wonderful and poignant romance that I couldn't put down. I read this book many years ago, and I have been looking for it for ages. And when I saw it at Half Price Books, I snatched it up and started reading it right away. And it was just as good as I remembered. Forgiving is a story about two couples where neither of them have a easy road to happy ever after. Our first couple Noah and Sarah. Now at first these two fight like cats and dogs, not wanting to admit the attraction they feel for each other. Once they resolve "certain" differences they have, they start to develop a deeper connection. But right when life seems to be falling into place for Noah and Sarah, a ugly secret from Sarah's past will test them in a very brutal way and their love will be tested. As for our other couple Robert and Addie have a tough battle at the beginning. Addie has a very tough shield that is hard to crack. But Robert refuses to give up on the girl he has never stopped loving. A  woman now, who is hurting and doesn't believe in forgiveness or redemption.This is a powerfully written story, and LaVryle Spencer is a talented writer that writes a compelling story about two couples that are intertwined with each other. This is a story that will battle with your emotions, but has some fun and sweet moments to enjoy. I lovc the good feels this story reveals to the reader.I've come to admire you for dozens of reasons. You're bright, and hardworking, and plucky and you fight for what you believe in. Churches, Schools, Boardwalks, stopping an epidemic of smallpox, even closing the brothels. I know you're going to doubt my honesty once I leave you, but it's true. Even when I was locking you up in the mine, I thought you were one of the spunkiest beings I'd ever met. Spunky and fearless. Since then you've shown me I was right. You changed something between us. The CoverSimple and pretty!!! The Stepback I love even more, such a cozy christmas scene, and I love that it shows the two couples.Overall ViewForgiving is timeless tale of redemption and the true power of love and healing. A TRUE PLEASURE TO INDULGE IN!

  • Jan130
    2019-06-05 03:20

    This was a reread after some years, but I really enjoyed the book again and, surprisingly, it has hardly dated. (First published in 1992). In the last couple of years I've read or reread a few HRs from the '90s and found some of them to be overly melodramatic and/or too chaste and tame. But this book is still fresh and very readable in 2017.Although it's a 'Western' HR, it's not a cowboy type book, and there is very little mention of Native Americans. Instead, this book is set in the frontier goldrush town of Deadwood, South Dakota, and focusses on a small group of characters who have come to this rowdy, very new town for a variety of reasons. Sarah Merritt, daughter of a (deceased) newspaperman, has come with a plan to start the town's first newspaper, and she brings her news press and equipment with her. Sarah is also drawn to the town because her only sister Addie, whom she hasn't seen for about five years, is already living there, as a domestic maid (or so Sarah thinks....)Noah Campbell has recently been appointed as Deadwood's marshall. His parents and brother are farmers in the nearby Spearfish Valley, but Noah isn't drawn to the farming life and has gravitated towards life in town. It's a rowdy and rambunctious place, but Noah seems to be dealing with his job pretty well.There is also a superbly drawn cast of secondary characters, with varied backgrounds, personalities, and physical types, all with their own reasons for living in this raw place (mostly men chasing gold). Spencer does a fantastic job of sympathetically, but realistically portraying her characters and their rough-and-tumble town. You can almost taste what it must have been like there. Sarah and Noah meet right at the start of the book, and instantly there is conflict and aggravation between them due to the awkward circumstances of their first meeting. Things go from bad to worse, and they annoy the heck out of each other. So, the familiar enemies-to-lovers trope. But it's done beautifully. The book has a slow, even pace, and the gradual development of love between Noah and Sarah grows naturally. So, another familiar trope (or style) - the slow-burn. But again, done beautifully.The other major aspect of this book is darker territory - it deals with sexual abuse and prostitution. Because Addie is not a housemaid - she's kept it well hidden from Sarah, but Addie is actually a prostitute in Deadwood. And she never dreamed that her sister would actually come to Deadwood and find out. So, alongside the ups and downs of Sarah and Noah's growing love, there is the story of Addie. The fallen woman. Can she ever leave her past behind? Can the good townspeople forgive and forget her past? Can Addie ever forgive herself? This aspect of the book is handled sensitively and quite movingly. Kudos to Ms. Spencer for dealing so well with this taboo topic, (especially considering the book was published in 1992).There were two scenes in this book that literally made me cry (doesn't happen very often when I'm reading!) Both of them involved Christmas night. (Maybe I'm just a sucker for Christmas!) But some sections of the book touch on deeply felt emotions. You can really imagine what it must have been like to live in such a place in 1876, many of them far from family and loved ones, and missing them deeply.So, if you haven't read any LaVyrle Spencer, and are thinking maybe she's a bit too 'old school', think again. Or, if, like me, you read her books years ago, don't be afraid to jump in for a reread. This is a lovely book.

