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Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereGod Save the Dork continues in the style of the first book, a satirical and witty take on the world of corporate consultancy and management. The blunders of the protagonist Robin Varghese highlight the absurdities in corporate life, and the character’s very mediocrity makes him attractive, despite his pretensions....

Title : God Save the Dork
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God Save the Dork Reviews

  • Veturi
    2019-04-01 18:20

    I read the first installment of Dork and found it to be funny, sarcastic, appropriately witty, but essentially a silly book. Not that I didn’t enjoy it or laugh greedily at it, but I generally do not want books like it or people like Robin “Einstein” Varghese to succeed. But apparently they do and this book is some sort of a National Best Seller, like a thousand other books, if you go by what the covers of these books say.When its sequel God Save the Dork came out, I could not believe it. But then again, it is a national best seller again and Flipkart always pushes it as one of my recommendations, regardless of the number of times I browsed Midnight’s Children and Thus Spake Zarathustra on the site. I never wanted to buy it, but had to give in because Flipkart gives free shipping only on orders exceeding 500 INR and the purchase I was doing only amounted to 390 INR. Also, I was 34% or 16 books behind my schedule to reach my reading challenge of 50 books a year on Goodreads and this one is surely an easy read. So, as you see, the world conspired against me to make me read it or else I would never have read this sort of books with little or no literary merit whatsoever. Speaking of which, I should finish the damn Midnight’s Children at least this time. It is my 15th attempt at it now and only 2 more separate me from the stupid Ghazini.Read Full Review

  • Shweta Ganesh Kumar
    2019-04-12 17:21

    Aiyyo Deivammey, this book finished even before I started. Or maybe that was because, I ended up rushing through Robin Einstein Varghese's hilarious diaries yet again. But blog, let me start at the beginning as I'm sure you are wondering, 'what is this Vattu case talking about?'So, in the second book of Sidin Vadukut's Dork series, the dork is now in London, a self-made guru and consultant. I loved the first book and could not wait to get my hands on the second, which was thankfully brought across continents by dear Amma who flew over most of the continents in the world, to get here to El Salvador. But this is not about her journeys, this is supposed to be a book review.So anyway, I get the book and I itch to start reading, but I can't as I am in the middle of 'The Casual Vacancy.' But then I finish and then I greedily start this book and sadly, I'm left a little empty.It is funny, ha-ha funny in parts, but not as funny as the first book. Some of the humour is also very Mr.Bean. Plus thank god I'm a malayali, 'cos some of the sequences would go way above my head, if it weren't.The two stars are because it was an easy read and I love Sidin Vadukut's style of writing. I just wish...actually I don't know what exactly I wish to have made the book as likeable as the first.I'd recommend it as a good companion to have on a short flight or train ride. Enjai!

  • Arvind
    2019-03-31 18:27

    3.5/5 Much better than d first book and the first half was truly hilarious. May save book #3 for a trip later.

  • Niranj
    2019-03-23 14:45

    If you've already read Dork, the prequel to this book, you aren't in for a surprise. Einstein continues with his (mis)adventures with his employer and the book is a detailed recording his day-to-day life, when in London, working for a client through his employer, in the form of his journal entries. In case you haven't read the first book, do that first before picking this one up. Good read, but somewhere after the reaching the middle, the book does tend to become a bit overbearing. To those who have read the first book, there are truly no surprises - the protagonists foolish act (that was done because of his stupidity, nothing more) becomes a career & life saver and pushes him even further up the corporate ladder. The ending was rather hurried, almost like running out of space to complete an essay during the exam. Those who take these words seriously and apply it to their career would probably end up getting arrested. The book is a decent read, and just like Dork, has a few moments described in accurate detail that were absolutely hilarious (hair dryer incident, duty free shopping at Brussels among others that I do not want to mention).Unlike Dork, which anyone who has been through college can relate to, probably due to the fact that I really do not understand banking or consultancy and the terminology used, I couldn't understand a lot of stuff written here, but that never really stopped me from enjoying the book, since Einstein seems to be a bigger moron with even lesser understanding of what goes on in his own world. The book is funny, racist, spattered with swear words - ones expecting a work of literature are better off skipping this one, but I suppose the ones who have been following the authors work (earlier book, columns, twitter feed, and blog) know exactly what they're getting themselves into.End of the day, probably due to reasons mentioned above, this didn't make as much of an impression that Dork made - Sorry Sidin, but I do believe you can put up a much better book, and am hoping to see that in the next instalment of Robin Varghese's (mis)adventures.

