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If you have to find a sacred book in order to redeem your parents, find and kill Max, the person responsible for their punishment. The same man that broke your heart and turned your perfect world upside down and try to keep the mortal man you now love safe from this vindictive Vampire’s sword, then you should read Rachel’s story. JUDGMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in whiIf you have to find a sacred book in order to redeem your parents, find and kill Max, the person responsible for their punishment. The same man that broke your heart and turned your perfect world upside down and try to keep the mortal man you now love safe from this vindictive Vampire’s sword, then you should read Rachel’s story. JUDGMENT OF SOULS is a Gothic horror in which a naïve pureblood Vampire is tossed into the mortal world. Rachel meets Daniel, a nightclub owner and his group of friends and after Daniel’s best friend is murdered by Max, becomes embroiled in the search for an ancient Vampire artefact. Rachel tries to fight off her feelings for Daniel, even siding with her Vampire friend Arun to think again about Daniel’s involvement, but he’s her love and she’s going to protect him, no matter what....

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judgement of souls Reviews

  • Sharon
    2019-04-08 21:47

    E-book gifted by author for reviewJudgement of Souls is a surprising new gem in the genre of vampire fiction. I absolutely enjoyed every page of this tale. I have been a fan of the vampire novel for some years now, and it is always a delight to see a fresh tale such as this one to whet the appetite of the legion of fans out there.The characters were beautifully written and the descriptions faultless, I could see influences of such tales as Underworld and Blade woven through the story which only added more enjoyment for me. Whether it was intentional by the author I have no idea. Such attention to detail with places throughout the book was a gem to the reader, and I wish more writers did the same with their work as it only adds to the pleasure of taking the journey.I would without hesitation recommend this tale of vampires to everyone that enjoys the genre as I am sure it will not disappoint.I hope there are many more stories like this to come from Margarita because her vampires have me as a fan forever!

  • Yianna Yiannacou
    2019-04-15 17:03

    Looking for a fast paced Vampire story? Well you are in luck, because that is what this book is. It starts off with a female vampire named Rachel. She is strong, can fly, beautiful and like every other vampire, lusts for blood. Her life mission was to retrieve a stolen book which holds powers to resurrect one of the first vampires to this world who is highly deadly and wants nothing but to wipe out the human race. The book was supposed to be guarded by her parents, but they failed their duty and were punished because of it. The person who stole it was Max, an older vampire. Rachel was in love with him once but now she vowed to kill him. Max lost the book and it has been kept in hiding; until now. Rachel then meets Daniel, a mortal, and falls madly in love with him. Daniel lives in a mansion that his uncle left him after he passed away and Daniel moved in a few of his friends for the company. The love between Daniel and Rachel seemed to show up out of nowhere but as soon as the pair saw each other there was no one else in the world they wanted to be with. It was surprising and they couldn’t even explain it themselves, but they knew they couldn’t be kept apart. Daniel’s friends were torn between her. Some like her and some don’t care too much about her. After Daniel’s best friend Tobey is murdered by Max, the one who had stolen the book from Rachel’s parents, Daniel is set on killing him. Of course, this is after Rachel told him she was a vampire. The thing I liked about this book is that it is not bombarded with fillers. There are no dragging scenes that you just want to skip. If you skip a page here, you miss a lot. I was so eager to turn to the next page to read forward and find out how it ends. The action scenes were just that – action scenes. And I loved every minute of them. They were descriptive and I could see them happening in my mind. Rachel is one bad-ass fighter! You go girl! What I didn’t like about this book was the punctuation. It was absolutely horrible. There were no period in the middle of sentences and no commas and sometimes there would be more periods than necessary in some parts. The characters could have been built up a little bit more. I would have like to known some characterization and some features so I could put a personality to the characters. I made up the images in my head, but I wished there was just a little bit more to work with. Other than that, it was a pretty good book which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can’t wait to read more!