  • Taylor
    2019-05-30 01:23

    "Forgiving" takes you through about every emotion possible. You go from "aww how sweet" to "why in the heck did he do that", not to forget the "Dang it! I hate this book, yet love it at the same time"!"Forgiving" is about a young, middle-aged woman who has come to a new town, to inform a sister she hasn't seen in years that her father has died. Not only is she excited to see her sister, but she also plans to open up a printing press there as well. Unfortunately, her sister doesn't share her feelings, and infact wants her to leave town immediately. Also, when she tries to establish herself in town with her printing press, the new sheriff makes it a rough start.What is it that has turned her sister so nasty and why is this new shariff so persistent in putting her where he thinks she belongs?

  • Lyuda
    2019-05-21 02:30

    Mixed feeling about this one. The setting is 1876 South Dakota, the mining town of Deadwood. You can tell the author did a lot of research about the historical town and events surrounded it. The reader gets a very good sense of place and time period through many factoids sprinkled throughout the story. The sprinkle was more like pouring in some places and was dragging the story a bit. There were two love stories in the book. The first one future a strong and independent business woman Sarah who came to Deadwood to find her sister and to start a printing business and the non-nonsense town’s sheriff. The two of them met in less than ideal circumstances, disliked each other right away but reluctantly came to respect and love each other. The second love story was about Sarah’s younger sister Addie who worked as the “upstairs girl” aka prostitute and the man who saved her. The second story was very dark, disturbing and realistic but resolution seemed to happen too fast and too good to be true. There was also strange omission about the sisters’ mother who left them when they were very young and ran away with her lover. There was no further mentioning about this traumatic event except in a passing sentence. Overall –a good story from a master storyteller but one-time read for me.

  • Virginia Hill
    2019-06-04 02:37

    I first read Forgiving twenty-five years ago and am glad I was in the mood to reread it at this time. LaVyrle Spencer wrote deeply moving stories, of which this was an excellent example. Lovely! ❤️

  • Pat
    2019-06-11 23:09

    LaVyrle Spencer is one of my favorite authors just for the reason of the topic that she picks....Love stories of people who you would not think were suited for each other. This one is a western taking place in Deadwood during the gold strike. The two main characters are the Marshall of the town and a woman who comes to town to start a newspaper and clean up the town in her own way. You know I am a sucker for a good western....others reading it might not give it a 4 star rating.

  • Jan
    2019-06-09 22:17

    I loved this book so much I could almost cry over it....wonderful dialogue, plot, background....another classic from Ms. Spencer.If only every book at Barnes and Nobles was as captivating as this one....

  • TJ
    2019-06-06 21:34

    I have not found a LaVyrle Spencer book, yet that is not beautifully written, she just has a gift. The story in "Forgiving", however, is a little slow-going. Wonderful, interesting characters, just not too much going on for the better part of the book.

  • Adriana Parrinello
    2019-05-21 23:19

    LaVyrle Spencer did it again! Kept me flipping the pages to the very end to see how the main characters make their way back to one another. Awesome novel. Loved the setting, the details, felt like I was there. She is a talented woman!

  • Linda Inman
    2019-05-30 03:22

    Great book Ms. Spencer was unique as a romance writer. She used controversial subjects for her romances. Her books are always enjoyable as well as thought provoking.