  • Giridhar Pai
    2019-04-01 14:23

    This book has been the worst that I have read in my life!!! Only after reading it, did I discover what the word DORK means as I had'nt read the prior part of this three part series. Knowing the meaning of DORK prior to starting to read the book would have helped me anticipate the flood of profanity that the author unleashes on the readers from the word go. I picked up this book recently as I have read a few of the columns by the author in the Mint and had liked the weird sense of humour portrayed by the author in his Cubiclenama posts in the Mint. There are enough indicators to wary readers to put them off the book as the blurb in the front refers to the author's other book, Dork and the front inner cover cleverly lists praise for that book and not the one that is being read! This is the first time I came across such a guerilla marketing technique and I guess it is in anticipation of the poor quality of God Save the Dork! I can't believe that a reputed publisher like Penguin has actually published the book! There isnt much to write about the story as there is not much of it in the book. For one, the author uses English, Hindi and Malayalam and expects the reader to sail through all 3 languages. The profanity used is excessive and is done both in English and Hindi. The profanity is without context and the profane words used seem to have been used just to increase the word count and make up a lot of the 242 pages. I am unable to understand what the author and the publisher were thinking while bringing out this 200+ page book having no content and with one and two word reviews by reputed newspapers on the back cover. The excruciating adventures of the hero Robin Einstein Varghese are silly, senseless and puerile. The author recounts the typical incidents that are likely at Indian Engineering colleges and a typical management consultant assignment. Clever use of jargon and buzzwords including those related to the sub-prime crisis in the USA in the first decade of the 21st century cant save the Dork's author from boring the reader.

  • Ashishg
    2019-04-18 22:38

    Sequel to "Dork" will be judged slightly inferior only because it's being compared to amazing first book. In itself, it continues to be laugh out loud funny from first page to last. Sidin Vadukut hasn't lost touch with humour and that's satisfying. This book has more action and less thoughts, is easily understood by readers without MBA background (something I'd complained earlier) and perhaps has an eye on potential movie-deal. Character of Einstein is picked up as was left earlier and hence even though book doesn't uses much information from previous book (some small references), it appears to be written only for someone who has read previous book. All in all, go ahead and you will not be disappointed.

  • Ashok.chava
    2019-04-02 14:40

    After a very very long time I laughed while reading a book. Better than Chethan bhagat books(Except five point someone). A must read for all the fun loving reader.Even though its not a new way of presenting a story, telling the story using dairy entries of main protagonist is really cool. Now I am going to find the first part of this book and will read and write a review here. :)

  • Lyazzat
    2019-03-31 20:32

    Another epic hilarious book, though sure peeps thought I am mental as was breaking down with laughter during reading it on the public transport. Some stories about London is soo painfully true + the way it has been told - is just perfect everyday sarcasm here. Going to crack the third book now.

  • Karthick R
    2019-04-06 21:23

    It's like talking to my own self. Jotting down journal entries of my own life - minus all the sex - minus all the women - minus the stay at London. Except that it's all the same. Good to be back reading Sidin.On the whole, predictable most of the times yet funny. :)Adipoli :D~ cheers.!

  • Brian Cowlishaw
    2019-03-22 17:21

    It's always irritating in real life and funny in fiction: the arrogant total moron who thinks he's a genius. The first book was a bit better, but this one is a fun light read.

  • Vineet
    2019-04-05 22:43

    Redefining crap. Chucked after 3 pages.

  • Tejas
    2019-04-07 14:45

    A far cry from Dork #1, but retains Vadukut's sense of humour, Management references, to his time in the Gulf - the book is packed with laughs.

