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The creators of You Are My I Love You pen an ode to students and their teachers, just in time for back to schoolNo one captures the essence of our most cherished relationships quite like Maryann Cusimano Love and Satomi Ichikawa. Whether parent and child or grandparent and grandchild, Maryann's tender, playful text and Satomi's childlike, colorful illustrations are nothingThe creators of You Are My I Love You pen an ode to students and their teachers, just in time for back to schoolNo one captures the essence of our most cherished relationships quite like Maryann Cusimano Love and Satomi Ichikawa. Whether parent and child or grandparent and grandchild, Maryann's tender, playful text and Satomi's childlike, colorful illustrations are nothing less than odes to these universal bonds.Now the two shine their spotlight on students and teachers, enriching each other through storytelling, art, music, and of course, guidance. Perfect and reassuring for the youngest of students, You Are My Wonders is sure to be a hit at story time at home or in the classroom....

Title : You Are My Wonders
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ISBN : 9780399252938
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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You Are My Wonders Reviews

  • Linda Lipko
    2019-05-13 08:50

    Illustrations resonate when I see the images and feel happy and silently think ah, so beautiful. This is an incredibly wonderfully illustrated book which examines the important reciprocal relationship between teacher and child.Each two page spread of photos has lilting rhyme which states what a teacher brings to the child, and in return what she receives from them."I am your bell; you are my ring." "I am your notes; you are my sing.""I am your tall; you are my grow. I am your tell; you are my show.""I am your serious; you are my silly face."This is a special book and I'll surely look for more of the author's writing and the illustrators art.FIVE STARS for both the story and the accompanying illustrations. ( )

  • The Library Lady
    2019-05-17 09:39

    Two stars for the cute pictures. Zero for the icky-sweet prose. "I am the blackboard. You are my clean eraser"?Cringe.............

  • Deanne Hyde boilesen
    2019-04-26 07:37

    Opening move? What do you think my job is here at school? What is your job here at school? Teachers have a certain ideas we want you to learn, but you can make learning fun. In this book, let’s look at how the students are helping the teacher with all the other kids to learn. Look for how everyone has a job and maybe some funny faces. Are you a helper too? Some students in our book can do jobs easier than others, but everyone tries. All of these kids work together as a class. Does your class work together?Opening move Reflection: Raise questions in the readers’ minds and draw attention to details in the text’s setting.Text to self: Some students do not realize that teaching is a job and being a student is a job. Even older students do not always realize this. Having students realize that they need to work together to get the lesson, have the lesson move forward, and have students find common ground with cultural, behavioral, and economic differences takes patience from all participants. We all need a breath of calm sometimes. This elephant teacher embraces all her students with that sweet kindergarden kindness to shape and mold them into good students. Why read to older kids, because maybe they forgot the magic of school that they had once upon a time. A time before tests, before reviews to tests, and before then happiness of stories is gone.Bloom’s Revised1. How does the teacher greet the students?2. What does she mean when she says, “I am you blank paper; you are my work of art.”? 3. How can you help a teacher like her students help her? Is there something you can do?4. What jobs did the teacher have for her students? Does you teacher have those jobs too?5. What might be a job you could help a friend do?6. Help create a job chart or help your teacher fill hers out. Sometimes they need a little, gentle reminder to do chores too.Reviews: Kramer, Paula. (18, Aug 2012). 'You Are MY Wonders' by Maryann Cusimano Love a touching paean to teachers and students. examiner needs to make sure you work with this book to not be too much for younger readers. Keeping in hand the questions and timing from student responses.

