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Spencer Colt must return to his last year of Colt Academy—the academic institute for gladiators. The school and arena are run by his father, a wealthy businessman too occupied to remember his son's 19th birthday. Spencer couldn't care less. He's a sarcastic jerk that wants to finish his final year without another person mentioning his destiny, to reunite America.On his firSpencer Colt must return to his last year of Colt Academy—the academic institute for gladiators. The school and arena are run by his father, a wealthy businessman too occupied to remember his son's 19th birthday. Spencer couldn't care less. He's a sarcastic jerk that wants to finish his final year without another person mentioning his destiny, to reunite America.On his first day back, his family's helicopter plunges nose first into the battlefield. As bloodied and limp bodies are dragged across the stadium, a mysterious boy named Kode emerges.Spencer hardly has time to show concern for his recovering family members when he and his beautiful nemesis, Michelle Miyamoto, are attacked by a naked and manic Kode. Michelle promises to train with Spencer after they discover the lunatic's intentions, but she has trouble of her own. She must keep the practice a secret for her friendship to survive.In this world, humans are born with tattoos known as barcodes. The data contains mythological powers that make arena fights very entertaining. Yet, Spencer's codes are different. They seem to draw him into a comforting darkness. It's in this hell that he learns the truth about his corrupt family and how he murdered his mother....

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  • Kat (Kindred Dreamheart)
    2019-06-29 07:25

    ......................I was shocked mute for a moment there.The verdict is still out on this novel; and I have a feeling I will be revising this review repeatedly. I mean that in a good way…I’m torn between Epic, 5, and 4.5 hearts! After an interview with the author, I was thrilled to hear he was an Anime fan and drew inspiration from a popular show when writing this novel. My household watches Anime religiously via Anime Network, Adult Swim and online. No, I take that back.... there are certain shows we watch. Any who, I expected to see some paying homage to Bleach. I definitely saw a little of InuYasha similarities in the initial portrayal of Michelle and Spencer’s relationship. One thing that was definitely original was the Greek Mythology intertwined with futuristic technology. My husband believes the author should transfer this into a graphic novel. I have to agree…I would love to reread this in comic form!I’m so temped to go on my usual tangent of rambling, but I’m afraid I may say too much, so I’m trying terribly hard to restrain myself.Whatever you do, don’t read the synopsis and take it at face value. Whoever wrote that needs a serious beat down. This story was so much more then that….OMG! I am so swoon emotional right now when I think of my dear Spencer….*clearing my throat*What that hell am I saying. Spencer was very sarcastic and kind of a why did I still find him charming? Excellent writing skills I guess! This story has a way of drawing you in and wooing the reader into submission.There was romance in this story, if you want to call it that. More like some high school guys wet dream, that will never come to fruitation. Yes! I’m a hater! I know! But I found it so hard to believe Spencer was getting the lady’s with his less then charming personality in spite of some chemical reaction. I hated him…I loved him..and it went back and forth like that throughout my reading this. There was one mysterious character however that I never liked…then it’s like he’s thrown at you like he’s Luke ?!?!?! I don’t think so Dark Vader!I’m sure I’ve terribly confused you by now, but give me time to sort through my emotions and I’ll get back on track.Umm, the gladiator style fight scenes in this book were off the chain. Seriously, the battles were epic. I could visually imagine each play by play. I found myself having many excited spasms startling people on the train. (Good thing I have no qualms about looking like a crazy person…lol…JK!) Oh and there was drama as well. With the way this book ended, I may result to stalking to be the first to see the next installment. I recommend this book to Anime Fans, science fiction and action lovers.

