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Caleb's second year of high school starts off without a hitch until Jade touches the wrong clairvoyance sample that foretells a murder in her future. Will she remain safe even while assisting police officers Garcia and Gale in a race to prevent a cataclysmic death? Sophie and Jonesy aren't seeing things eye to eye, but when her safety is threatened by an attacker targetingCaleb's second year of high school starts off without a hitch until Jade touches the wrong clairvoyance sample that foretells a murder in her future. Will she remain safe even while assisting police officers Garcia and Gale in a race to prevent a cataclysmic death? Sophie and Jonesy aren't seeing things eye to eye, but when her safety is threatened by an attacker targeting Astral-Projection girls, they put their differences aside. The FDA approved depressant has begun to be administered to the teens for suppression of paranormal abilities during sleep for safety reasons. Or so they've been told. Carson and Brett have escalated the violence that they perpetrate and leave Caleb no choice but to reciprocate. After saving the newest member of their group from certain abuse, Caleb knows the bull's-eye is dead center on him. Again. Does Caleb use the undead as a weapon of defense while his group hangs in the balance of imminent peril?...

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  • A Book Vacation
    2019-03-26 20:31

    WIN ALL OF BLODGETT'S NOVELS ON THE BLOG STARTING 1/13/12This third installment in the Death Series is just as phenomenal as the first two, delving deeper into the lives of Caleb, Jade, and the rest of their friends as they take on their second year of high school. A much darker novel then the first two, Death Screams finds Caleb struggling to control his anger as he continues to grow and wield his ability as a corpse raiser, a Cadaver-Manipulator. Faced with many challenges, including his overwhelming need to keep Jade safe from all harm, Caleb must make extremely difficult decisions, including whether or not to murder. I really enjoyed watching Caleb as he begins going through the rites of passage, coming of age in a time when the government attempts to control all teens manifesting. His love for Jade is deepening, but his constant battle against his rage foreshadows difficult times in the future, and though I don’t want bad things to happen to these wonderful characters, it seem inevitable, especially if Caleb cannot learn to control himself.I enjoyed the different perspective within this novel as well. While in the third-person point of view, the novel divides so that each chapter follows the situations and inner thoughts of one of the characters. While it mostly shadows Caleb, our protagonist, it is extremely interesting to obtain glimpses into Jade’s thought process, as well as that the other characters too. I have always loved when this happens with the dog’s point of view, and now Blodgett has added the other characters to the mix, making it much more personal and alluring as we embark on this journey with the characters.I really think that these books are great for any YA lover, but especially for the male population as it follows the life of Caleb. It’s rare that we see teenage males take the lead in YA books, and I highly recommend this novel...To read my full review upon release (1/13/12):

  • Lori
    2019-03-24 20:26

    I devoured this book today. I'm still totally geeking out about this series. Caleb and crew just keep getting better and better at (mis)managing thier mishcheif. I CANNOT wait to read the 4th book. I love the banter, I still love Jonesy and Tiff (gum smacking included). OMG when Jonesy's baby sister barfed/puked at Thanksgiving...I haven't laughed that hard while reading a book in a long time!!! I think Caleb is going to have a lot of issues to address in the next book and I can't wait to see how he and his gang handle the fallout of all of thier previous and new adventures!!

  • Lady
    2019-04-07 22:44

    This series must be read in order. The first book is Death Whispers (The Death Series). The second book is Death Speaks (The Death Series). The third book is now the prequel Death Inception (The Death Series) though it was published fourth. This used to be the third book but it is now the fourth.Sophomore year starts with many mysteries and adds a few new people to the ever expanding group that is Caleb's posse. Sophie starts dating the new kid Buddy who is practically the enemy as he hangs out with Brett's moron brigade. The group finds Archer being abused by their enemies so they have to add him to their roster and Mia is now friends with Jade so she is added also (even though she did call the cops at the cemetery in book one). The most surprising addition is the principal's daughter Randi.There is a creeper AP stalking the AP girls and a new drug on the market that is complicating matters. The depressant that is "meant" to help adolescents not use their powers while sleeping will effectively keep the girls trapped for the guy to attack at his leisure whenever they sleep (this drug can also be weaponized or used for other nefarious purposes). If that isn't bad enough Jade has sensed a death intent (or DI) that the cops want her to identify once again putting her in harms way. Add Jeffrey Parker popping up for a visit and you just know things are going to go downhill fast!This book was awesome and completely impossible to put down. I really love how the characters' relationships grow as the group does and how the bigger it gets the tighter knit they are. It's almost like they are getting a strike team together for some shadow war that's only being hinted at. As the kids grow older so does the maturity rating of the books. I'm thinking soon that this will be an adults only series :) I can't wait to reread the next book Death Weeps (Death Series)!***This series is suitable for very mature young adult through adult readers