  • PLauder
    2019-06-17 22:31

    Esta lectura es especial porque el libro me lo ha dejado una amiga. Lo vi en sus estanterías y como me encanta LaVyrle Spencer me lo prestó. Además, transcurre en el Oeste, que para mí eso siempre es un punto positivo.Sarah es una mujer fuerte, decidida, con una misión. Y va a necesitar todas estas características para enfrentarse a su nueva vida. Llega a una población emergente al Oeste de los EEUU en la época de la búsqueda del oro. Allí se encontrará con varias dificultades. La primera, descubrir que su hermana Addie no lleva la vida que ella pensaba. Después, no va a ser tan fácil empezar su negocio, publicar un periódico con la imprenta heredada del padre. Y por último, todos los quebraderos de cabeza que se van a provocar mutuamente Noah y ella...Noah es el marshall de la población, que disfrutaba de toda la calma que se puede tener en un pueblo en el que domina la fiebre del oro. Se encuentra en Sarah una chica normalucha que le llama la atención porque no tiene miedo a enfrentarse a él. La atracción va surgiendo entre pelea y pelea, disparos y pasos por la cárcel, pero el pasado siempre sobrevuela su relación y tendrán que enfrentarse a diversos obstáculos.Después de este miniresumen sin destripar los secretos de la novela, para poneros en situación, paso a comentar lo que me ha parecido la novela.El título es perfecto, ya que para que Noah, Addie y Sarah puedan ser felices necesitan perdonarse. Y no solo entre ellos; lo más difícil va a ser conceder el perdón a ellos mismos por cosas que ocurrieron en el pasado y no pueden cambiarse. La novela está perfectamente montada y nos va descubriendo los oscuros secretos de la infancia de las dos hermanas que las ha marcado para siempre, pero que tienen que superar si quieren dar una oportunidad al amor. Y aquí volvemos a tener dos tipos de amor. Por un lado, el romántico que encuentran con sus parejas, pero que no serán capaces de disfrutar hasta que se quieran a ellas mismas. Por otro lado, tienen que recuperar el amor fraternal que perdieron cuando crecieron y fueron dejando atrás la inocencia de la infancia.Una seña de identidad de las novelas de LaVyrle es tratar asuntos espinosos y a veces incluso tabús en las novelas románticas. Lo hace controlando perfectamente los tiempos, que quizás acostumbradas a algunas novelas actuales parezca demasiado lento. La verdad, es un guiso perfecto que se toma su tiempo y al que va añadiendo nuevos ingredientes en el momento preciso.En conjunto, novela perfectamente construida, que te transporta a la época y te hace no querer parar de leer. Personajes fuertes, bien definidos y con muchos matices, que van enseñando cada una de sus facetas según se tienen que enfrentar a los diferentes giros de la trama.Una pena que LaVyrle Spencer no escribiera más novelas y que las que escribió, aún no las tengamos todas traducidas. De los más flojos que he leído de esta autora, pero como siempre ha sido un placer.Mi nota, un 6.5

  • Christine
    2019-05-24 20:36

    I thought I had never read a book by this author before, but as I was catalog browsing the synopsis for this book caught my attention. It sounded so familiar. It didn't take me many pages of reading to realize I had read it at 16 or 17. My memories of it were surprisingly accurate after all these years. They were sweet and fond memories. That's largely what earned it 4 stars. There aren't many books I can say that about.Rereading it as an adult, however, made it clear that my tastes and expectations have changed. There were many things to admire about this book, but the plot was painfully slow at times and the romantic tension a little hard to swallow. I really didn't buy into the forces keeping these two apart, nor the reasons for Sarah's prudishness. Sarah comes to this boomtown in South Dakota in search of her sister. Their father has died and she comes with the news and his inheritance, but her sister -- working as a prostitute -- wants nothing from the man. It comes out that Addie was molested by her father and that's why she ran away at 16 and turned to prostitution.That was the most powerful part of the story -- the most dramatic part and the part I remembered. But in the end I was actually more into Addie's story than Sarah's, and I didn't buy into either Addie's 180 turnaround in a matter of months nor Sarah's rejection of Noah because of something her father had done to her sister. Especially not after many boring months of false tension in which the two pined away for one another and I was ready to throw the book across the room.This was sweet and touching and memorable, but the primary romance failed for me. That wasn't the part I remembered and it's clear why. :)

  • Peggy N
    2019-06-18 22:23

    An interesting book set in the Gold Rush days of the late 1800's. The story is about a woman who goes west to find her sister who left homeover a decade before to let her know that their father had died. When Sarah arrives in the Dakota Territory in 1876, she finds that her sister Addie, now known as Eve, is a prostitute at one of the brothels in the "badlands" near the end of town. One of the first persons she comes in contact with is Noah Campbell, the newly elected town marshal. The quickly become less than friends as he has her locked in a makeshift jail because she does not have a license for the printing press she is running to establish the town's first newspaper. There are very few womaen in Deadwood who are not prostitutes, and one who is as fiercely independent as Sarah is something of a novelty, and alsdo very challenging to the marshal. The story evolves and the relationship between she and the marshal softens, and they even become friends. A secret is shared by her sister's fiance which changes all that Sarah has known about people and life. It makes her doubt her feelings for Noah who by now her betrothed. It was interesting to see the story unfold, and in places the way the story line changed was indeed very surprising.