  • Masquerade Crew
    2019-07-05 12:10

    BEC'S REVIEWFrom the start of this book I felt like I was missing some important information and struggling to catch up, a feeling that continued the whole book. There was little background information about the Barcodes or how they worked or even why the Gods powers were channelled in this way, rather the story seemed to expect you to know all this and while some bits were later explained these explanations were not enough to make up for the lost feeling that continued throughout the book. A few paragraphs in the introductory chapter would have been enough to stop me from feeling like I was playing catch up. However even if the necessary background information about this future version of our world had been included there would still have been times when I felt as if I was missing something important. The book was fast paced and while I enjoyed reading it and always wanted to know what would happen yet, and while it captured my interest I kept feeling like I was missing something important. Sometimes there would be words or events referred to that would cause me to wonder if I missed a scene. Quite a few of the action scenes had me confused as to what exactly was happening, making me wish there was a film of this book simply so that I could visually see what the words seemed to struggle to adequately portray to me. Then of course there is the controversial switch between perspectives later on. Without spoiling the story I will simply say that it starts in the first person from one character, who you grow quite attached to and then at the end switches to the first person perspective of another, a move which is quite shocking and took some time to adjust to. However despite all these problems I did enjoy Barcode, The Legend of Apollo. While I constantly felt like there was some information I was missing, this didn’t stop me from devouring page after page and wanting to find out what would happen next. The story draws you in in a way that makes you want to keep reading despite the confusion. Overall this is a good read if you don’t mind a little confusion. Should it find a way to provide the necessary background information about the Barcodes, and to remove the feeling of missing information from the rest of the book then one day this book may even be worthy of 5 stars. For now I can only give it 4.

  • Lord Nouda
    2019-06-29 12:14

    3 Stars. Disclaimer: I received a free copy from the author to read. It has had minimal impact on my feelings for it, but yes, I am somewhat emotionally influenced by that fact. Full disclosure here. Stop reading now if you have problems with that.First of all, I'm going to say that this story had a great concept and was unique, at least in my book. The first issue I had with the book was the numerous errors that I found (without actually looking for them) in the first 15% of the book. The first one is surprisingly on the first page itself, in the warning.WARNING: This book contains sarcasm that may offend people, a charater driven story. Or the one on page 38: "You were always sharing your senses with me and othes". This is a problem that certain indie published ebooks have in common. It's probably not just limited to this book alone but I was 100% honestly not searching for errors. I just happened to come across it like a guy tripping over an obstacle in the dark. Once that happened, I obviously became more sensitive and aware of further errors, which I've highlighted and emailed to the author for correction upon his request.Now, let's proceed to my critique of the story itself. I had a lot problems with the way the story was written especially the first 30% of the book, which frankly was so confusing at times that I went back a few pages to try to understand what was happening and wondering if I had missed a scene. The most prominent example is the one where Kode breaks his "cement healing pack" and wanders around the hospital, spooking a nurse and then Spencer and Michelle finally find him showering...and that's it. The Chapter ends there. See what I mean by confusing as hell?I was on Kashif's blog yesterday checking up on his release date and Smashwords availability of his second book when I noticed a 'event timeline' of his first work, Barcode: Legend of Apollo. I noticed that he previously had problems with the whole reader comprehension bit of the book. He even mentioned being extremely frustrated with it after asking his editor to give her honest opinion regarding the shortcomings of the book. Frankly, I think he managed to fix it somewhat with the subsequent edits but the problem is still there. It may have been reduced but I had a hell of a hard time wrapping my head around it. It's not a big part of the book, it's just random scenes every once in a while like my last example that make you go; "WTF".Another minor issue I have is the lack of emotion/responsibility. Spencer found that Kode is messing around with the school and possibly endangering everyone's life but what does he do? He wants to handle it personally. While it may fit in with his tough guy personality, I find it baffling that with another incident (where hundreds of people were secretly massacred in the city) he also didn't feel the need to...I dunno, REPORT IT TO ANYONE. I mean that's the typical response of most everyone, to tell someone about it so they can handle the problem. But no, he acts like it's all normal. Again, the character driven not plot line comes to mind. The fact that Spencer is an arrogant prick could be the reason behind it.Oh, the dialogue could also use a bit of work. The immature brat, pest...etc etc, constant name calling between Spencer and Michelle at the very beginning nearly put me off the book. I found it to be extremely annoying to read especially when 19 year olds are doing it to each other. It got to the point where I found it to be forced rather than coming off as natural. On the other hand the cute way Michelle used Spencer as her personal body carrier by climbing onto his back and him walking around with her still attached was one of my favorite parts of the book. Now for the good bits. Despite all the shortcomings I still liked reading the book. It gets a lot better after the first third of the book. You can definitely tell that Kashif had managed to get over the initial slump that new authors seem to have when starting their books (oh and did I mention that this is his first published work?), he manages to work out the kinks and writes a pretty smooth story that was enjoyable to read and had plenty of action. I've always loved fantasy reads involving a new mashup of ancient mythology with modern or futuristic elements (The Percy Jackson Effect <3). This book has both. Powerful new tech and abilities powered by Barcodes (tattoos) connected directly to the source (aka God Power). The Gladiators are super-humans who are linked to the Gods and can harness part of their power, but like in Real Life, not everyone has the same level of ability. There are those God-level people who can channel most of their deity's powers and under them you have the Demigods and then you have the Apes (derogatory term for human gladiators with minimal barcodes) at the bottom of the pyramid.The ending was....woah. Emotional overload and potentially spoiler worthy so I can't elaborate much, but it is shocking. I definitely did not expect that to happen.I understand that this book is a character driven but you can't neglect the plot. If possible you need both to make it an AWESOME and therefore marketable read. If it's really great, then word of mouth will help spread your books. It's especially important for indie authors to get exposure. Word of mouth has been and will probably always will be one of the best ways to get marketed. The first third of the book, while kind of rough around the edges, still didn't take away from the fact that this is a decently good read. You'll enjoy Barcode: Legend of Apollo if you like YA action-oriented reads. I'll be buying the Cavern of Youth later this month.