  • Bex 'n' Books
    2019-04-03 17:51

    I received this book in return for my honest opinion and I wasn't disappointed. What a fantastic read!The story is fast paced and moves along quickly with no over descriptive or filler parts. It stays on track and keeps you turning the pages. I loved that it was set in Wales, UK, such a refreshing change from America where all the super natural beings seem to prefer to reside these days. The characters are well rounded with a plot that will keep you interested from start to finish. This book has mystery, history, romance and classic vampires which is a breath of fresh air from the type that seem to be saturating the genre at the moment. I would have enjoyed a bit more character background which I found creative and interesting and the romance didn't take over the story which I think will appeal to those who have had their fill of the brooding, moody, mushy, suffocating and over sensationalized love stories that are knocking around the bookshelves these days.I loved this book and if I hadn't had the pleasure of receiving it for free I would most definitely have purchased it. I cant wait to read the sequel ( Hint hint please let there be one )Well done to Ms Felices. I look forward to reading more of her work and I urge all you fellow bookworms to give it a g.I give this book 4 stars; I just feel it needed a little expansion in some areas of the story and a little more in the character backgrounds, but then again I'm greedy! :) By Kay G for Bex 'n' Books

  • Kitty Muse Book Reviews
    2019-04-06 15:48

    It should have been the crowning point of Rachel’s young life: the day she entered into the existence of the undead. Her parents were so proud; after all, as the keepers of the Book that held their fate in its pages, they were especially blessed to have been parents of a mortal child.First, the Embrace, and then a sleep of a month’s time while she adapted to becoming a vampire, then the happiness of living with all she knew for all time. But that is not how it works out.She wakes to find her homeland attacked and her parents banished for the crime of losing the Book. What is even worse is that Max, the man/vampire she had adored, was the main suspect in the theft.To avenge the wrong judgment of her parents’ souls, and to get the Book back before the ancient curse can be summoned, she must leave the refuge of their island and go into the mortal world.For centuries, she chases the thief, but every time she gets close, he gets away. Then she happens to walk into a nightclub in Cardiff one night, and meets Daniel, a mortal, and love is instant for both of them. It is as if they were meant to be together. His friends don’t trust her, but he defends her without really knowing why.Then Daniel’s best friend is murdered, and Daniel is plunged into the nightmare that is Rachel’s world.From the alleyways of Cardiff to ancient ruins in Ireland, Rachel hunts for Max, accompanied by Daniel and her best friend Arun. And this time, she does not intend to lose.This was a terrific read. I mean it when I say that, at times, I could not put the book down. Especially toward the end; the fight scenes kept me turning the pages well past midnight. The portrayals of the characters were real and believable, and the action swept me along at an exciting speed.The climax of the story was one of those that is open to interpretation, but I like that, because we all come from different places when it comes to powers beyond our scope. The conclusion seemed to bring the story to a decided end, but I am hoping that there will be more in this line, because I always like to read more when I can relate to the characters. I’d really like to visit this world again.

  • Annette M Guerriero Nishimoto
    2019-04-14 21:59

    Today's review is on Judgment of Souls by Margarita FelicesIn a strange twist of writing, Judgment of Souls is the third book in this new and fast-paced vampire series. The author's knowledge about the "real life" places she uses in the story is very impressive, and the way she describes the the world around her characters makes you feel as if you are sitting in the front row watching everything happen around you. (I could swear I could feel the smoothness of the red velvet curtains and smell the french pastries.) Rachel, the main character, is a strong and independent woman born from two vampires and "embraced" at just sixteen years of age. When she awoke from her transition she found that things were not the same as they once were. The man that she loved and thought had loved her back had stolen the Book of Cain. And because her parents were the ones that were guarding it, they had been banished. Hiding her parents somewhere safe while they "slept", Rachel has been on the hunt for Max for hundreds of years in order to make things right. Heading into a club on Halloween, Rachel is instantly drawn to the clubs owner Daniel and he to her. Little did they know that both of them were fated to be together in order to find and protect the book from Max and thwart his evil plans for it. There is no denying Rachel is in love with Daniel. But he's a mortal, it could never work between them. Or could it. If only she knew how to tell Daniel who she truly was. What she truly was.I personally would have liked a bit more romance between Rachel and Daniel, and a bit more of a goodbye between him and his friends, but that may be just my preference. I also would have liked to have seen a little more editing done on the book. The punctuation was a bit all over the place, but other than that it was a good read. I'll have to keep my eye out for the second and first books in the series.3.5 of 5 starsAvailable at Amazon

