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2011Carys’ dreams for the future are falling apart as she returns to the Snowdonia village where she was born, to look after her mother. But then a chance discovery draws her back into the story of Plas Eden, the huge, ramshackle country house where, at eighteen, she said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart, David Meredith.1898The last time Ann was in London she was a spoi2011Carys’ dreams for the future are falling apart as she returns to the Snowdonia village where she was born, to look after her mother. But then a chance discovery draws her back into the story of Plas Eden, the huge, ramshackle country house where, at eighteen, she said goodbye to her childhood sweetheart, David Meredith.1898The last time Ann was in London she was a spoilt, aristocratic bride. Now she stands destitute on London bridge, with the Meredith charity hospital her only lifeline. But who can she trust, and will she ever escape her past?Two women struggle with love, family duty, long-buried secrets and their own creative ambitions. But more than a hundred years ago Ann left a trail through London, Cornwall and Wales that leads Carys on a tantalising and increasingly shocking search for the truth.What is Plas Eden’s connection with her own family history and what are the secrets of the statues in the garden?‘It’s a great romantic read and also a very atmospheric, ingenious mystery.’ Margaret James, Writing Magazine‘This powerful and moving story… held me gripped.’ Trisha Ashley'Beautiful writing and a charming, intriguing story.'Sue Moorcroft‘Juliet’s characters are so believable and richly drawn the reader really cares what happens to them…’Anne Bennett...

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eden s garden Reviews

  • Susan Jones
    2019-05-29 18:39

    It's hard to believe that this is Juliet Greenwood's first novel. It's the story of two women, Carys and Ann, though it's Carys in the present day that is the main vein of the story. Set in North Wales in the village of Pont yr Eden, I'm sure I know some of these characters who are warm, funny and loveable.Carys comes home to look after her Mam who is recouping from an operation. At first she wonders why it's her out of the three sisters who gets the job of carer, her boyfriend is quite miffed.It's the Plas Eden Estate that centres the story, and the family who are there. We journey with Carys through London, Cornwall, and then back to Snowdonia in a tale of mystery and suspense.I would highly recommend this book.

  • Claire McAlpine
    2019-06-09 12:45

    If you plan on taking a holiday in Cornwall or Wales in the near future I can think of no better accompaniment than this book. Holiday or not, don't hesitate to immerse yourself in this delightful, intriguing tale which unravels family secrets while celebrating women returning to the creative work they were born to do.Eden's Garden follows Carys in the present day back to her childhood village to attend her mother who is convalescing from a broken hip; she has little choice being the unmarried sister though the unplanned return stirs some long dormant memory in her, pulling her back towards the estate of Plas Eden, it's garden, the mysterious statues, the old farm house and David Meredith, the young man she left for a career many years before.The two become involved in researching a possible family link that takes them south to Cornwall and another garden leads them on a shocking search through a piece of Victorian history that will leave you grateful to be living in the 21st century (especially if you are a woman).Ann we meet in 1898 on a bridge overlooking the Thames at a low point in her life, seeking refuge at a Charity Hospital. Greenwood keeps the mystery of this intriguing character alive all through the book, we know there is a connection but she leaves few clues to allow forward predictions, cleverly increasing the tension and desire to know both her past and her future.Within the first few pages, we are drawn into Carys' experience as if it were our own, that not so comfortable feeling of returning to a childhood environment as an adult, without the husband and/or children that society expects, and on the verge of heartbreak. However, the suspense of a family secret soon replaces the discomfort of village gossip and Greenwood keeps up the pace and intrigue all the way through.For me this was not only a wonderful and engaging read, but one that brought back fond memories of driving through the Welsh countryside and witnessing many of the memorable landmarks of Cornwall.