  • Logan Rutherford
    2019-04-15 14:15

    WOW. This book was so awesome! Definitely the best in the series by far! The storyline was deep and rich, and the characters were amazing and super realistic as usual. The world that Tamara has built is deep and immersive. It's so much fun to read the teens asking things like, 'Whats Velcro?'. The story takes place in the future, but it's not crazy, like spaceships and aliens and stuff. The world is the perfect balance of futuristic, and not-futuristic (if that makes sense).As far as the story goes, it's phenomenal. Jade touches a sample as she is practicing her Empath skills during class, and she gets Death Intent, which means that whoever that sample belongs to, they are going to kill someone (the samples come from the Lost and Found, so they have no idea who's they are). On top of all that, somebody who's an Astral Projection is attacking other Astral Projection girls. As we all know, Sophie is an AP, and she's scared that she'll be attacked. Well, things aren't going smooth for Jonesy and Sophie, and Sophie has a boyfriend named Buddy. It's fun to see how Jonesy reacts to everything going on with Sophie. He can't be there for her, even though he loves her, because of Buddy. It was very realistic, because Jonesy isn't the kind of person who likes to talk about his feelings, so it was something that Jonesy would do; keeping his feelings bottled up. There's lots of new characters thrown into the mix, who I all have their own personality, which I love. I especially like Logan, because he was named after me! I cannot wait until book four, Death Weeps, releases in May. Great job, Tamara!

  • Kami
    2019-04-22 20:23

    Oh what an ending!! How could you leave us hanging like that? So yeah, when is the next book coming out? :)I love this series. This book is the 3rd instalment of the Death Series. A lot of open ends come to conclusions, and then we are left with just as many questions all over again. The end is such a cliff hanger, grrr. I can't wait for the next book. This series makes me laugh more than any other books I have read, and Death Screams did not dissappoint on that. I am 26 with 3 kids of my own and I love this series. If you have a teenage boy who is not all that into reading, this series just might catch his eye. I recommend this series for all ages, and genders however.

  • David Fournier
    2019-04-12 22:25

    WOW, and Double WOW. The writing just keeps getting better and better (IMO). Tamara Rose Blodgett has moved into a 3-way tie as one of my favorite authors; along with Anne McCaffrey and Robert Sawyer. This is most exciting installment to the "Death" series to date. While this is the only series of Tamara's that I have read to date, she has my vote for Best YA Author of the year. This is definitely a series I will be reading multiple times.I can't wait for the next installment.

  • Beth
    2019-04-02 22:40

    Every once in a while you run across a book that is an out of this world read! Death Screams completely fits that bill. It was filled with magnificent real to life characters, fantastic paranormal/super powers, wonderful dialog, tons of action/adventure, perfectly added comedy and a mind blowing story line. Just want to know when the next book is coming out! You just can't leave us like that.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-27 15:26

    Once again Tamara doesn't let you down! Can't wait for book 4 !!!! A movie, or should I say movies, should be made from these. I would absolutely go see them!!!

  • Erika
    2019-03-25 15:25

    Really good book.