  • Ranjit Shinde
    2019-04-22 19:22

    The antics of Einstein take us to London, where he is deputed to the Lederman offices. His stupid antics and his belief in his non existent theoretical consulting abilities takes the readers on a roller coaster of silliness. A breeze if you sit down and read it at one go, a real lifesaver at the end of a long work day..cant wait to get on to more silliness of the Robinator in the 3rd book in the Trilogy of the Dork.

  • Srikanth
    2019-03-30 15:39

    March 13 2013Blog, you wont beleive what just happened this week with me. I was stuck with the same guy, Robinator, who told me funny story last year about his mis-adventures. So, turns out he was carefully packed and shipped to London, where he was self proclaimed financial guru and an expert at banking(This would be in climax though). Blog, since i liked his first narration and mis adventures, i had to read this as well and also amazon was carrying it for a very meager price of 2$ for a kindle version, so who cares, why not?So Blog, turns out this sidin vadukut guy is a genius, who can turn one's personal diary into f*8kin book. I doubt if my diary atleast has matter to be turned in a 20 pages article (Noting down in a notepad to write a diary daily rather than once in a year when something good, no, great, no no Blog, greatest thing happens to me in my life. We never know. My Blog could be turned into another of those Robinatory adventures). Stop!..Whats that. Oh Come on..Stop scratching my finger. Damn Blog, stop bugging. I know this aint my life story, its a review , i get it.So Roblu, this is what his girl friend gowri calls him sweetly, is sent to London on a mission of saving the world from aliens and protecting Angelina Jolie from alien villain, Mogambo, who uses his signature line, Mogambo is happy, whenever he kills someone. Now that i got your attention Blog, this aint Dorks story, its my story. Lol. I had you for a while. Glad you agree even i can write. Anyways, keeping aside story of my dream project i will try to wrap up this review in a short way.Robin Varghese, after his misadventure with the Voicemail in the first book, is hired by Dufrensy and is sent to London where he would work for Lederman on a new project. The mis adventure start right from he trying to go to an Art museum, he trying to download some Raveena stuff as tension reliever, his child welfare organisation goofup, his microphone massacre, he calling a chinese chick as chinky and falling in love with him for 46 hours exactly, Gowri undisclosed visit to london to surprise him and last but the least his and dominics trail of bribing Tom to save the project.This installment of robinatory was funny, witty and mis adventurous, yet it missed the X-Factor which was there in the first part (Blog, am i not soudning like Anu Malik from Indian Idol auditions.. Hopped into the restroom, stood before the mirror and spit on my mirror image. Would never try to do Anu Malikisim ever again).. Sidin writing is something which is easy to connect, easy to read and funny to implement. You could see the effects of me trying his writing style. He follows the same style of dairy writing, yet it would be of more clarity than what i am doing here. If his was Sholay, mine would be Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. lol'Any ways. Gotto to work on some important presentations for tommorows meeting (I just tried to be more hi-fi. Its nothing but a normal meeting which we have each working day of the week. Lol).. I rate this Mis-Adventure a 3.75/5. Ready to read the 3rd installment today. Hope Sidin wont disapoint me. Adios Blog.

  • Deepak Gopalakrishnan
    2019-04-22 20:32

    A disappointment.I'll say this for Sidin. He's a brave, brave man.He's one of India's finest humour writers, with an instantly recognizable style, which is not something very easy to achieve. And yet, when he came out with a book, it was written as someone else (Robin Varghese). He deliberately HAD to be mediocre, he HAD to be annoying, he HAD to curtail his usual brilliance in order to bring out the character in the first person. And since your first novel is what many people are going to judge you by, that is a brave, brave thing to do.Which is why I loved Dork 1. It wasn't Sidin as we knew him on Whatay, but it was Sidin in terms of the humour. The character. It was fresh. And at one point, I laughed out loud.I was excited about Dork 2.Unfortunately, the book disappoints. Robin's character was endearing in Book 1 but just seems out-and-out annoying here. The storyline is predictable - guy builds himself up in pomposity before crashing, only to be rescued by sheer luck at the end. It's not a bad thing, having a predictable formula (heck, Wodehouse did it for 90 books), but the story stops being gripping at a few points. Which is sad, because the hype around the book was huge and the Author's Note was a riot (coming to think of it, probably the funniest thing in the book).It's also unpardonable to have typos. Putting in a 'loose' for 'lose' is something you might expect on a n00b starting on Blogger, but not from one of India's best bloggers and editors at Penguin India. Shocking. I spotted at least three errors.Not that it's money badly spent. The narrative is a refreshingly different style (form of diary entries), there are certain gems (Robin dissing a person who wants to develop a social network where people tell each other what they do in 140 characters).It's going to be interesting what Vadukut churns out in the next book of the trilogy - it has to be along the same lines, and it'll be challenging keeping the fatigue in mind. (Later update: Dork 3 was MUCH better)I maintain that Sidin is one of India's funniest writers, and the stuff he puts up on Cricinfo is probably the funniest stuff on the Indian interwebz today, and it's highly recommended you check that stuff out before forming your opinion of him as a writer on the basis of this book alone.