  • Elizabeth (Stuffed Shelves)
    2019-04-12 20:56

    What is the book about? Rachel has a beautiful young face, but she's really a vampire who is centuries old with amazing strength and the ability to fly. She is in search of a book that holds the power to bring the first vampire back to life, the same book that her parents lost and were severely punished for. The book was stolen by a older rogue vampire named Max who Rachel used to love, but now she's more interested in killing him. Rachel hangs out at a local goth club in Cardiff Wales where she meets Daniel the club owner, the immediately have a special connection that is inexplainable, even to them. When Daniel finds out that Rachel is a vampire, he is set on finding and killing Max too. Max will stop at nothing until he gets the book, even if it means killing Daniel. Now Rachel is protecting Daniel, which just leads to her spending more and more time with Daniel, causing their love to grow. What did I think of the book?Margarita writes an extremely fast paced story that is highly entertaining with her twist on the classic vampire tales. It's only 173 pages so there is a lot of information and detail in a short amount of text. I didn't mind this because Margarita is great at describing her characters and their surroundings making this a book you can really sink into and bond with the characters. This book could have been much longer if there were some additional information put into it, like the backstories of the characters. They were so great, I wanted to learn more about them, but this book looks like it's being set up to be a series, so maybe the next books will have more details. Check out more reviews at Stuffed Shelves

  • Brandon
    2019-04-10 14:57

    Rating: 7.0/10.0Review: In a time where many writers are attempting to romanticize vampires and sensationalize them for our younger generations, author Margarita Felices’ actually crafts an old-fashioned Gothic Horror story in her latest book, “Judgement of Souls”. Her work stays true to the ideas and plots that first brought these creatures to light long ago when Bram Stoker captured the public’s imagination with his writing, and forced the vampire out from the dark recesses of our subconscious and into the open. Felices’ book updates the tale for modern times while still infusing the pages with romance, action and intriguing characters. While the plot is predictable, it does have exciting elements that keep you reading through till the end. Set in Cardiff, Wales, the city and the places mentioned are rendered wonderfully and you can imagine the events unfolding there without having to put too much effort into it. In regards to the premise of this tale, there is enough background behind each person to allow for another book to follow, and it seems that that could be the direction the author is headed. One of the only problems with the book is its pacing. At 173 pages the story moves too quickly, trying to fit everything into far less pages then it should. This does not allow for enough time to fully explore the inhabitants of the world that Felices’ has created. Overall, “Judgement of Souls” is certainly worth reading if you enjoy the classic portrayal of vampires coupled with dark humor in a Gothic Horror setting.

  • VampireRomanceBooks ThatsErotica
    2019-04-14 16:10

    Rachel is a vampire. After being turned, she was betrayed by someone she trusted and her parents were banished from the coven. She sets out to make things right and clear their names. Lonely and wandering on Halloween, she enters a club and meets the gorgeous mortal, Daniel, who happens to have something she has been searching for.I wish the relationship between Rachel and Daniel would have been a little more established. I needed to see a bit more romance and interaction between them in the beginning of their relationship. Another key character in the story was Rachel’s friend, Arun; I think there is a lot to his story that is left untold. There appears to be sadness in him, and I would love to see him have his chance at a HEA. Overall, I liked the characters in the book.I enjoy Felices storytelling and this book is a different style from her short story, The Psychic. This particular story had an air of darkness about it, not only in the setting but in the characters themselves. The book reads at a fairly quick pace. I was pleased that the story had many different elements such as romance, action, mystery, suspense, and humor even peeked through in the form of the occasional wise crack. I am curious to see were Felices goes from here.**Reviewed by Teresa D. for**

  • Martha Bryce
    2019-04-08 17:05

    Judgement of Souls is an interesting entry in the vampire genre. I found the book interesting and well written but there really wasn't anything deeply appealing or anything unique about the book but that may be because the genre has been so heavily inundated in the past several years. The main character, Rachel was born human from two parents who were both vampires. She was turned, by choice when she was 16, on the same day when he parents, guardians of the most valuable vampire text, The Book of Cain, disappeared. To protect them, Rachel put them to sleep, safely, deep in the Appalachian mountains and then started on her mission to prove them innocent of wrongdoing so that they could return to Elysium, their paradise like home. Hundreds of years later, when Rachel returns to be of her favorite cities, Cardiff, things start to happen that are related to mysterious scrolls and The Book of Cain. Things become even more complicated when Rachel becomes incredibly attracted to a human club owner, Daniel. The pace is fast, the characters are interesting and the story line, while predictable is well developed and includes a bit of dark humor. Lovers of the genre may be interested in Judgement of Souls.