  • Arlene Adams
    2019-04-05 21:15

    DEATH SCREAMS: A DEATH NOVEL BOOK #4 BY TAMARA ROSE BLODGETT CHARACTERS:CALEB HART ALICIA HARTKYLE HARTMAC O'BRIENJOHN TERRINJOAN TERRINMARK "JONSEY"JONESBILL JONESHELEN JONESMICAH JONESALEX SIMS LEWIS ARCHERBRY WELLERTIFFANY "TIFF" WELLERGIL WELLERSHIRLEY WELLERSOPHIE MORRISMIA COTE RAUL GARCIAROBERTS "BOBBI" GALEBRETT MASONCARSON HAMILTONBUDDY HUGHES/ LOGAN TRACKERCHRISTY SMUCKERDIEGOBRODY MRS. MEGAN TULLE(JADE'S EMPATH TEACHER)DAVE SMITH (CALEB AND TIFF'S AFTD TEACHER)THOMAS PROCTER (SOPH AP TEACHER)MRS. CLAUDI CHEN (PRINCIPAL)MERRANDA "RANDI" CHEN (PRINCIPAL DAUGHTER)HUNTER ANDERSON (CALEB'S JUDO SENSEI)JENSEN (THE JANITOR AT KENT HS)JEZEBEL ORGANICMISS CONNOLLY (NURSE KENT HS) The Empath teacher, Megan Tulle Come on Jade, concentrate. If you don't master this exercise, you'll never hone in on anything.” Jade thought the emotion... the rawness of it, was a bath of filth. A boy, her age... his... identity, she couldn't place him but he was familiar to her. Finally she gave up. “I don't know who he is!”Tulle smiled,“It'll come, keep working on it. The negative impressions are difficult to manage.” Jade thought someone was deeply disturbed. Jade asked Ms. Tulle said hoodie she'd been touching Came from Lost and found.“He's bad, Miss Tulle, really bad.“What do you mean? I touched the hoodie myself and knew the tone of it but didn't sense...” she shrugged. “It's not normal negative impressions. It's got... a touch of death.” “Death Intent?” Jade nodded. “Yes.”Are you sure? Because that's reportable and with you only a sophomore...?” She wasn't sure if someone had a super-bad day, threw on a hoodie, then lost it at one 6 high schools in Kent to get nailed by the cops. She wasn't 100% sure. “Maybe we gave you too intense a sample this first time, Jade. We're aware that your skill set has expanded to clairvoyance and possible precog...”“Some of the best Empaths in the state work closely with the police. If your clairvoyance is fine-tuned enough to pick up Death Intent then I suggest you start learning the difference. Now.”She level 2 Empath but showing “they” coined as, “expanded and related abilities.” Unfortunately, she felt violence in samples she always reacted. Fear. She'd lived with fear until her dad was semi-permanently gone from her life and she wasn't about to embrace it now. Caleb said she was too compassionate. She thought she was too weak, too scared to face flavor of attacker that she'd suffered in her childhood.Hers pack brand her name emblazoned on the front in metallic hot pink. Caleb snatched for her birthday last week and she'd smitten with it. Her Sweet 16. Ready for emancipation from her dad. The restraining order go into permanent effect. Caleb wrangled his parents into pushing it through. Aunt Andrea let the last 3 restraining orders die out.Sophie hot-ass temper and so did Jonesy. Like fuel and flame. What Jonesy didn't recognize was cared about her. It was in the way he looked at her. She was dating a dude group of Dickheads: Carson Hamilton and Brett Mason brigade. It was fight waiting to happen. Sophie flashing her new boyfriend in Jonesy's face.“Sophie's having AP sex with Buddy.I couldn't believe Tiff... where angels feared to tread, Tiff entered.It was Buddy, fellow AP student..I reached for Jonesy too late. Terran grabbed Jonesy's “No, Jones.” “Not now, John,” Jonesy said “Caleb, do something!”Jade Tiff said, “Nah, let them beat the shit out of each other. I never did dig Buddy anyway, he's got eyes for Carson,” she said, winking. Brother.“Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?” she asked Jonesy “Saving you from this dumbass!” John and I behind Jonesy when Brody, Diego, Carson and Brett showed up.I saw Brett drink in the sight of Jade and my heart sped. We'd managed first 2 months of school without any problems. “I don't need saving, if you hadn't noticed. Remember, you're the one that wants to go out with whatever,” Sophie leaned against Buddy.Restraint wasn't Jonesy strong point. “What's the problem here, Buddy?” Carson asked “It's Buddy here your butt-buddy? He's making moves on Soph... and I don't think he's good for her.” Carson's The way I see it, you'll go out with anything that's female with two legs.” No comment, Jones?” Buddy askedTiff saved Jonesy's face “Don't you have your own dick to scorch off or something? Hell you could probably do whole group in like... five seconds.” I mean, a pile of millimeter sausages like you queers have. would be rudimentary for you?” John moved behind her. Tiff... quiet “It's okay, Terran. Carson can't do anything, he'd get his pecker in a twist for sure,”I didn't think Carson gave a shit His daddy would bail his ass out no matter what he did. Carson got Terran's grill and Tiff leaned into John's chest “Keep the corpse-lover in line, Terran. Or I'm gonna rethink my position on female beating. Maybe she needs to find out first hand what kinda junk I carry?“Up close package patrol for you, right?” I wouldn't do you with my dog's dick, Hamilton. Keep your pathetic parts in your pants.” Brett grabbed Carson's “Not worth it, man. Just take a chunk out of her brother's ass. Hell, she's got 5 Pick one,”Jade spoke “Listen, let's... agree to disagree,” Diego “Your friend just told us we had no dicks. Not gonna get over it fast, sweetheart.” “I'm sure she didn't mean it,” Jade said Tiff snapped Totally. Meant. It.” Carson turned to Jonesy. “You don't have territory rights here, Jones. She doesn't want you. Go hump some willing girl, you're good at that.”“What kinda progress has Dad made on that restraining order for Jade's dad? There's been a snag.” I raised an eyebrow “Since she's 16 and this is a permanent order, she has to have 5 character witnesses.” “No, it can't be you and the gang. It has to be others that are 16 and over.” “The J's, Mom. And me in 2 weeks,”He gave me look. “Remember this: she's your weakness. You have her around and you'll never keep your focus.”