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A collection of the notorious retro Weight Watchers recipe cards in all their foul, full-color glory. In the words of Wendy McClure, author of I'm Not the New Me, blog trailblazer, internet favorite, and fearless discoverer: I found them while helping my parents clean out their basement. Plenty of the dishes seemed normal enough, but as I flipped through them, some of theA collection of the notorious retro Weight Watchers recipe cards in all their foul, full-color glory. In the words of Wendy McClure, author of I'm Not the New Me, blog trailblazer, internet favorite, and fearless discoverer: I found them while helping my parents clean out their basement. Plenty of the dishes seemed normal enough, but as I flipped through them, some of the recipes began to alarm me. And then I found the card for Rosy Perfection Salad. I fell over. I mean I Iaughed so hard I started coughing and I fell back on the floor and I waved the card at my mom, who just rolled her eyes."Can I please have these? Please?" I begged. "What do you want them for?" she asked. "To cook?" "No," I said... And here they are: the disturbing dishes made famous on the Internet and many more. From Fish Balls to Celery Logs to Caucasian Shashlik to Frankfurter Spectacular in all their scary goodness. Mmmmm, Shashlik......

Title : The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s
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ISBN : 9781594482083
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The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s Reviews

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2019-06-20 17:39

    Oh WOW! How could I forget I had this?! It has to be one of the funniest books I have ever read. Okay, to be honest there isn’t much reading to be done here but the little there is is just hilarious.What is it you ask? A collection of Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 70s that the author found in her parents’ basement. Fascinating you say? Doesn’t sound very exciting you say? Come on people, stop whining and trust me on this will you?! This is ROFL/LOL/LMAO material. The recipe cards will scare you half to death (awful image quality and freaky props included). The author’s comments will make you laugh so hard there’s a good chance you’ll end up crying. Here, I’ve selected a few of my favourite recipes (and McClure's insightful comments) for your personal enjoyment. Bon appétit!They’re watching us. They’re among us. They want us to think they’re just seafood appetizers. “Hearty” ones, even – though of course they don’t have hearts at all, just diabolical reptilian eyes. OH MY GOD, DID ONE JUST BLINK?I hope that by “versatile” they mean “you can do something with this chicken besides eat it.” Because clearly, each piece is its own self-contained Grow Your Own Deadly Bacteria Kit. It’s fun! It’s easy! You don’t even need a petri dish! It’s like having an ant farm. Except, of course, with salmonella instead of ants.Frankurfters in a pie under a quilt. You know when you were a kid you walked in on your parents? And when you repressed the memory, it wound up looking like this? Good luck with therapy!Well, as adjectives for mackerel go, snappy is better than fluffy. Snappy! So snappy you need three glasses of cranberry juice to wash it down! So snappy they’ve placed it in a special roped-off area! Don’t get too close to the casserole! ‘Cause it’ll SNAP at ya! Ha! Ha! SNAPPY!Ever wonder what that movie Carrie would have been like if it had been cast with chickens instead of people and also possibly entirely reconceived as a porno? No? Well, does it help to know that now you’ll never have to? No?Inspired by the 1972 film The Poseidon Adventure, the best way to eat these eggplant boats filled with tuna is to flip them over. And then panic and scream, “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!”Where do I even begin here? Which bowl is Siegfried’s? Which one is Roy’s? What is going on here? What? What is the meaning of Jell-O, and peaches, and a ceramic cheetah, and paper flowers? And… freaky dried-pod thingies? What are those? Should we smoke them? Have we been smoking them?With the rise of popular psychology in the seventies, this combination dessert and Rorschach test proved to be a big hit, and an ideal diet dish, too. Because once you’ve seen a headless armadillo playing jai alai in your dessert as a result of projected unresolved anger from unspecified childhood issues – well, you don’t feel so hungry anymore.Need a laugh? Read this book, it’s just what the dietician ordered.

  • Oriana
    2019-05-24 15:46

    You know, I wrote this review a few years ago, and I got nervous that maybe this wasn't as funny as I remembered. WRONG. Please just click this link right now. PLEASE JUST DO IT. And then this one. And then all the rest. Then you will see.***OK, listen. Open a new browser window right now and go to this page, which has some of the pages from The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. I can't even finish this book because whenever I start, I laugh so hard I start to cry and I have to put it away until I calm down. Wendy McClure is a genius.