  • Arlena
    2019-06-26 10:29

    Author: Kashif RossPublished By: K.R.Age Recommend: Adult(Language)Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRaven Rating: 4Blog Review For: GMTAReview:"Barcode: The Legend of Appollo" by Kashif Ross was a really thrilling read especially if you like Gods, demigods and mortals. These 'Barcodes' have been established to stop the war and to regulate the population...thus giving these gladiators a much stronger power. This story is set in the future from California. You must be ready for this read (I wasn't) because it is very violent and gory(bloody) novel.... A lots of fighting (Demigods fighting gods). I guess I should have picked that up from the book cover.Now, after saying all that I did find the novel grabbing in how the the author was able to keep my attention of just what was going on at that time. I found myself wanting to keep reading. There are many twist and turns but if you are able to stick with it you will find it a pretty good read. "Barcode" will keep you on the edge of your seat due to the fact that there was so much going on.Now for the characters....I find them really different in that each had their own story that seemed to be twisted and frustrating. To name some of the characters.... and there are many.....Michelle, Spence, Moreno, Vincent, Angie, Kode, Selena, Payne, Arnold, Hannah, Dennis, Monte, Hayley, Blake, Patrick, Professor Gonzales, Arnold, Kwan, Talib, Arnold, Pastor Gordon, Eli, Casey, Eve, Helios and the list still goes on. The author did well with all these characters.... how he was able to use some many of them was really something! I don't want to give anything away so you will have to read "Barcode" for yourself. However, a few characters I will say really made the novel very interesting... there is Spencer who is not a nice person at times ... I am still not sure just how I felt about him. Then there is Kode(dreadlocks) who wears the Tartarus mask... for he could hold your attention because you never knew what he was going to do next....and later he kills.... Michelle was a demigoddess ... a no none sense person...well enough said ... and then their was Hannah... who was a full goddess...All I will say is that she can work your nerves. ...... Was there love between Spencer, Michelle and Hannah? I will just say it gets very interesting at this point. Weren't Michelle and Hannah friends? "Barcode" is full of imagination with lots of details and explanations ...with the gladiator fights that made it seem that you were actually there. I don't think you will find one plot because there seens to be several of them.I believe the author did a splendid job with "Barcode"..and what about that ending? You will have to simply pick up this thrilling read to find out just how this novel ends. WoW! I would definitely recommend this book if you are in for a fantastic read. Read more: http://www.greatmindsthinkaloud.probo...