  • Marguerite Kaye
    2019-06-03 14:43

    One of the problems with being a writer is that it totally changes the way you read, and that, I think, has meant seriously detracting from my enjoyment of a book that a few years ago I'd have loved. I'm afraid that Eden's Garden is an example of this. I enjoyed the premise. I really liked the story, and the interweaving of the two times. I liked the amount of women's history in this too, and I thought the atmospheric descriptions were great. I loved the Welsh setting, and the clearly loving descriptions of Wales. So why only three stars?My issues were largely technical - you see, the writer thing. I know this was a first novel, and having read another of Ms Greenwood's books, I also know that the issues I had with this book had been addressed. My biggest gripe was with the switching point of view. I was, in my early writing days, very, very guilty of this myself, and so I'm sorry to be nit-picy about it, but maybe because I'm conscious of it being a weakness of my own I noticed it. The POV switches in some scenes, particularly (and maybe only?) between the two main characters, from paragraph to paragraph. One minute we're in Carys's head, the next in Daviid's then back to Carys. The first couple of times it happened, I was confused. Then it kept happening, and it began to get to me. Then it began to seriously distract me from the story. Linked with this, was the very passive narrative applied to the male main character, David. We got a lot of his internal thoughts, but they were kind of thrown in there in the middle of a conversation, and they felt completely disconnected from that conversation, so the impact of what he was thinking was kind of lost. For example, quite early on when they meet again at a tea party, we hear from his internal monologue that there's some big issue with the estate - just out of the blue - and the next minute, he's thinking that Carys is deeply troubled and that despite her saying it's only work he knows it can't be. All this, without any actual hint of his thoughts in the on-going conversation. And that leads me to my final issue with this. The complete lack of meaningful conversation between Carys and David, and indeed between Carys and her family. She's moved to Wales and split with the man she's been living with for years, but she doesn't actually tell a single soul. Not one, in the whole book - not her mother, not her sisters, not David. She does tell her best friend off-stage, but not anyone she's actually seeing on a day-to-day basis. And though David kind of guesses that she's had a lover and that they've split, he dithers and faffs about and never asks. So when he finally declares his love, rather than thinking ahhhh, I thought - what on earth! I know they were both the kind of characters who don't discuss and just get on, but really, they were suddenly making a whole life together without discussing anything! To be fair, this was not a romance, the romance was definitely a side-story, and to be fair, because I write romance, I focused on this - so maybe I'm being unfair. Don't get me wrong, as I said up front, this was a good story, and very evocative, and well worth a try if you like time-slip type novels.

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-06-04 17:37

    Carys returns to the village of her childhood. Pont-ar-Eden is small and there's a dilapidated estate called Plas Eden. There's a garden with beautiful statues. Plas Eden could have been Carys's home, but she and David split up when she went to university. Years later Carys has to start all over again as she's all of a sudden single and she's back to take care of her mother. Maybe now that she's in Pont-ar-Eden again maybe she and David can become friends again.Ann has escaped something horrible and is now working in a hospital in London. There she works as hard as she can and she tries to stay unnoticed. That doesn't work very well though as she's a skilled artist. Mr. Meredith soon notices Ann and he gives her more to do than cleaning. Slowly Ann is starting to see a future for herself again.What is the history of the statues in the garden of Plas Eden and what happened with Ann? David and Carys are trying to uncover the truth. They're searching for the story behind all the secrets of the past. While they're searching David and Carys find more than they were hoping for. Will the past change the plans they have for the future?Eden's Garden is a book filled with family history. I loved the secrets, the path that lead to the truth and every character in this novel. I couldn't put this novel down, I was addicted from the first phrase. The secret is complicated and not something that can easily be guessed, I liked the intrigue. Juliet Greenwood's writing is brilliant and she knows how to tell a story. She can build the tension so well and it's always just enough and never too much. I enjoyed reading this book very much, it's a fantastic story, a book to read again and again.

  • Elena Hull
    2019-05-30 15:48

    I received a free book form J. Greenwood, in exchange for an honest review.Lovely!.. “Eden’s Garden” is my first book by Juliet Greenwood. I enjoyed reading the book; or I would say, following the story of the two women facing life changing challenges and pushed by life make vast decisions. J. Greenwood writing made me feel comfortable and relaxed; it was like a good friend telling you her story gives enough details and descriptions, and not overbore you, and in the same time keep you intrigued. Sometimes I felt like being in a boat, floating on a peaceful river, absorbing passing by beautiful views, feeling safe and calm, following the author in the journey. In others, I saw myself in a garden, surrounded by these mystical statues, seeing their facial expressions and wondering: what they were hiding all these years, what were they knew and what secrets they keep… I want to retain that nice, light feeling for longer, that little sadness and happiness, which overwhelmed me after putting the book down at the last page. Lovely.I would add J. Greenwood books to my to-read shelf and would recommend the “Eden’s Garden” to my lady-friends. Nevertheless, although I will keep the book on the shelf and going it to re-read at some time (as all the books that left me moved by their stories) it won’t be any time soon.