“And God help the poor sucker that lays hands on her,” he said. I bowed to Sensei Anderson,But now that ability had grown fangs and here he was before us, larger-than-life. The pain growth spurt was on him now as he moved with rigidity. The doctors said it was normal for a teen with this ability but even though we would love to be his size, there was no way we'd take growing pains that were kickin' his ass to pieces“I've got a guess,” Sophie walking up with Buddy. The whole group fell silent. The biggest damn question in the universe was WHY would Sophie bring a proven spawn of the enemy to the hideaway? Jonesy's face fell into angry lines Budd, “Carson's dad has a whole herd of gnomes in his yard.” He looked expectantly at everyone and Tiff snapped bomb-worthy bubble that made Jade jump. Jonesy “Listen Soph, this is for Our group. You've obviously moved on so why don't you go away. Don't go away mad, just go away,” Sophie's face crumpled regret etched where anger had been. He'd let his ego mouth overload his canary ass again, Gramps would say. Alex and Bry looked around anywhere but at them Buddy moved to Jonesy, Sophie on verge of tears. “Stop slingin' mud, Jones,” Buddy said, Jonesy was locomotive without a handbrake, he skidded to Buddy, Alex separated them with a finger on each chest. Just that touch threw them 4 feet back.Alex “We're not all warm and fuzzy about a Carson associate so no offense,” Buddy glared and Sophie huffed. Alex turned Jonesy. “You could do better with treating a female nicer. Get over yourself and maybe Buddy can go away and Sophie can stay.”“It's like I said, the drug will be tested on us Astral Projection peeps then it will go from there.” John“Has that been FDA-approved?” Alex“Yes. All the right-wingers are freaking out about the 'sleep potential' for paranormals.”“Anyway, there's a reason why they're beginning with us.” Then what?” he asked “He's a teenager. He's going after AP girls first, cuz it's easy. But the cops think he'll....” she covered her face with her hands Jade pulled her hands from Sophie's face. Jade's scream had me wrapped around her. Everyone rushed Jade she stared at Sophie in horror. “We know him...” Jade Sophie shook her head no. “Who is this creep, Jade? “I...think he's the same guy as clairvoyance sample I worked on yesterday.” Alex “What? You mean that one of your samples matches up with AP attacker?” John said, “How would you know they're the same, Jade?” I was curious myself. But Jade was my priority. I looked again at Sophie's dark circles and suddenly an idea occurred to me. “Hey...wait a sec..“You can't sleep, can you?” She shook her head. Alex “Of course. The perv uses AP to attack girls while they can't get away.” “But, the AP girls could just get back into their bodies,” Jonesy Sophie “No, If the drug becomes mandatory, we'll be trapped there. With him.” The guys looked at girls and wondered how to fight something we couldn't see. Someone that could be everywhere at any time, harming girls we cared about.Trapped. Jonesy's eyes met mine his hand left Sophie's shoulder and pressed her face against his leg. The girls were trapped. Beginning with Soph. “Find that sample, Jade.” She shuddered. “I don't want to touch that again. “If you don't do this, he can go after Sophie... other girls. Eventually, he could get to you too. The sooner we get a handle who he may be, faster cops can nab his sleazy ass. “It was so awful,” she whispered, Slowly, “I'll try.” “Good,” I pressed her head underneath mine and met Tulle's angry eyes “Thank you for seeing Miss LeClerc off so thoroughly,” Chen was a powerful Null. This her first high school admin position. She had been in placebo group as Dave Smith. He got the AFTD and she got the shut-it-all-down juice. She wasn't easily intimidated. Only a mundane could hurt her. None of us teens could.I hesitated, wondering if I should tell her about what Sophie had said about the attacker. Do you have something you wish to say, Caleb?” Nah, better keep her in the dark. “No.” She knew I'd been holding back. “Fine, see if you can learn something from the latter half of AFTD.” I strolled out of office without looking back or giving it a lot of thought. I'd give it a lot of thought later. Should've told her.A frown formed on Tulle's forehead. “Is that the one that had the DI?” Jade nodded, swallowing. Yeah, that'd been the one alright.Tulle “I keep these locked...” A troubled look came over her face. “I know you wouldn’t have taken that sample.” “No way, Miss Tulle.” Jade said, “Do you have a few minutes so we can talk?”Tulle asked. “I do if you can excuse the tardy,” Jade answered Tulle realizing she was asking Jade for something after she'd hung her boyfriend out to dry at Chen's office. “Yes,” Jade gave a small smile as she nodded. “I phoned the police, against my better judgment. We have been using the clairvoyance samples without much trouble for 5 yrs I've been teaching here. But recently, with skill set of some Empaths becoming wide,”“We need to turn in samples that have Death Intent.” “So...?” Jade was confused. “You did turn in the sample?” “No, I pulsed them and they were going to drop to pick it up.” “Let me get this straight. You pulsed police about the sample with DI, then they going come pick it up... But it's now missing?” Tulle nodded. “That about covers it. Oh, and one more thing.” Great, Jade thought “I gave your name as point of origin contact.” Jade didn't want to be involved with the police. Look what happened with Caleb. He'd almost gotten killed. So had she, her mind touching on John Smith and retreating like a finger burnt on a hot stove. Turning, Jade watched Detective Raul Garcia and Bobbi Gale walk through the door as her shoulders slumped in defeat. Wrecking the peace of the last year with their entrance.“But, I thought maybe Caleb could be in on this too.” She was just a little snarky today. I like.Garcia looked from one to the other of us. “I don't know if I'm up to the tag-teaming I may get from you two.” He waggled a finger. “And I'm sure this is nothing, but Ms. Tulle did phone this in and we've responded to the threat... or possible threat.”“What's DI?” Jade said, “Death Intent.” I shrugged. “It means the person the garment belongs to will murder or has already done so.”Tulle said, “I have my samples locked up each night...” “Pulse secure?” Gale asked Tulle nodded. Garcia whistled. “That's pretty secure. “Are you sure that you secured the room first then...” She nodded. “Oh yes, I would always secure. Always have. And I had to pulse it open this morning.” So, somebody broke into Tulle's secret stash of creeper samples, taking only the one Jade had gotten full flesh crawl over and now it wasn't here. I looked at Garcia.