  • Johanna Panko
    2019-04-01 19:43

    This book didn't really set off any sparks for me even though it was written well. I just couldn't lose myself in the story like I wanted too. I just kept thinking there was more to the storyline other than what I read. Rachel was really two dimensional for me, she didn't seem to have much passion for life. Maybe being a vampire and alive for centuries took that from her. It seemed like Daniel had more going for him than Rachel, he seemed to be the spark but she kind of put him off. It took until the last page before he truly meant something to her and that for me speaks volumes. I know she'd been through a terrible ordeal with her parents, and Max being the cause of all the problems didn't help. The others in the story weren't really alive for me, when Tobey died I didn't really feel much. The cover is self explanatory, and hot as hell. Overall entertainment value is three stars, I feel like I'm being generous because the author just didn't make these characters real enough for me. I still appreciate though that this book was well written and the ending brought it together.~Wicked Reads Review Team~

  • Lalo Lafleur
    2019-03-31 18:52

    Judgement of Souls, Kiss at Dawn by Margarita FelicesI enjoyed reading this excellent story. This vampire world is a little different but very interesting. I liked how history was woven into the story. I loved the characters, flaws and all. The interaction between and among the characters both mortal and immortal was a major factor in how much I like this story.The romance played an integral part to this story but did not overwhelm it. There were a few editing issues but not enough to annoy me or detract from the story.The plot was excellent and the pacing was very good. The flow of the story could have been a little smoother in a couple of places; however, the power of the story was true.The descriptions of the places made me feel like I was there. I recommend this story and especially if you enjoy vampires, I urge you to read this book. I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.Margarita Felices is an author to watch. She does some awesome world building in the telling of her very imaginative story. The love, loyalty, honor, betrayal and sacrifice ring true in this novel. I look forward to seeing more from this author.I highly recommend this story.

  • Paula
    2019-04-11 19:00

    I really enjoyed this gothic tale with a twist, the story was well written and the characters were great to read. I loved the idea of Rachel’s history and her past and the possibility of a future with Daniel, it was lovely to read.Plenty of excitement to keep you going, all in all a great read.

  • Fhina
    2019-03-20 17:02

    I tried. I really tried, but this book isn't for me. I just didn't get to like any of the characters. I couldn't connect with them somehow. :(That's why, after months of picking this book up over and over again, to DNF it.

  • Peg
    2019-04-07 17:52

    Can an entire vampire population be destroyed?The vampire elders called to order a hasty and secret meeting. The grim reality of what they were facing was that their entire vampire existence was on the verge of being endangered. There was an evil so monumental and savage threatening them that it could very well destroy or change them forever. And this group of elder vampires knew precisely who had set them up for their demise. It was Max, one of their own elders, an ancient and mighty vampire.Max had always craved power and control. And the unleashing of this mammoth evil from Hell was always part of his plan for greatness. Max was convinced that once he released this evil from Hell’s prison, he would be looked upon as a favored child and granted an unlimited amount of dominance and prestige.Rachel is a pure blood ancient vampire and has known Max for a long time. Rachel had even loved him once, but that was before he exposed his true colors and betrayed her. Ever since then, the two of them have played a cat and mouse game. Whenever Rachel had gotten close to Max, he would elude her. But she was not about to allow that to happen again. He had hurt her and her family, and now Daniel – the mortal man she loves.When the inevitable ominous battle comes, Daniel will be fighting right alongside Arun, Rachel’s friend. They will be wheeling their swords until every head of their enemies is rolling on the ground like hairy runaway bowling balls.Judgement of Souls is a riveting and fast-paced novel. The reader will find themselves flipping pages and glued to their seat. So I recommend that you pick up a copy, settle in and prepare yourself for a fast ride into the world of vampires. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Heather Boustead
    2019-04-02 14:52