  • Bookgeeks.In
    2019-03-29 21:18

    PLOT: 2.5/5CHARACTERS: 2.5/5WRITING STYLE: 2.5/5CLIMAX: 2/5ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 3.5/5“God save the Dork” is a sequel to the Vadukut’s “Dork: The incredible adventures of Robert “Einstein” Varghese”. Having not the read the 1st one, I did not what the storyline was, but was promised a lot of laughs going by the popularity of the first book. However, “God save the Dork” turned out to be a major disappointment, both in terms of story as well as humour quotient.When I started reading the book, I was fully aware of the fact that I had no idea what happened in the first book. However, there were multiple references to incidents from the previous book, to the point of irritating the reader. When reading a sequel, one would only want a fleeting reference to what happened in the past rather constant reminders that you haven’t read the first book.In “God save the Dork”, the protagonist Robert “Einstein” Varghese is given a promotion and sent to London after a voicemail controversy. Even in London, he continues on his funny mess-ups, with his multiple failed attempts at wooing an intern in spite of being married as well as his microphone incidents bringing out the biggest laughs. You will also laugh at his anger in having to help Sugandh after he was caught for illegal downloading. There are other such funny incidents in the book that will definitely bring a smile to our face.However, as you continue reading the book, you will find that the humour is forced and you feel that the author is trying too hard to make you laugh. With their not being a solid storyline to the book, the attempts at humour become all the more dull and do not contribute in entertaining the reader. In the end, you would want to finish it as quickly as possible as it is no longer entertaining.That being said, humour is one of the most difficult subjects to write on, and the author tries his best to get the reader laughing. While I would not recommend this for a train journey, if you have a day off and have nothing to do, you can always curl up with this and have a decent laugh on the clumsiness of Robert “Einstein” Varghese.

  • Varun Mehta
    2019-04-06 16:36

    The last time I laughed so much when reading a book was when I was read DORK .. yes... Prequeal of this book. I find it better than first Book.. may be coz its been a long time since I read that book.. and believe me I am regretting to pick up 2nd book so late .. what went wrong ?? need some basic analysis .. lets start working on spreadsheet .. Wait a Minute.. I am not the Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese .. so better I continue the work I am doing and leave the Job to the Master I believe the problem with Robin Varghese and with almost of all us is that though we have a high opinion of our abilities, we are unable to translate these into actions.This is a hilarious account of how Robin strives to deliver his best in every situation thinking-out-of-box but ends up doing something stupid.Robin’s attempts to get the attention of a beautiful chinky intern, difficulties in coping up with an IT Manage who cant write his resume but knows how to Blackmail, Madness for husky voice of Raveena Tandon (another common thing between me & Robin), experience with British museums, creative thinking to maintain the relation between Dufresne and Lederman, office scandal in the end...Oh wait I forgot to mention about ‘Project Mohanlal’ – ROFL...ultimate mallu comedy (I need to watch some of his film)I finished the reading in 4-5 days, taking some 30 min of my bus journey to office and back and sometime reading at home before dinner (only with due permission from #MyDoll).Reading this book was like talking about my own self. Jotting down journal entries of my own life - minus all the Luck - minus all the Money - minus the stay at London. Except that it's all the same.