  • Pamela Kramer
    2019-05-01 06:52

    "You Are My Wonders" by Maryann Cusimano Love and illustrated by Satomi Ichikawa is a picture book for children of all ages about the relationship -- the bond -- between a teacher and his or her students.In the story, the teacher is a (stuffed) elephant and the students are all stuffed animals. The story is told about all the activities that the students do in the classroom with the teacher, and every page touchingly and artistically uses metaphor to describe the bond between child and adult.The book starts at the beginning of the day and ends with the children (or stuffed animals) waving goodbye to their (stuffed animal) elephant teacher.On each page (or two facing pages ) are rhyming couplets. For example, "I am your bell; you are my ring. I am your notes; you are my sing." The illustrations accompanying the words are colorful, with a minimal white background.Although the pictures seem intended for younger readers, the actual text would be well used by teachers in intermediate grades for teaching metaphor. The entire book is actually a series of wonderful examples of the playful and imaginative use of figurative language.Read the whole review at:

  • Karissa Fankhauser
    2019-05-05 01:27

    This book written in rhyming verse is a beautiful depiction of a teacher's relationship with her students. The pages of this story are filled with a very lovable teacher elephant who shares with her stuffed animal-like students what she is to them, followed by what they are to her. Some of the phrases will make total sense to students, such as "I am your serious; you are my silly face," while other phrases will not. It is full of symbolism that I'm not sure young children will be able to connect with. That being said, it would be a touching book to share with a new group of students at the beginning of the school year. While beautifully written and illustrated, You Are My Wonders probably falls in the same category as Love You Forever, by Robert Munsch. Adults will appreciate it so much more than children.

  • Meg McGregor
    2019-05-08 02:25

    What an absolutely lovely book! The relationship between a teacher and her students is so inspirational!A teacher shapes a child in so many ways but the child shapes the teacher too!Being a teacher for 28 years and now a full time nanny, this book brought tears to my eyes!

  • Beth
    2019-05-21 06:23

    Oh boy, the verses are too sweet and at time awkwardly make no sense. And while I love Satomi Ichikawa's other books, his art does not work for this. Why is the Elephant the only real animal and all the students stuffed toys? It's a bit creepy (button eyes...thinking of Gaiman's Coraline...)

  • Alice
    2019-05-22 08:40

    Pictures are really adorable!! The premise is nice but it is so sappy and sweet I think I got a cavity! The prose are sappy with a nice cadence until you add another syllable in "I am you duck, duck goose, you are my chase" When the rest of the rhymes are "I am your calm you are my thunder"

  • Nashiea Edmiston
    2019-05-22 02:36

    A completely charming book that would make an excellent read aloud in the first few days of school to reinforce the important role of the teacher and the role of the students. The book uses rhyme and comforting illustrations that will surely be a favorite read in your classroom.

  • Maurna
    2019-05-05 01:35

    Perfect new book for the first day of school!

  • Lara
    2019-05-16 09:51

    Meh... The illustrations are cute, but the story itself? I felt like 99% of it didn't even make sense. At all. Not a fan.

  • Abby Ueding
    2019-04-30 04:26

    I loved this book for something to read to the students on the first day of school or even possibly the last day of school. It is about how important students and teachers are to each other.

  • David
    2019-05-16 07:49

    Cute! Should be on the list of every primary school teacher (American influence notwithstanding). Or it would make a great presence for your child's favourite prep teacher! :-)

  • Emily
    2019-04-25 04:38

    ECE/Kinder at the oldest.

  • Amy Stenlund
    2019-05-11 03:37

    perfect for all teachers, but especially the ones who don't have children of their own. It really describes the teacher and student relationship.

  • Janet
    2019-04-30 05:53

    In the same pattern as her previous books, this time focusing on the preschool/kindergarten experience and the experience is captured very well. These titles always delightful.

  • Jenn
    2019-05-14 06:36

    I'm a sucker for teacher stories. (This also feels like a picture book version of Taylor Mali's poem "Miracle Workers").

  • Michelle Nero
    2019-05-02 09:52

    I thought some of the lines were sweet. Some just didn't make sense. I think I'm stilling wondering about this one . . .

  • Edward Sullivan
    2019-05-11 01:31

    Adorable stuffed animals go to school in another "You Are My" story.