  • Lea
    2019-07-03 06:29

    What did i just readI have never been slapped in the face so many times by the beginning of a book.The writing is just plain bad. Everything was stated so obviously and awkwardly i just. No.The concept is good but was used the wrong way and needed to be developed more. It was very complicated and everything was explained so plainly. Information should have been worked into the plot insted of full out handed over when something was mentioned. A lot of peices just didnt fit in or felt like they had been made up as the book was writen because maybe everything was just not complicated enough. In a lot of places it felt like things that should have just Been there needed to be justified. The main-dude-whos-name-i-already-forgot's personality changed so often that at times it seemed like he was a compleatly different person,one constant thing about his was how much if an asshole he was. I quit at chapter 10 with the Writer and the compleat trust in the message on a computer screen that had the dude just sitting there for a while before going to save his friends and the creatures which were compleatly unmentioned in the previous 9 chapters. At least as far as i could tell between winces. The exact phrase i gave up on was “these two have found their way downstairs on Kode’s first day of school. What a coincidence.” Doesnt everybody start school on the same day? What? No one noticed the rivers of blood in the road before the 2 of them and the police? The words "i sensed" were used to often to be ok. The extreamy awkward conversations with people are just WHAT? The tats and the part were zeus destroyed a bunch of everything? The apple imported from china? The great american war? College and high school at the same time while becoming a gladiator god and a politician?? WHAT? Green phone battery life and text talking because masks and annoying first person thinking that everyone below him sucks and apes and armor that automatically changes and stuff and glowing and whimpy zeus and no fruit trees and richness being flaunted by eating an apple? I can think of a million different ways to flaunt money. And a million differnt places in this book where i desprately wanted to do some major editing.I feel cheated for having this book even though i got it for free. I recent the 0.3 MB it takes up in my i pad.+His name is spencer a 19 year old boy who one year left of highschool/college and still lives under his father. Also he has to reunite america and kill and powerful god person and someone wants him to have a child with his cousin. He seems somewhat oblivious to the major tech breakthroughs happening around him. As long as he has cool armor to wear i guess.

  • Sally
    2019-07-09 04:21

    Barcode: Legend of Apollo is a futuristic tale involving Greek Gods, Demigods and mortals in the backdrop of California. It is difficult to describe this book as there is so much going on and a lot of colourful characters that make up this urban fantasy fiction.People have been given special powers to make them stronger and are symbolised with barcodes. They become gladiators and each character has a different story to tell in terms of where they have come from and how they have got to be part of this world. The gladiator fighting scenes are extremely graphic and easy for the reader to picture the gore. Spencer Colt is the main character and in the synopsis is described as a sarcastic jerk. He is definitely this and for a large part of this book I didn't like him because of his attitude. I didn't like how he treated women until Michelle caught his attention. Michelle is someone who Spencer has never come across before, she is an independent, strong female character that is easily likeable, if not loveable. There was definite sexual tension between the two and because of this, I found Spencer to be more human and at times vulnerable. This book does have a lot compacted into it and I did at times get lost and confused as to what was happening. This said though, because of the vibrant characters that were telling the story, I was kept intrigued to see how the story was going to end and I am pleased that I stuck with it. I don't usually pick up and read this style of book but I'm glad that I did, it has given me an insight in to another world that was cleverly created by the author. If you are a fan of anime, urban fantasy and even Greek mythology then you should read this. But be warned, it is at times extremely graphic and not necessarily for the faint hearted!

  • jason marek
    2019-07-11 10:17

    Why I like itWhy I like itIt combined two things that I am addicted to. mythology and syfy. it also includes an awesome plot and character development.

  • Jodi Woody
    2019-07-07 09:30

    This has been hanging out in my kindle forever so I am assuming at some point it was a freebie. It reads like an "Anime" movie. I really liked it. Way future dystopian, evolution type book that still leaves a lot of unanswered back story. I read it as fiction, as it was intended. Told through the eyes of teenagers, in fact most of the characters are teens. So there is the usual sexual references and mild swearing, it's all about fighting so lots of violence. Think gladiators of the future. I can recommend for High School age and up. Adults may not like all the teen stuff. I didn't mind so much. Quite a lot of humor. Four stars from me.