  • Srikar Malapaka
    2019-03-23 16:41

    'God Save The Dork' is a sequel to 'Dork:The Incredible Adventures Of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese'After the voicemail scandal in the first part, Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese, the protagonist, was promoted in Dufresne. The story of this book was set up in London where Robin was in the Dufresne's team working for their client, Lederman.This is a hilarious account of how Robin strives to deliver his best in every situation thinking-on-his-feet but ends up doing something stupid. The satires on consultancy field and humour on office culture are continued even in this book like in the previous one.Robin’s attempts to get the attention of a beautiful chinky intern, difficulties in helping Sugandh (who cannot even prepare his own biodata) to get a job, Raveena Tandon madness, experience with British museums, jealousy on his college mate Rahul Gupta who is now VP of Dufresne, out-of-box thinking to maintain the relation between Dufresne and Lederman, humiliation because of the microphones, his demanding girl friend, office scandal in the end...Oh wait I forgot to mention about ‘Project Mohanlal’ – ROFL...ultimate mallu comedy.With Sidin's unique style of writing, this book is witty right from the page one. There is also an element of suspense as the story proceeds. The ending is far better than the previous book.I don’t want this Dork series to end with just three books. Waiting for the next one.Overall a rib-tickling work, as expected.

  • Abhijeet Sharma
    2019-04-14 21:43

    I write this as one having a soft corner for humor reads. The second part of this trilogy carries on with the ordeals of the bright yet goofy Robin Varghese. This time the proceedings take place in London where the protagonist has been hired as a consultant for a leading bank. Although, the storyline is not out of the box or the humor dazzling it has more than enough to compel you to frequent chuckles and smiles. The diary format of narrative does not leave much scope for descriptive story-telling and keeping that in mind it does justice to the format. The characters surrounding Robin vary from obnoxious, being a brunt on his intelligence to attractive, where he displays his goofiness in good measure to smarter colleagues, whom he curses and disregards owing to his immense competitive spirit. The backdrop of the imminent housing crisis in the U.S, the use of the management jargon to depict the corporate hypocrisy and the idiosyncrasies of the lead (fanaticism for Mohanlal and Raveena being the standout) give it the delightful impetus it needs every now and then. It is a warm, light read and those privy to the corporate culture will certainly find it amusing.

  • Guru
    2019-03-28 22:32

    I quite liked the first book in the series and finally got around to read the sequel recently after more than a year of its release. So Robin "Eistein" Varghese is back and this time he finds himself in ol' Blighty on an onsite assignment working for the fabled Lederman bank. His attempts to "imbibe the local culture" come to naught and his iron constitution seems to crumble down every time he tries to sample any of the multinational cuisines London has to offer. This was a terrifically fast read but the story felt rather rudderless when compared with the original. In fact, it is difficult to summarize the plot. The first 100 pages are absolutely hilarious as Sidin introduces us to lots of really funny characters. My favorite was the Polish secretary with severe communication problems. Unfortunately, the story (based in 2007) starts to focus on a somewhat boring US sub-prime crisis angle. Still some guffaws to be found in those pages but I felt it could have been much much more funnier.

  • Manny
    2019-04-10 15:25

    Dork is an Indian version of Inspector Clouseau(Pink Panther) set this time in the banking environment in London. Robin is now sent to London to work with "Lederman" Bank and this story follows his travails including downloading Raveena Clips, investing in the US housing market and co-existing with pretty interns and old enemies.Sidin is one of the better Indian writers but the book reads like one of the recent Priyadarshan flicks. You end up laughing only once or twice and then quickly finish the book to move on to the next one. It is better than the previous Dork and the character of Robin was memorable. However Sidin tries too hard to make it funny and it shows in the writing. If this were a movie, I would recommend to download and fast forward and watch it, instead of watching in a theatre.

  • Nikhil
    2019-03-30 21:22

    One of the best works I have read from an Indian author that manages to leave a visual imagery of comic situations better than any Bollywood comedy could ever do. This is one read you need to pick up purely for its ability to spring laughs and chuckles on you when you least expect it. The story about an Indian trying to please his professional and personal commitments while being well, an Indian, will leave you in splits. For someone who has written his second book, I would rate Sidin Vadukut right up there with Rob Grant and Douglas Adams on my list of Favourite authors who write humour. Although, 'God save the Dork' was the second book of Sidin's Protagonist, Robin, it certainly has entertained me enough to make sure I pick up his first book, Dork, as well.