  • Lori Schiele
    2019-05-21 00:08

    Stuck in the hospital without anything to read, I happened to find "Forgiving" in a stack of to-borrow books. It was missing the hardback cover so I truly had no idea what the plot was or what to expect. I'm still not sure if that was a good thing or not.Based around the year 1876 in the Dakota Territory during the gold rush, the story follows a woman who travels to this "back woods" area to start the first newspaper of the Territory. She is met with a mixture of defiance and celebration, as well as a great deal of "male interest" since there was an estimated dozen women for every 100 men at that time.Essentially a romance/drama, it was a fast read and it did the job of keeping me entertained while in the hospital, but, truth be told--if I hadn't been in the hospital or had had another option, I seriously doubt I would have finished the book. It wasn't necessarily bad: the plot was fine, the writing was fine, the character development was fine... it really just wasn't my type of book. For those that do enjoy "Wild West Romances", perhaps this one is for you.

  • Eva Manayon
    2019-05-29 22:23

    Love, betrayal, lust, challenges, and forgiveness, this book is on the high note. It was already 4am of Oct 11 when I finished it. I’m down with the last two chapters, I’m feeling groggy and sleepy but I can’t put it down, I want to finish it, read each word, and embrace the emotions of each and every character. This book gives me more reason to give respect to myself when it comes to entering a relationship. It discusses how pride can suffocate us. How selfishness and dirty mind of people around us can ruin our self respect. How forgiveness and an open heart can change all the negativity in the world. How a smile can brighten the day of our neighbor. This book belong to old world because of its classic setting but has to be discussed in this modern era, to help those judgmental people become open minded, to encourage love and cooperation in the community, to be reminded that religion won’t make a person holy, but the faith and sacredness of his heart…This is an awesome book. :)

  • Virginia Markhart
    2019-06-01 02:36

    I bought this book at the Goodwill store in Redding. I had just finished two by the same author and wanted to try another. This one was totally different from the other two. It started out very bland and stayed that way until practically the middle then got very interesting.Tis book tells the story of a woman who travels to the Dakota Territory in 1877 searching for her siser who ran away from home several years earlier. The sister is now a prostitute in the local brothel. Devasted by the news the older sister decides to stay in town and publish a newspaper. The local marshall falls for her. The younger sister's long lost boyfriend comes to town and they both rescue the fallen sister from the brothel.It all works out in the end, but just as with the last could very easily be ended a good twenty pages before it actually did. I had to fight myself to finish it, I had grown bored with the same words over and over.

  • Victor
    2019-05-27 21:18

    Ok, so I have been locked into the 21st century of romance writers and decided what the heck. Let's see what these Hall of Fame writers of the 80's and 90's were about. LaVyrle can write and the accurancy of this historical fiction was brought to mind in a most vivd way.You will like/love the novel as two heartwarming stories both of love and angst wind there way through the book. The descriptions of what life in Deadwood was like in those days make me glad I wasn't there.The romance in this book is left to your imagination and it works well.Basically since we live for now and what comes out as good writingI suggest going back in time and enjoy what our mums or grandmums did.Trust me I was surprised myself.

  • Sue
    2019-06-06 00:31

    More like a 3.75, it was good and definitely well fleshed out. But the angst at least from my perspective was way overboard on how it impacted the lead character. She was a strong woman yet she let something that she had no part in control her behavior. She was logical, brilliant, spunky and caring yet when faced with a personal disaster she let it cower her. Not exactly a vehicle I enjoy for the most part. But LS definitely saves it by the added drama of town life in Deadwood, yes that Deadwood and the lead's sister and her problems. Which by the way she seemed to sail through fine. Wrong woman got hung up in my opinion which knocked this out of a solid 4 star and above rating.