    Judgement of SoulsBy Margarita FelicesIt’s Halloween the one time Rachel feels the most comfortable because she can blend in more easily with the mortals. When she spots some people heading into a bar that is holding a fancy dress party she follows along her vampire senses take in her surroundings and she makes a captivating entrance as the owner of the bar takes notice of her right away. They have an immediate connection and soon they begin to date with Rachel walk in and out of his life like a mysterious and alluring woman. Soon Rachel finds out that Daniel has a scroll left to him by his uncle that can help to free her parents from their slumber and in the wrong hands it will cause devastating effects but can she get to it before Max the evil vampire finds it? I am not a huge fan of vampire romances, this one has a good back story the only problem I had with this book is it seems to be too fast paced, some of the details the author gives are to the point and moves on leaving you wanting more to the scene. If you are a fan of vampire romances you should give this a try though it is interesting enough and a lot like many of the others out there that have done very well, but for me I need something more to set a vampire romance apart. However it was well written and I think the author has a great idea and with a little adjustment it could be a remarkable read. For More Reviews be sure to visit my blogs at:http://reflectionsofabookworm.wordpre...

  • Erica Chilson
    2019-03-31 19:43

    Judgement of Souls - Margarita Felices Upon starting this book I was sweating bullets. The introduction was eerily similar to my own work. Great Authors think alike, right? I was happily surprised when the direction of the story veered in a totally different direction than my own. Margarita Felices writes a descriptive, fast paced story without any filler. The story its self was very condensed, flowing from one important scene to the next. This book would have gained it's 5th star if the author would have expanded the story in several places, particularly with the character background. I found the backstory of several characters interesting and inventive. A slower flow of information would have been pleasing. This is just my opinion as readers have different tastes. Ultimately it is the authors vision for their work and should be written as such. Judgement of Souls is perfect for readers who like mystery, history, and classic vampires. The vampires in this story were not sensationalized or romanticized, and stuck to their true nature. I found the switch from the modern day "hero" vampire to the classic vampire a refreshing change. The premise has a lot of room to grow for future installments and I am curious to see how the story expands. Review posted on:

  • Hannah
    2019-03-21 16:53

    Judgement of Souls was a good story, but frustrated me with all the grammatical errors. There were random words in some places and a lack of words in others that made a lot of the sentences illegible. It needs to be proofread again and then it will be an amazing book. Rachel is a vampire that was born from two vampires in charge of guarding the Book of Cain. When they failed at their mission and were banished, Rachel took it as her mission to find the book and guard it from her once love. In the process she meets a mortal and, against her better judgement, falls in love. She knows that she has to stay away or protect him since he is now her weakness and he is fragile since he is a mortal. This book was a new spin on a vampire story. It was filled with adventure, danger, and love. It was a really good story.

  • Sheri
    2019-04-18 17:02

    Rachel is not an ordinary woman, she is a vampire. Her parents were killed by her one time love and most trusted friend Max, he is now her enemy. Her life is going pretty well, then she meets a human Daniel, a night club owner. Then max comes back, and he wants Rachel but Rachel wants revenge and her parents back. With the help of Daniel and her friend Arun they go on a search for an ancient artifact. Although dangerous she is determined to complete her quest and bring back her parents. She is also fighting off her feelings for Daniel. A fast paced and original vampire story, like none I have read before. Vampire lovers will delight in this story, my only wish is the story was longer! I do hope to see more work by Margarita Felices.

  • Mindy
    2019-04-16 17:01

    What a charming story. “Judgment of Souls” is a charming love story with a twist. It is more than your typical paranormal vampire tale about love, death, the fate of the world, an evil vampire bent on taking over the world. Oh it has all those elements, gothic horror, and a wonderfully worded tale, but it transcends all of these genre’s to create a truly unique and delightful story. Initially I was worried as I typically do not like horror stories, but this story was not your typical horror story. True parts of it were pure horror tales, but it also had humor, romance, action adventure, and some fantasy. I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

  • Bmquiram
    2019-03-23 19:49

    I am intrigued by Judgment of Souls. Rachel, a vampire, is one of the main characters of the story. She struggles to find a balance between obligations and personal interest when she discovers her love interest Daniel is unknowingly the only person standing between her and her ability to fix an unfortunate event from her past. I enjoyed the characters in the story and found the plot to be unique and interesting. So many supernatural stories seem to have similar characteristics, and follow a stereotype, but this story has broken away from some of those stereotypes to provide a unique experience for the reader.