  • Arathi Mohan
    2019-03-29 22:24

    Dork goes on London secondment. Alongwith his consulting commitments of creating spreadsheets, attending meetings and creating decks, now he has the additional responsibility of getting acquainted with the culture on display in London museums, due to the constant pestering over phone by his girlfriend back in India. Read on to see how Robin manages to goof up at the right places at the right time. There are many laugh-out-loud moments for the reader. If you are in the consulting profession, you will identify with many of the situations. However, the comedy seems forced in a few places. A light-hearted take on the people in a big consulting firm.

  • Jkhona
    2019-03-23 16:36

    The Dork-ism continues. The Einstein continues to amuse yourself. Per Diem is really awesome. I like the way Indians sturggle to save maximum pounds while spending maximum on every named pleasures of London. The way he was treated at that meuseum as a specimen and was paid later or when Gouri landed while he was with that Chinki was hilariously described. Sugandh has blown my mind as well with the way he lives. I feel pity for way Robin handled him. :( I can understand because I have met few Sugandh(s) as well back in time. Overall it is a good book to read anytime you are low in your office. But ensure to read Dork part one before hopping into this one.

  • Deepak
    2019-04-19 17:45

    I was quite lucky to have stumbled upon the sequel in a friend's collection. And having read this one, I would somehow like to place the two books in a different genre altogether - an empathy-evoking (to an extent only, though), jocular yet touching, imperfect satire. The journey of Einstein continues, this time in London. Once more, all the characters and events come together to constitute the unimaginable screw-ups that never fail to amuse. For those out to find logic, this is not for you. For those who want authenticity, do not pick this up. This is for the lover of Bollywood-ishtyle comedies.

  • Udaykiran Joshi
    2019-03-23 17:28

    Funny, witty and a good timepass...It was a bit boring at the start but thoroughly enjoyed the second half.. I actually listened to the audio version of this and the narration was quite funny and loved it..( Not sure if the print versions are equally humorous.. :-)) especially during the scenes where Einstein takes out his frustration or makes sarcastic comments.. There are good number of 'haha' moments as the story progresses..I don't mind picking the other two of this dork trilogy for leisure time light reading..but not really hoping for any drastic changes..

  • Kriti Malhotra
    2019-04-12 19:22

    I didn't quite like this book. Neither the story line nor the character (Robert 'Einstein' Verghese) is gripping enough to keep the reader interested. Quite a disappointment when you compare it with the first book which was extremely funny and kept the reader involved. Here, apart from 1-2 instances, one couldn't say that one rotfl laughing. Also, this books bears quite a resemblance to the tv series Mr Bean which I think has its visual appeal to make the viewer laugh. Unfortunately this book lacks that too.

  • Vaibhav Manoharan
    2019-04-11 18:37

    I haven't read the first book and I see no reason to read that since it isn't a continuous series. This book, I hope will be the least rated book of this year! This book is bad. Well, not that bad but yeah! It's clichéd. Every page...actually every line or most of them is only f***. It's the diary of Robin "Einstein" Varghese who's a consultant and strategy maestro.Last words - I won't recommend this book to anyone.

  • Priya
    2019-04-10 19:18

    I was somewhat let down by this book and I must be honest that I have not had the patience to quite finish it. Don't think i can :( Unlike the first book, which i thought was an absolute genius, the stories in this one were repetitive, only with an international setting to them. The previously silly diary entries were now beginning to get rather annoying and predictable. Additionally, Einstein's' reamrks about Gouri were rather offensive and male chauvinistic.

  • Sooraj Antony
    2019-03-26 14:28

    Its the sequel to the initial Dork installment. Those who loved Dork will definitely enjoy this. But for the people looking for some variety in the 2nd part will get disappointed as the story moves in the same pattern as Dork. Anyway still assigning the title of Best Corporate Satire from an Indian Author.