“Sounds like someone doesn't want the sample to be found.” Gale agreed, “Sounds like.” Effing great. Shades of the Graysheets. I didn't say it though. I looked again at Jade then back to cops. She looked nervous. I didn't like this, I had a bad feeling. “What does this have to do with Jade?” Garcia “We'll be needing her to identify the... ah, owner of the garment.” “No way!” I yelled. “You can't put her in danger like that!” Jade put her hand on my arm and Tulle tracked it like an eagle. “It's okay Caleb, I want to help them.” I shook my head. “Jade, no. This puts you on the highway to harm's way. This is some guy that goes to one of our high schools for cripes sake. It could be the AP guy...” Jade's head snapped up I wasn't supposed to be talking about that. Bullshit! These two needed to know. Jade's eyes big with the No look.What the hell was going on here? Gale “What are you saying, Caleb?” “Nothing, I guess I had it mixed up.” Garcia's gaze had caught the hiding it scent and like a good blood hound he was going to track it. He didn't press though. For now.“Listen, if I can get your folks' pulse-consent, I will let you escort Miss LeClerc here...Jade.” He gave me the look that told me it was best he could do. “What about your aunt?” I asked. “I'm emancipated, remember?” Jade reminded me. Gale “Why?” Jade hesitated and I knew how much she liked to bring up dear old dad. “My dad,” she answered“That's enough Jones. I give you quite a bit of latitude...” “Because of my awesomeness, I know,” Jonesy said“We'll be in touch In the next day or two.” “Okay,” she said. We watched the cruiser pull away. *Tiff turned to Jade and I. “So, does this have anything to do with that AP dickless that's running around trying to ravage all the girls while they're in their, comas or whatever.” She snapped series bubbles with her gum. It sounded between a gun and firecrackers. Bry scrubbed his faceIt's just... the threat of something I can't protect myself from.”“What about your boyfriend? Buddy? Isn't he... can't he be The Man here?” I said.I guess I wasn't successful because Sophie's tears dried up and Jade gave me The Look. Well hell. Jonesy grinned. “I think his man status is in question.”“Great, effing great,” Bry. He looked at Tiff. “Do ya think you could not make it so dudes want to beat the snot outta me?” Alex snickered “What's so funny, Sims?” “It's just that... you're sorta our tank.” Terran nodded and I put my hand in my face. “No WoW talk, Alex.” “What, Hart?” Never mind. Brother. “It's like World of Warcraft. The tank takes the damage so the other players can survive. You're our tank.” John made it sound like an honor. Bry's expression he was thinking getting beat up every time we were together wasn't a point of pride.“It's my backpack! I left it at Tulle's!” “That pink thing!” Sophie yelled. “It's a Coach, fashion-impaired.”“I gotta go back into the school. It has my pulse, everything. I wouldn't put it past Tulle to get into my pulse and...” she looked at me Holy hell. I sent Jade some hot stuff. Jones saw my face I shot him a look. Don't say it. “Got some kind of porn thing goin' on, Caleb?” Alex perked up and Bry laughed. Sometimes the merit of Jonesy's friendship was overrated. Jonesy “I knew you had it goin' on Hart!” Tiff “Don't you have some shitty diapers to change or something, Jonesy?” His face fell. “Thanks for reminding me, princess.” She grinned like fool “Anytime.”When Jade was about at top, I saw her hand grip the tube like handrail and she flinched, gripping it harder. Her face paled and her body shook. I had never moved so fast in my life. I cleared 4 steps at time. The janitor backed up. I shoved him out of the way Jade fell backward into arms. She was clammy, “What? Jade... what's wrong?” I asked. “Boys' bathroom...” I looked at the guys. What was going on? “They're hurting him... need to help...” she said. Hurting who? “I'm spoiling for something!” Jonesy yelled I scooped Jade up hauled her underneath my arm, I watched guys sprint for boys' bathroom as the girls joggewith Jade and I. Carson and Crew. Marvelous. Carson and Brett had some poor kid pinned to cinder block wall, his nose crooked and bloody, one shoe off, his pants down to his ankles. WTF? what was this happy horse shit?Bry and Jonesy burst through the door, the thing banging against the wall, Alex bringing up the rear. I was almost stunned to silence that Christi was there, torturing the poor kid along with sickness that was her brother, Brody. “What the blue hell are you doin' to him, ya clowns?” Tiff roared at group of guys. Diego nodded, I put Jade into Sophie's hands John by my side. I slid my eyes to Tiff, who I knew be an underdog lover. This was so up her alley. If she survived it. Buddy was there just for shits and giggles. This was becoming a colossal cluster I wasn't sure how to fix it but first things first. “What's going on?” I asked Diego gave his full attention to Tiff. “You're an abrasive little bitch, ya know that?” “Yeah,” she bellowed he was unprepared for Tiff. Join the crowd. His fists clenched he looked Bry. “Don't even try it. You touch my sister and I'll break your hand off and wipe my ass with it.” Diego“What do you care? This faggot was asking for it. Checkin' our junk out during suit up?” He turned on kid. “Weren't ya?” he screamed in the kid's beaten face. It Lewis Archer. He clenched his eyes closed and waited for more blows. I was figuring he was about done suffering through it all. “Alex?” I said “Yeah, Hart?” “Go get... Lewis from these gang-beaters and we'll let them get back to what they were doing.” Jonesy“Looks like a circle jerk to me. Manned by Christi.” Oh. God. All hell broke loose. Brody came Jonesy to defend Barbie's honor while Carson punched Bry in face as he was advancing Diego went straight for Tiff. “John!” “I'm on it!” Terran yelled, racing Diego was trying to grab Tiff, I glanced back at Jade had just enough time to prepare for punch to my bread basket I did a retaliatory strike Brett's throat. He choked, fell on his ass. He swept his foot up and glanced my nut sack. I fell, the urge to throw up a burning need in the back of my throat. This was so outta hand I didn't know where to begin. I watched Alex, struggling to overcome throbbing in my balls, Alex hold of Diego and threw him through one of bathroom stalls door broke off its hinges, crumbling. Alex set his sights on Buddy. “Leave him!” Alex straightened Buddy turned on him Carson leaped on back. With a roar, Alex shrugged the pair off him they flew into opposing walls. Sliding butts hit the floor. my eyes fell on Christi. “What were you doin' to him Christi?” Lewis answered, and even on the floor, holding my throbbing balls, with my enemies piled around me, I could see the kid's beauty. He had one of those faces, like an angel. “That sadistic bitch was hurting me,” he said, “Where?” John asked, "They didn't want to touch it!” she wailed. Of course, Christi was willing, Bry looked at her li