  • Cryssa
    2019-06-06 17:32

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story about two women, Carys and Ann, living at separate times, yet connected by family secrets and Plas Eden and the garden of statues. Eden's Garden is extremely well written, and the author manages the threads of these two separate, yet connected stories, with a deft brush. They mystery around Ann's life unfolds at the right pace, drawing you into who she was and the life she has tried to escape. Carys's ambition for a fulfilling life has driven her to leave behind her old home but she is forced to put her life on hold and return to care for her convalescing mother. Through this, she rediscovers who she is and reconnects to an old flame. Very impressive first novel. I look forward to reading more from the author.

  • Aunty Janet
    2019-06-15 17:34

    Unusual story set in two eras, brought nicely together with beautiful descriptions of the garden. There is mystery and romance and the story felt well balanced, with interesting characters.''Two women struggle with love, family duty, long-buried secrets and their own creative ambitions. But more than a hundred years ago Ann left a trail through London, Cornwall and Wales that leads Carys on a tantalising and increasingly shocking search for the truth. What is the connection of the dilapidated north Wales estate, Plas Eden with her childhood sweetheart and her own family history, and what are the secrets of the statues in the garden?''

  • Allie Cresswell
    2019-06-12 18:31

    A pleasing story very reminiscent of The Forgotten Garden. A secret from the past unites an estranged couple in a search for the truth. A small, gossipy Welsh village replete with caricatures, a dilapidated stately home and some very nice descriptions of landscape, flora and art complement the rather darker and mysterious scenes from the past. The author makes a real effort to understand and portray the issues of caring for an elderly parent and the dichotomy which increasingly exists between ageing and maintaining an enjoyable independence for older people.

  • Ann
    2019-05-21 13:24

    A dual time novel set in Victorian and the present time. Both enjoyable and well written it should appeal to fans of Rachel Hore and Kate Morton. The two main characters, Ann in the earlier period and Carys in the present, are both likeable and believable though my favourite character is Hodge the Labrador! There is an intriguing family mystery connecting Wales and Cornwall and these settings are vividly portrayed. Unlike some novels of this genre I didn’t find it too long and the action moved at a good pace. A very impressive second novel and I look forward to reading more by this author.

  • Alyson
    2019-06-05 13:25

    Three stars seems a little low for my rating, but I can't quite say I 'really' liked it. But neither can I say why not!It's got strong female characters, good plot, mystery and suspense, and strongly depicted locations. I think my hesitation at raving over it was that I felt there were quite a few cliches in the writing. But then, who am I to criticise? I would read more from this author, so it's positive really!

  • Amanda
    2019-06-09 14:48

    Loved this book - a love story mixed in with a mystery and hopping between present day and 1898. All tied up with a Welsh house and garden and the people connected with it. Mix in a Victorian husband of the worse kind and you've got a good mystery that carries through right to the end of the book. Highly recommended.

  • Kathryn
    2019-06-18 16:33

    Mysterious statues in a Welsh garden draw the reader into a wonderful story web about the people living and working on the Plas Eden estate. Great cast of characters, an intriguing mystery from the past and beautiful descriptions of place made this an unputdownable read for me.

  • Ness
    2019-06-13 13:40

    Intelligent chic lit.

  • Sandra
    2019-05-30 13:33

    A very pleasant, satisfying read

  • Donna Irwin
    2019-06-03 11:33

    Thoroughly enjoyed this inter-linked story of past and present. An intriguing tale. Very well written.

  • Paulette
    2019-06-04 15:48

    the story kept me wanting to know more, right to the end, even though I had worked out the family link before the end

  • Judith Barrow
    2019-05-30 17:24

    A great read!