  • Carol
    2019-06-08 17:39

    This book won the coveted Carol Award for Best Book of 2006. Without a doubt, it is pure genius (though I admit, not everyone understands my strange sense of humor) I first encountered this book in the back of a Borders book store, where I flipped through a few pages and started laughing so hard I was snorting and crying (I even scared off the little boy standing next to me in the aisle - he must of thought that I had gone into an epileptic fit.) Obviously the pictures and captions are the stars of the show, but not to be overlooked are the section titles:Soups, Salads, Snacks, SorrowSauces, Light Meals, Lunches, LoathingMake-Ahead Meat Creations, Casseroles, and Other CreepinessMain Dish MalevolenceDrinks, Desserts, Dismay

  • Tracy
    2019-06-02 14:40

    Very good, very funny. I liked the theme of the weight watcher's cards. It reminded me a bit of Lilek's "Gallery of Regrettable Food". If you're a fan of his work you'll definitely enjoy this. It's a short read, but don't let that discourage you. I pull the Lilek books off the shelf to read about once or twice a year and this one is definitely going to join that rotation. It's a great coffee table or * embarrassing cough* bathroom book if you keep that particular room stocked with a small library.

  • Melanie Linn
    2019-06-09 14:57

    Hilarious. And pretty creepy that Weight Watchers ever thought anyone would eat some of these recipes.

  • Liz
    2019-06-18 15:58

    Hysterically funny commentary on 1970s recipe cards. You don't need to be a card-carrying member of Weight Watchers to find this funny, but I would suspect WW members would laugh off at least a few Activity Points just from reading this.

  • Kara
    2019-06-16 15:55

    Laughed so hard my stomach hurt!

  • Sundry
    2019-05-24 12:45

    Such a funny book. I’ve been a fan of McClure’s for a long time, having stumbled upon her a couple of years ago on the Internet. She does a great snarky sendup of Weight Watchers recipe cards from around 1974. My coworkers even festooned my office with cutouts of some of the more amazing creations as a welcome back from vacation.Check out the Frankfurter Spectacular and the Polynesian Snack on her website. Both of these hang in my office. Then go buy the book for a friend…you can read it carefully before you give it to your friend. She’ll never know.Click on Rosy Perfection Salad to get to the rest of the cards. is a book best read with someone else to share the laughing out loud with.

  • Sherry
    2019-06-15 19:55

    Absolutely, outrageously funny! Its like vintage Saturday Night Live and a night out at the comedy club! I laughed so loud and hard, and so many tears fell, that I had to re-do my makeup! This is so very much like what my siblings and I used to do as kids - we'd turn down the volume of the t.v. and ad-lib, or find a funny picture and poke fun at it. However, we never came across such a collection of photos so ripe for mockery! McClure displays comic genius - every page is as wonderful as the last, and many refer back to previous comments, props or recipes, so that it becomes one, big collective good time! A great book to bring out at a party, but why wait?

  • Stewart Tame
    2019-06-15 16:51

    Cute and funny and way too short. The idea of the book is simple: take a bunch of old recipe cards from the 70's and mock them. In many ways, it's similar to James Lileks' excellent books, The Gallery of Regrettable Food, and Gastroanomalies. It's tempting to characterize this book as Lileks Lite. The concept is sound, and McClure's sense of humor works well with the material. She's at her best when mocking quotation marks. And toast. Really the biggest downside to this book is its brief length. It's more of an appetizer, and I find myself wishing it were a meal.

  • Angie
    2019-05-28 17:46

    I love, love, love Wendy McClure's dry, odd, and flat-out hysterical sense of humor. It's so very much like my own!This is the diet that will be sweeping the nation - The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan (and doesn't that just SOUND yummy???)! So run, don't walk, to your nearest book store to own your very own copy of this book! Your friends and neighbors will be very jealous and will ask to borrow it, but don't let them because you'll never get it back.

  • Harriet
    2019-05-24 15:49

    I can't overestimate how funny this book is. Every time I dip into it (and I've owned it for some years now) I wind up reading the whole thing, howling with laughter. Crying with laughter. Practically peeing in my pants. If you've ever had any experience with Weight Watchers, it's that much funnier. I think Wendy McClure is a genius.