  • sli_reads0321
    2019-06-15 23:10

    This book was one of my very first HR reads and I can tell you truthfully that this was one of the few that had made me laughed out loudly, in awe and almost-cry!!!Sarah is my favorite heroine - spunky, confident, maybe a little trouble-finder but knows her place, does not back down and stucks to what she believed in.Now Noah, he may not be my most favorite but one my fave still. Funny, a gentleman, and sweet sweet sweet! I loved his kind of love that no matter what, he goes for it even if he was denying it but eventually, he did do something even at the point of almost losing Sarah. Love this book even upto now!!!

  • Sara Pauff
    2019-05-25 23:26

    A tender-hearted historical romance with two really great female protagonists. I was especially fond of Sarah Merritt, the gutsy editor who travels to Deadwood to start a newspaper and reconnect with her wayward sister. I loved how she values her independence while also struggling with loneliness. You can tell Spencer did her research into frontier living, though sometimes she has a tendency to dump all her facts in one paragraph. If you like historicals and are looking for a happy ending, I'd definitely recommend this book.

  • TeresaFL
    2019-06-05 03:30

    Found this in a bag of books at my aunts and picked it up to read when I ran out of what I'd taken with me on vacation. I enjoyed the story of the people and the town of Deadwood. The theme of forgiveness seems to be in several of the books I've been reading lately and was very much a part of this one. All of the main characters came to realize that without forgiving others, and themselves, it is impossible not only to love but to be loved. An easy read.

  • Liz Flaherty
    2019-06-15 23:30

    I just read this book for probably the fifth time. Although I love all of Spencer's books, this is probably my favorite. The theme of forgiving is there and prevalent, and I admit that is also a favorite of mine. But Spencer is a characterization wizard and she was at her best in this. Not the least of the characters was the town of Deadwood itself. There were, I've read, historical inaccuracies; I don't care. It was a touching, beautiful read. I have never thanked her for it, so now I am.

  • Rebecca Dean
    2019-05-24 03:24

    Love, love, love the way Spencer writes.I read this book in 1991 when it first came out and kept it. LaVryle is one of my favs.Such interesting characters and her character development is truly her strong suit.A fun story of strong personalities meeting. The printing press info was very interesting. The sisters dynamic, the marshall, the townspeople, it all was so well done. I am sure I will read it again.

  • Joy
    2019-05-30 21:20

    long, long, long book....the hero and heroine have a great chemistry but nothing romantic/sexual happens until the last 3 pages of the book...such a long build up for such a small would be worth the long long long story if the sex was awesome, which i can say was description, no hot and bothered, no panting and screaming...barely a low simmer..dissapointing for the characters of the book.

  • Emily
    2019-05-20 23:12

    I almost put this book down with the intention of returning it to the library unfinished; however, I'm glad I gave it a second chance. The main character really rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning of the book, but grew on me about a quarter of the way through the book. All of the characters were well written and the story line never grew dull throughout the book.

  • Leah
    2019-06-13 03:11

    4.5 stars. I would have given 5 but the last 50 pages just seemed to drag on. I read "Hummingbird" years ago and loved it, so I don't know why I've waited so long to read more by this author. It is set in Deadwood, SD in 1876 during the gold rush. I really enjoyed reading about the town as it was just starting up and growing.

  • Joyce Retherford
    2019-05-25 21:07

    I have always enjoyed stories about the old West. This one was a peep inside the real world from back then. I can't say I would have enjoyed living back then but if I did I wouldn't have known any better would I. The main characters are so real and I really like the relationships. Some things never change.

  • Cindy
    2019-05-24 03:10

    Was a tear jerker for me at times. I recently finished reading this. Started out comical at first but towards the middle took on a more seriousness. A love story. The characters had some real hurdles to leap.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-26 20:09

    Another perfect novel by LaVyrle Spencer. What else can I say? I'm going to miss reading about Sarah and Noah, Addie and Robert, the town of Deadwood and all the folks that live there. Why does a good book ever have to end?

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-03 21:24

    I like Spencer's novels, but I found this was to be disappointing. Sometimes her novels are old-fashioned and they can be a bit hokey, but this one just felt like it was full characters and plot to make it longer. Noah's family completely disappears -- why is that?