  • Jane Balke Andersen
    2019-03-24 21:30

    I got the first three books on a $1 special. Then I bough this one hoping it might improve and really use the ideas.Instead we have too much ridiculous instances of the males having to protect and save the poor defenceless whimpering, damsels in distress females. The character of Tiff, having some guts and bravery is referred to as being more like a male! Really? Gender stereotypes to the max. Then there’s the gay character and treating being gay like it’s something HUGE. And fighting, always fighting. Too much posturing, not enough development. No more thanks. I gave this series a really good try.

  • Caroline Abernethy
    2019-03-27 14:30

    Great bookI really like this series of books. I got the first three free and bought this one as soon as I finished that boxset. The imagery in the story is really appealing and the world created is believable. Well written and edited.

  • Angie
    2019-03-26 18:33

    The rest of Caleb and Company’s freshman year must have been uneventful, since Death Screams picks up nearly a year later. The beginning of Sophomore year contains enough trouble for an entire lifetime though. The focus has once again shifted, as the story follows Caleb and Jade more closely. Not as couple, although there is some, but as individuals. Both of them are maturing and they each have issues to work through, both personally and with the police.While I did like getting more of Jade, I was annoyed at the alternating between 3rd and 1st person in Death Screams. My annoyance was furthered by the fact that there were also random chapters from Sophie and Mac which didn’t add much to the overall story. Luckily these chapters are pretty sparse, but when they did appear, they took me out of the story. This originally caused me to want to rate Death Screams lower, but the fantastic ending made up for it. Jade’s chapters aren’t many either, but they did advance the plot and help develop her character, so I was less annoyed by them. I also really enjoyed learning more about her Empath abilities, especially now that she’s exhibiting strength in clairvoyance, something the police would like to use her for.Much like in Death Speaks, the paranormal plot was mostly in the background of Death Screams. This time there’s a rapist and potential murderer on the loose using Astral Projection as his mode of operation. It seems that he’s targeting girls who also have AP abilities and attacking them in Realm (the place where the spirit first goes when leaving the body). This is especially scary because what happens to the spirit actually happens to the body, so if you’re attacked in Realm, only another strong AP could come in to save you. Sophie’s ability is AP, so she is understandably shaken up by this threat. Like I said before, this plot is mostly on the back burner, but I figured out the attacker almost immediately. I couldn’t figure out why he was doing this, and even at the end I didn’t really understand it. I’m going to assume that he’s just a sick person.Caleb is still the star of this series, and it was interesting watching him grow into a young man. He celebrates his 16th birthday in Death Screams, and in this world that makes him an adult. His alpha male tendencies are also increasing and he feels this overwhelming need to protect Jade at all times. This does put a bit of a strain on their relationship, because she sees how violent Caleb is becoming, and she’s worked so hard to get away from her abusive father. Caleb also gets into much more trouble with the police as he can’t seem to control his zombies who are also increasingly violent toward his enemies. There’s no precedence on using the undead as a weapon which has kept him out of trouble, but with so many incidents under his belt, that’s changing. And with the Greysheets taking more interest in him, it’s only a matter time before Caleb ends up being recruited by them, or in jail.Aside from the alternating POV, my only other major complaint about Death Screams that almost made this a 3 star was the repetitive nature of the conflict between Caleb and Carson and Brett. There are a few fights that crop up between them, which I was expecting, but it’s the same thing over and over again with them. Frankly, I’m kind of bored of it. I was also irritated by the fact that Carson and his gang violently attack Caleb and his friends in front of all of their parents at Mac’s house! I know they’re idiots, but I honestly couldn’t believe that they would go that far. And the parents just sat around, wide eyed! Thank goodness for zombie protectors.The ending definitely saved Death Screams from being just good. I still had some lingering questions, but overall it was an amazing ending. Everything is starting to fall apart for Caleb, and other things are coming together. There are some interesting surprises along the way, and it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. You’ll definitely want to have the next book handy. I just hope there isn’t another major time jump!Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Andrea
    2019-04-06 17:14