  • LM
    2019-06-17 13:40

    This was just funny. I got it when we were in full fledged Weight Watchers mode to laugh over with Reuben and Goldie. Supposedly someone found old Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 70's and the food is so gross and the props used are hysterical. You can see most of the pages here

  • Elaine Meszaros
    2019-06-04 13:56

    While helping her folks clean out the basement, McClure found an old box of Weight Watchers recipe cards from the 60s and 70s. From frozen cheese salad, liver pate en masque, and frankfurter spectacular, its all here. Low fat, low cal. and vilely gleaming on mustard yellow platters with macramé backgrounds. Yum it up kiddies, you know you love those broth-based smoothies!

  • Sara Power
    2019-06-10 19:57

    i just made everyone at my office look at this book. the story is that the author was cleaning out a closet and found a bunch of weight watcher recipe cards from the 70's...all of which were more than a little ridiculous. The author makes incredibly witty quips; this would be perfect for a coffee table book!

  • Sally Kilpatrick
    2019-06-10 19:35

    I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. This book has commentary on Weight Watchers recipes from the 70s--doesn't include the actual recipes but you're going to be okay with that. Some foul language, for those who don't care for that."The first rule of casserole club is we don't talk about casserole club."

  • Amanda
    2019-06-05 14:47

    Ugh. I had hoped this book would be just as funny as James Lileks' Gallery of Regretable Food, but it wasn't. It was just sad and a bit scary. I felt really sorry for all the weight-watching people who consumed the crap herein with a spirit of hopefullness that they'd lose weight. Surely they did, if only because this food is so repulsive--in a sad, not funny, way.

  • Diane
    2019-06-17 14:53

    Maybe because I spent my formative years in the 70's or maybe because I hate to cook (or maybe I hate to cook because I spent my formative years in the 70's), this is the funniest book I have ever read!

  • Yuki Shimmyo
    2019-06-05 19:37

    HILARIOUS. I know that these have circulated on the internet, but they're great to have in print. A foodie pal of mine was so thrilled with the book I gave her (that I found Brand New on bookswap!) she is planning to order six more copies to give out herself.

  • Sarah
    2019-06-02 16:57

    This book is sit-down-rush-though-cover-to-cover hilarious. Then you sit down again a few days later and read it again, and it gets funnier. Then you show it to all your friends and it gets even funnier. One of my absolute favorite books ever.

  • Two Readers in Love
    2019-06-04 13:56

    Between the ab workout we got from laughing, and the disincentive ever to eat again from seeing the words "mackerel" and "pudding" in close proximity, this is the only fitness book my husband and I will ever need.

  • Reese
    2019-06-14 14:46

    How do we resist a book of antiquated Diet Recipe Cards with chapters like "Main Dish Malevolence", actual lurid photos of the "food", and captions like, "Wow, Diet Crab Newburg on pink velvet and this is only your *first date with the Miami drug lord!"?? We don't. You'll laugh 'till you snort.

  • Renee
    2019-06-08 16:56

    if you want to laugh and cry and be amazed by the food our mothers and grandmothers actually cooked and it didnt kill us...please enjoy! and pass it along!I promise you will laugh and or spit/snort

  • Alicia Shafer
    2019-05-21 12:30

    This is a collection of pictures and commentary from a weight watchers recipe card set from the 60's. The food is amazingly awful and fun to look at even though the commentary is not all that witty.

  • Jen
    2019-06-08 13:37

    This book will bring you to tears of laughter!

  • Kirsti
    2019-06-04 11:39

    I am so glad I have never had to eat any of these dishes. Chilled celery log, ew. The descriptions made me laugh out loud several times.

  • Becky
    2019-05-30 16:58

    This book is good for a couple of dozen laughs. I didn't learn anything, it didn't make me think and I can't tell you now specifically one thing in it - but MAN did I laugh a lot.

  • Erin
    2019-05-24 18:31

    When I need a cleansing laugh, this is my go-to book. You can see a selection of the best cards at

  • Kerri
    2019-06-13 15:54

    Okay, so there is no story here to review. Just a book of horrible recipe cards and wonderfully snarky and hilarious comments about them.

  • Kim
    2019-06-20 17:50

    Do you like to laugh so hard you pee yourself? I know I do and I know I did. Freaking hilare. And better yet, this book was a Christmas gift from a friend that really, really gets me. Nice.