  • Virgil Moore
    2019-04-09 17:59

    Amazing writing. She has a way with words that is stirring. You will be hard pressed to find a better book out there in today's market of weak characters and simple plots. Feleces knows how to write and provides the reader with a depth that is felt and remembered as you read. Virgil Allen Moore

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-03-19 19:48

    3.5/5.0Although this gothic thriller contains an oft-used plot, Felices' writing makes the reader visualize many aspects, and makes this book a happy addition to any vampire fan's bookshelf.Read full review in the 2013 June issue of InD’tale Magazine.

  • Chloe Thurlow
    2019-04-09 22:43

    I do not hesitate to award this compelling book 5 stars. I was gripped from page 1 and was thrilled by an ending that was what I expected, but not in the way I expected it. This is an author to watch.

  • Faye
    2019-04-14 15:05

    I loved "Judgement of Souls" by Margarita Felices. The characters in the book were all very believable. The plot moved along at a very good pace and kept me up reading long past my bedtime. I would recommend this book for anyone who loves vampires and a great book!

  • Books To Go Now
    2019-04-02 21:07

    Amazing story that you won't want to put down! If you want a good summer read then this is the book for you! Margarita Felices is an up and coming author whose stories you will want to keep reading.

  • Teresa D.
    2019-03-26 17:54

  • Sandy
    2019-04-10 18:45

    Review for JUDGEMENT OF SOULS Kiss at Dawn by Margarita FelicesBy Sandy NicholsonAn exceptionally well-written and clean vampire story as I have read in recent memory. Margarita Felices vampires are interesting and likeable in their dedication to saving themselves and humanity from the evil about to be unleashed by rogue vampire Max. The locations described are exotic and lushly detailed for the reader’s understanding of the history described and enjoyment of the tale.Rachel is a vampiress from an ancient and noble family whose parents were the keepers of the ancient scroll of the vampire race. Born a mortal human, she was embraced into the vampire world at the age of 16. She wakes from her first slumber to find that her parents have been betrayed and the sacred scrolls stolen by Max, the vampire she loved and trusted. For centuries she trained as a warrior and tracked Max to exact revenge for his betrayal and return the ancient scroll to its proper place with the Elders so her parents could be vindicated and revived from their forced sleep, hidden away for their own safety.She traces the scroll to the owner of a nightclub, living in a mansion passed down to him from his eccentric grandfather. When Rachel meets Daniel, she is taken with him and they fall in love without him knowing anything about her past or that she is not a normal human woman. When Daniel does find out the truth about Rachel, they determine to search together and find the scroll and a sacred book that has been hidden from the vampires for centuries because of the power it can unleash. Their journey introduces many characters that help and hinder them in their quest.When the scroll and book is finally found it is stolen again by Max and begins a battle between himself and Rachel. Rachel wants her revenge and Max wants the power to overcome the elders and rule humanity. Rachel’s warrior skill and Daniel’s courage in the face of unbelievable odds leads them to a final showdown that restores the sacred artifacts and changes Daniel’s life forever.This book was enjoyable for the story itself. This is not a sexy romp between a human and an immortal. While they do fall in love, there are no gratuitous sex scenes in this book that would restrict younger readers from enjoying it. I found that the story flowed well until the very end and it was not a book you could guess the ending of at all. I enjoyed this book very much and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys vampire novels. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work.*ARC generously provided in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Brenda Franklin
    2019-03-28 20:03