    This is a series review of the DEATH SERIES, by Tamara Blodgett. I struggled with a way to review each of these books without spoiling them and without becoming redundant. Tough job. So what I decided to do is, spotlight each book, then review the series as a whole. This series has been on my radar for quite some time now. I actually bought DEATH WHISPERS last summer, I think, and planned to read it at some point. So when the author asked if I might review the series, I knew the time had come. So what did I think of the DEATH series? I really liked it. The concept was original and smart. Basically, scientist mapped out the human genome and then developed the capability to expand paranormal abilities. Every school-aged child is given a drug cocktail that enhance said abilities. When the children reach puberty, their bodies aren't the only things to develop. Each teen's ability manifests in a different way. Some may become Empaths. Others may become Telepaths, or Telekenesis, or the biggie Affinity for the Dead(AftD). Caleb Hart, series hero, has AftD, and he's the son of the scientist partially responsible for the discovery. Lucky boy. Good thing Caleb has the "J's", his best friends John and Jonesy, and his new girlfriend, Jade. Add in supportive, if quirky, parents and Caleb has support on all fronts.Beyond the original concept, I love how Blodgett expanded on the story. Caleb and his friends would struggle to survive and solve one complicated scenario, then another would crop up. The first book begins with Caleb, John and Jonesy trying to get the school bullies off their backs. Then they must avoid Caleb, because of his unique abilities, being exploited by the government. Even when Caleb gets out of hot water, the Greysheets are always watching him. And when he's not dealing with the Greysheets, Jade's abusive father is on his case. Oh, and the Affinity for the Dead ability? Not only is Caleb saddled with that, he is also a Cadaver-Manipulator. A necromancer. The dead that Caleb raise obey him, faithfully. He can use them to scare his bullies, or to ward off the bad guys. And sometimes, he loses control of his minions. Not good. I mentioned the support cast, but they all play a huge role in the books. I really enjoyed Caleb. His voice felt very authentic. He was snarky and sarcastic, but also caring to those he loves. Throughout the series, Caleb is put to the test. He makes some dangerous, unwise choices at times, but mostly for the right reasons. His best friends, the J's, were very funny and always had Caleb's back. I adored Jade. Jade comes from a rough background. She has an alcoholic, abusive father. She was removed from the home and lives in the care of her aunt. A lot of people judge her, but Caleb only sees her for herself, a girl he's crazy about. Their caring, slow-building relationship was probably my favorite aspect of the story. Call me a romantic. Their relationship doesn't exactly go smoothly, though. Jacob's abilities, her family, and circumstances beyond their control put them to the test. And lastly, Caleb's parents, Kyle and Alicia. I found them to be funny, a great source of comic relief. And most importantly, they're present. They play an actual, big, part in the stories.So...I do have to say that while I did like Caleb and the snark, it did begin to wear on me after a while. I just felt the internal and external quippiness was a bit much. But, to be fair, teenage boys are a bit much at times, so there's that. ;-) Also, Caleb likes the word "retarded". A lot. Like, he says it so much, it's like he's trying to make a point that he'll say it just because he can. I know words only have the power we give them, but I've never liked that one. So that did bug me. But, I will say that as the series progresses and Caleb matures, he does ease up on the annoying language. Also, the villains sometimes felt a bit cartoonish to me.The DEATH SERIES was, overall, a really fun, unique ride. The scientific aspect was clever. The characters were funny and memorable. The action never stops. I think this series would certainly be a hit with teens, specifically teen boys.