  • Fangs for the Fantasy
    2019-06-28 05:26

    Spencer Colt carries the barcode of the god Apollo, making him one of the most powerful Gladiators in the world. But such power comes with a price – in particular a destiny to face off against Helios, the tyrant of the east coast.In this future America, the country has been split by devastating war. A war so destructive that the gods themselves acted to end the conflict. Now wars are fought between gladiators – beings enhanced by the gods and demigods – but not everyone plays by the rules and Helios is plotting to expand his empire by any means necessaryWhile leaves Spencer with a hard destiny to live up to, complete with a father with high expectations but no time for him and woefully inadequate training and a complicate love triangle between himself, Hannah who he’s always loved, Michelle who he’s often fought and Angie who everyone thinks he should be with due to prophecy.And then there’s Kode – empowered by the mask of Tartarus and caught in numerous, horrendous acts – is he an enemy or an ally?The further we go, the more the plots and secrets are unveiled – and the greater the stakes become.For a long time in this book, I’m flailing without really knowing what’s going on. There isn’t enough world building or character background for me to truly grasp what is happening and why. Even after the 70% mark, when there’s a huge amount of information dumped in there, I’m still guessing and extrapolating more than anything. I’m not sure how the barcodes (which appear to be tattoos and they appear to be born with) give them powers or how much power or what power they give. I’m not sure if there’s a difference based on which god you’re imbued with or whether 2 people imbued with the same god have the same powers. I’m not sure of the power difference between gods and demigods since we see 2 demigods who are more feared and powerful than most gods.I’m not sure about the writer. Not sure of the relevance of the position of the tattoos. I don’t know why Spencer’s tattoos were bound not sure why the arena and gladiator system exists – I have a vague idea, but I’m not sure. I think it was an alternative to war – but then we go and have a war anyway. Not sure where liminal beings come in at all or where they fit, not sure what dropping into Hades even means – and I’m not especially sure as to the technology and their acronyms that are thrown around a lot to my growing confusion.And it’s the same with the character interactions. We start the book with a huge rift between Spencer and his dad – but I never quite got why that’s there. Or the relation between Spencer and Michelle and Hannah. We also have Spencer being the moodiest, arsiest angst monster we’ve ever seen – and again I’m not sure why this is. Without a good reason why for the surly teenager act, I was left with Spencer feeling pretty unlikeable to say the least.There are also a huge number of characters that, despite the large amount of character interaction for the beginning of the book, I had real trouble keeping track of – which was especially hard when one was imperilled. The only characters that felt significant to me were Spencer, Michelle and Kode – so when, for example, Kode’s brother showed up or Spencer’s grandfather, I had to stop to double check who this person actually was. The problem is, menace and even death to some of these people were supposed to be a source of tension in the plot (or at least a source of angst for Spencer) and I didn’t know enough about them to care about their fate.Read More

  • Angie
    2019-06-29 09:30

    I finished this book last night and have thought over it and I'm still not entirely sure what it was about. Something with barcodes on people that give them powers of gods, and some evil that Spencer is suppose to fight. That is about all I gleamed from it. I don't even feel like I can give a synopsis of the book.The romance was some weird love triangle, that really didn't make much sense. Spencer only really ever spent his time with one of the girls but claimed to love both of them when he knew nothing about the other. I kinda wanted to smack him in the head over that.I think what this book needs is some cleaning up, cause even though I never really understood what was going on in it I actually wanted to finish reading it. Maybe just to see if it would start to make sense to me, or cause I really wanted to know what was going to happen at the end. The author just needs to explain in a clearer manor exactly what the barcodes are, and the world that this is taking place in. From what I got it was suppose to be some high tech America. . . but really data sharing and things that like just didn't want to make sense to me. Could be just me that was having this problem.Would I recommend this book? Probably, just cause I would want someone else to bounce the idea of this book off of so that I could figure it out.This is the same review I gave on Amazon, so don't be surprised if you read it again over there :D

  • Ben Mariner
    2019-07-11 12:09

    Well this was an interesting book. It's like a hyper-sexual mixture of Percy Jackson, Fight Club, and some kind of love story, with maybe a little bit of Battle Royale mixed in. While the writing was maybe not as PC as one might like, the story was pretty interesting and unique. Interested to see where the series goes.

  • Marjorie
    2019-07-01 07:20

    this book had a very surprising ending and the action was superb. Loved this story and twists. you never know who is really the good guy or bad guy or if such a person even exists. Can't wait for the next book.

  • Aaron Podhajecki
    2019-06-21 04:18

    Great ingenious story terrible endingThe story had me hooked I love every minute of it but j hated the ending. There are just some things you don't do to the main characters in a story for instance kill them

  • Destiny Mychael White
    2019-07-01 09:27

    I want more, I need more...

  • James Henson
    2019-07-15 05:02

    This was an amazing start to the series. It is a rich and unique world that drew me in

  • BriannaKing
    2019-07-16 06:19

    WowThis book has blown my mind. I nearly died at the end. My face is covered in tears! Aaaghhhhh I LOVE THIS BOOK SOOOOOOK MUCH.