    Rachel is a vampire who has found a man who intrigues her in every way, Daniel Moore, the local club owner has recently come into an inheritance and lives with a few friends in a mansion. The story takes place in Cardiff, England where the villain Max is on the hunt for two scrolls to tell him where an ancient book is hidden. Rachel’s goal is to beat him to it and save her parents.The connection between Rachel and Daniel was so strong and pretty much instant! From the moment they saw each other at the club they couldn’t get enough of each other. And I knew there was a reason why! Rachel and Daniel weren’t the only ones the author focused on; everyone seems to get their thoughts out building to the thickening plot in every paragraph. Daniel’s friends, the villain, Rachel’s friend Arun, everyone seemed to have a little time in the spotlight. Jumping around from one character to another might seem confusing, but I found it thrilling.This is a fast pace story where you can’t skip a paragraph. If you do you’ll be missing out on something. Time moves quickly and the story is very fast paced. There was no filler, no beating around the bush, just straight plot and action from beginning to end!Now, an issue I had was with the paragraphs or sentences running together, but that probably had something to do with the version I received. There were grammar errors, but nothing that unfocused me from what was going on in the story.I think my favorite part about this book was that it told a darker side to vampires. It wasn’t all glam and sparkles, no blood bags, no substitute solution, no cure, and no sunlight. She wrote about a darker vampire with traditional weapons and a blood lust. Let’s not sugarcoat it. Vampires kill humans like cattle, it’s messy, but they have to feed to survive. And when they fight it’s action packed and deadly, the author doesn't waste time with meaningless chatter, it was serious business and the author’s ability to tell this story the way she did was outstanding.It’s pretty obvious why I gave this book a 5 out of 5.-Brenda Franklin, author of the Pulse Trilogy, and Guardian, a Fated Pairing.

  • Zed Whisper
    2019-04-07 22:05

    The story takes place in Cardiff, England (although I have never been to Cardiff I love it when books are based in my home country!) Despite the annoying format problem I had with this, it was an easy read. The story flowed and it had a good pace. Tales of a vampire falling in love with the mortal have been told countless time, but I haven't tired of them... yet. Besides, there are a few twists in Judgement of Souls, making it different from the regular stories. Firstly, the vampire in this book is female, and the mortal is male, plus the vampire was once in love with the villain!Arun and Daniel's arguments made me smile, mainly because Arun wanted to kill Daniel in order to simplify things, and Daniel refused to leave Rachel. I can tell this is going to be a series because there is no way the book could end on that note. Plus, we need to find out why Daniel's grandfather hid the book and what other secrets does his family hide? Overall, an enjoyable read. A little gruesome at times but definitely worth it. Favourite Quotes: She would fly over to some European city and spot one without having to look too hard. You could see them on any street corner or alleyway, drug pushers, pimps, muggers. Who would miss this type of mortal? But part of her pitied her prey; the poor unfortunate whose only weakness was their frailty; perhaps that was what she craved the most."...When you've been alive as long as I have, you begin to get immune to the horror. Then one day you wake to find that you don't care anymore, you let them fight and you stay out of the way.""He's a nut job!" said Arun. "He freaked at high speed driving, but he loved flying through the air."Rachel interrupted. "I've had it with you two! You," she said, pointing at Arun. "He stays." Then, pointing at Daniel "And you, just follow and keep yourself tucked behind one of us. Right now I'm thinking I don't need either of you, so unless this bitching stops I'll do this myself!" She spun and hurried out of the Temple.

  • Lynn Worton
    2019-04-04 14:48

    I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a most intriguing story. I really enjoyed it.Rachel is an interesting character. She is a vampire on the hunt for a rogue member of her clan. I liked her spunk. She is stubborn and a bit naive, but she has good intentions, which gets her into trouble sometimes.Daniel Moore is also an interesting character. He is a nightclub owner and the grandson of a philanthropic millionaire. I liked this character's loyalty to his friends, but I felt that he was being taken advantage of by them. When he meets Rachel, little does he know that danger is not that far away.I started reading this book and was quickly drawn into the story. It is more of a romance than a gothic horror novel. However, the mix of horror and romance made for an interesting read. This story is told from multiple points of view, but Rachel and Daniel are the main characters. The story is set in Cardiff, Wales, which makes a nice change from the usual US settings. I did find some of the plot a bit thin and the motives behind Max's actions a bit shaky. However, the characters were well developed and rather interesting. I took an instant dislike to Juliette, who was rather jealous and possessive of Daniel, even though they were only friends. I must admit that I rather liked Arun, Rachel's leader and friend. He has a dry sense of humour that borders on the mischievous side. He had me giggling at some of his comments.There are a few twists that kept the story interesting, and a mystery of a missing scroll to solve. Near the end there is a massive fight scene that was rather riveting and had me sitting on the edge of my seat! I do love a happy ending, and in this regard the book does not disappoint!Margarita Felices has written a fast paced paranormal gothic romance that was quite entertaining and flowed wonderfully. I am looking forward to reading her short story, The Psychic, shortly.I recommend this book if you love paranormal romances or gothic horror filled with vampires. - Lynn Worton