  • Ariel Mathis
    2019-04-18 19:16

    "You love me," she said, her filling with the sure knowledge of it."I do," I said never looking away."You don't think I'm a whore?" She said in a soft voice.I shook my head slowly. "I could never think that," I said. The truth of my words echoing through whatever thread let her feel what people were really about.She got up on her knees and leaned into me, her hands grabbing my shoulders for balance. "I'm ready," Jade said. Her eyes held mine.I smiled. Just the words I'd been hopin' to hear.Instead, I did the right thing. "I've got all kinds of time."She smiled. "Like how much time?""For you? Forever." I cupped the smallness of her face, her skin a sliken brush under the warmth of my palm.She pressed her lips to mine and we sucked up some more stolen joy. My arms around her. Protecting her from everything.Including myself.Awwww!! How sweet is that? Caleb waiting for Jade. That made my heart smile. :) Anyhoo, onto the review. Loved this book. There's a creeper out there targeting AP girls and some have died. One got away with the help of the AP teacher. Well, this is freakin' out Sophie because she's AP & as of late, she hasn't been getting any sleep because of it. Plus, to make things even more complicated, her and Jonesy aren't seeing eye to eye. The police want Caleb to help find the creeper before he strikes again. Then there's Clyde and his romance with Gale. Hmmmmm, just a tad bit weird but as longs as she's (Gale) okay with it, I'm okay with it. I mean, Clyde isn't a bad guy at all, just dead. But I'm still wondering, even having read the next book, what the deal is with Clyde & Gale. I am a big fan of zombies and when there's romance, it's just freain' awesome because you don't know if you're supposed to like it or not & of course I do. Lol This book did wrap up but left you hanging and luckily for me, I bought the next book. ;)

  • Opal
    2019-04-08 19:29

    The third book of the this series starts off in an unusual manner in that you see through the eyes of Jade rather then the first person of Caleb. I'm not sure I liked the way Blodgett handled the revolving perspectives throughout the book, but it was still well written and a good book. The action was fast-paced. The dialogue was swift and humorous. The characters were still as endearing as they've always been. Another reason I didn't give the book five stars was that I figured out who the bad guy was before the final chapter. Of course I didn't figure out the motivations of the character which made the climax satisfying.

  • Brandy
    2019-03-26 22:18

    This book gets the story going again (the 3rd book was just a short prequel). It's a new school year & of course there is all the drama of high school & fights, again. Also, the dog puts his 2 cents in. If it weren't for Clyde & Gramps, I'm not sure I'd keep reading. What is with the abuse, both physical & sexual in these books? It seems like the norm here. Jade reminds me of Bella in Twilight- it's okay, I like him. He's my friend. Talking about Brett & even Caleb at times. Girl needs Tiff to give her a lesson in tough. I also do not see teens accepting the enemy dating one of their own. Would not happen in real life. Ever. So, onto the next book....

  • Monique
    2019-03-23 20:40

    The premise in the first book started of well, although I didn't like the reference to President Obama, but I was able to overlook that as an adult. However, how about a young mind? I did enjoy the first booke! By the time I was reading the third book I already knew what was going to happen, the bullies, the government, etc etc. Nothing new. There is still books #4 and #5, and I have no interest at all in reading them

  • Jeff Smith
    2019-04-17 17:31

    Very good. Nice progression in the books. Enough mystery to keep things moving forward and some nice little twists and turns along the way. A couple of interesting new characters and a surprise from a character that I did not expect. Looking forward to more.

  • Liesl Biddell
    2019-04-10 16:14

    This series is fantastic. I worked out the other day that since reading the first book I bought by Tamara Rose Blodgett I have since read a total of 12 of her books in a row and am already half way through the next book in this series. Now that is what I call great story writing ...

  • Dianne
    2019-04-04 17:15

    I LOVED this addition to the Death series! How often can you find a series that makes you laugh, makes you love the characters, makes you feel like 'you are there'???? This is reading at its best, especially when the next day, you are still thinking about it! Pure entertainment.

  • Carlen
    2019-04-11 17:23

    I am so hooked. I can't wait to read the next book!!!

  • Carla
    2019-04-13 22:44

    Love love love this series!!!!!!!!

  • Willow
    2019-03-30 18:28

    I liked this book, just as I liked the first two. I'll definitely continue the series.

  • Bailey
    2019-04-22 18:43

    Love love love

  • Tracy Hinds
    2019-03-30 16:36

    Liked book 2 better. The ending was very good on this one though. Another surprise villian that I never suspected.

  • Zozezamah
    2019-04-22 22:21

    Can someone

  • Nycole Peech
    2019-04-10 16:17

    As good as the previous. Light and entertaining.

  • Albert Yates
    2019-03-25 16:24

    I had forgotten how much I liked these characters until I picked up the books again. fantastic is all I can really say about it.

  • Maria Banning
    2019-03-28 14:24