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Nick was a mortal once, cursed by the gods for his vanity to be Cupid's personal assistant. To make matters worse, Cupid assigns Nick the task of finding a Valentine's match for Ethan, the man Nick loves. Now Nick must swallow his own misery as he watches the man he loves go to someone else....

Title : Beware of Cupid Bearing Gifts
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ISBN : 9781620041246
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 560 Pages
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Beware of Cupid Bearing Gifts Reviews

  • Ami
    2019-06-15 23:43

    I first read this author's more recent and slightly longer story. Thought I checked out her 'older' one, with the 50% ARe rebate going on. It was very short. I wish there were more interactions between Nick and Ethan, the barista, though, because by this length and how the story was told, I didn't have enough conviction about what Ethan found in Nick. Still, cute enough. Should've read this back during Valentine's Day, I know ^^

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-06-24 22:39

    3.5*Cute story about Nick, cupid's assistant and his crush Ethan.Really wish this one had been a bit longer!

  • Lucy
    2019-06-13 03:38

    Reviewed for heartsonfirereviews.comPoor Nick. In this short story, he is beautiful, growing ever more so as he gets older. You would think this would be a good thing, but Nick is also very vain, and he doesn’t take much care when he is telling an admirer no. When he garners the attention of the gods, he is offered a choice. True love or immortality? Nick figures, he’s so hot he will get true love while he is immortal, so chooses immortality. When he comes to realize immortality means he is assistant to Cupid, he feels stupid. When he realizes that while HE can fall in love, he just can’t get love back, he feels worse. He works hard, and Cupid is always changing up the matches, claiming them “too matchy matchy”. Cupid is very flamboyant at times, and just funny. This time he is going too far, however. He wants Nick to make a match for Ethan, the coffee shop worker who Nick is in love with. Nick has fallen in love several times over the centuries, but this one has really captured his heart. Now he has to match him with someone else? Who would have thought Cupid could be so cruel? This is just a fun, quick, fluffy read. Writing is very styled, and I’d like to try a longer book by this author.

  • Lauren
    2019-06-18 06:20

    This was super cute and wonderful and amazing and....squeee! I totally loved it ;) I just wish it had been longer. It definitely had the potential to be. One of my favourites from Kiss Me Quick, which I'll definitely re-read whenever I need to cheer myself up.

  • Lillian Francis
    2019-05-29 06:20

    Would have been happy to read this as a much longer story. As it is this is just a quick ten minute read.

  • Mistral
    2019-06-05 03:33

    A sweet and cute little story about second chances.

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-06-06 03:25

    One of my favorite stories I've read in this Kiss Me Quick collection, this was just adorable and so cute!

  • Morgana
    2019-06-21 05:27

    3.5 stars

  • jules0623
    2019-06-22 22:27

    2.5 stars

  • Tailtiu
    2019-06-08 01:41

    3,5* Nick and Ethan are so cute I only wish the story was longer.

  • Tamela
    2019-06-08 02:21

    Cute story with a snarky god who teaches Nick an important lesson. =================================1st read - May 5, 20132nd read - Jun 9, 2016

  • Amanda
    2019-05-29 03:41

    I freakin' loved this. I laughed out loud several times, and I thought the whole thing was just awesome.

  • Sylvia
    2019-06-13 03:23

    A story about second chances. The characters are interesting and funny and I was left with a very happy feeling for the rest of the day (:Definitely worth a read :D