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Oregon opened the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport on Labor Day 1936. Built during the New Deal, the Yaquina Bay Bridge was the aesthetic and engineering brainchild of Conde McCullough, Oregon's State Bridge Engineer from 1919 to 1937. For 75 years the Yaquina Bay Bridge has stood magnificently as a monument to excellence in architecture and how a partnership between state anOregon opened the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport on Labor Day 1936. Built during the New Deal, the Yaquina Bay Bridge was the aesthetic and engineering brainchild of Conde McCullough, Oregon's State Bridge Engineer from 1919 to 1937. For 75 years the Yaquina Bay Bridge has stood magnificently as a monument to excellence in architecture and how a partnership between state and federal government in the throes of an economic calamity can produce something practical, beautiful, and lasting. It is nothing less than an Oregon landmark and a powerful reminder how to build a great bridge."Since I moved to the Newport area four years ago, I've driven across the bridge thousands of times and basically had my entire aesthetic redefined," said Love. "My obsession for this magnificent piece of engineering and McCullough's genius inspired this book and its highly eccentric construction. I like to think that no one's ever written a book about a piece of Oregon engineering quite like this."Blending an eclectic variety of literary genres, including memoir, essay, vignette, autobiography, letter, homework, meditation, ode, commentary, oral history, polemic, curriculum, and confession, the book also contains over 100 photographs of the bridge taken by Love and some of his students."One sunny afternoon, I looked at the bridge's soaring sinuous green lines and saw a woman. Call it personification or call it a writer's pretentiousness, or call Dr. Freud, but the Yaquina Bay Bridge suddenly appeared to me as a very attractive woman. Right then, I dubbed her the Green Lady and I was in love," writes Love in the book's introduction....

Title : Love and the Green Lady: Meditations on the Yaquina Bay Bridge: Oregon’s Crown Jewel of Socialism
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Love and the Green Lady: Meditations on the Yaquina Bay Bridge: Oregon’s Crown Jewel of Socialism Reviews

  • Nikole DeBois
    2019-05-24 01:33

    Dear Author* of "Love and the Green Lady":I have never felt more untroubled by the whirlwinds of life then I do while reading the pages of your books. You write with an enchanting affection toward the marvels of the world we both share, yet it’s taken me this long to find your work, to find "Love and the Green Lady". After reading four of your books and a dozen of your articles, I finally recognize what it is in your work that makes everything you write more than just alluring pieces of literature. It was unearthed while reading your 2011 book "Love and the Green Lady". You’re an idealist, a romantic. You exhale the life of the past in this work to propose vision for a better tomorrow. All this vision enveloping around the curvaceous Yaquina Bay Bridge you lovingly call the Green Lady is poetry well overdue in our society. Thank you.I had several urges while reading "Love and the Green Lady" to express my admiration for the gems within the pages. If I could only articulate my sentiments in a way that really got my message across... The letters to Conde McCullough by your Newport High School students are rarities you have immortalized. These artifacts demonstrate why you had to write a book about the Yaquina Bay Bridge. While you are in love with the Green Lady, you are more than willing to share in her intimacy. You are willing to share her functions and her aesthetics and her eighty-year history with other Oregonians, with the world. You are gracious enough to share your meditations with others that are beyond the fringes of your classroom. You shared a moment with the man whose face was not vacant. You brought to life the erotic memory of a cab driver, the reminiscing of a mourning family, and the love of newlyweds. You performed the most divine sensual rite on the Green Lady. And, you wrote about it all.The origin for my infatuation with your work was realized while reading "Love and the Green Lady". The fortitude of morale you demonstrate with your written work is inspiring. You do not settle. You see how we as a global community can do better; be better. You commemorate on the gems you’ve discovered and rhapsodize about them. You discover a lot of gems. You see a lot of beauty. You demonstrate reverence for the normal and the obscure. You are moved by the grace of punk rock red hair. You instill hope for the revival of New Deal socialism. You celebrate everything as utopian and benevolent. Even in things that others do not deem beautiful, you are capable to find the elegance in everything you see. That is what makes you an idealist. That is what makes you a romantic.And, through your impassioned lenses that you look out onto the world with, you see how things can be. You see how things should be. You see how we humans are also integral parts of nature. We can recreate artistic monuments like the Green Lady and Conde McCullough’s other masterpieces. We can recreate our best moments of society’s past. We can be our best.The sweet harmonizing words inside the pages of "Love and the Green Lady" are exquisite declarations of love. You taught us about the sparkle of the Green Lady’s curves. Now, I must revisit her and take part in the universal ardor that you’ve been spreading for years. But, before I go, let me confess something to you. I have never felt more happiness waft through my veins and make me feel as light as your work does. I have never been so in love with books, with your books.Sincerely,Nikole*Matt Love is the Author of "Love and the Green Lady"

  • jeremy
    2019-05-16 05:46

    matt love may well be the most prolific chronicler of oregon tales since the great stewart holbrook more than half a century ago. not only is his passion for the beaver state well evident in every sentence he composes, his writing also inspires current and former oregonians alike with a sense of place, a love of history, and a duty to preserve the state's unique and the green lady is the second volume in love's newport trilogy (the first being super sunday in newport, and focuses solely on the yaquina bay bridge. designed by conde mccullough (whom also designed nearly two dozen other oregon bridges from astoria in the north to gold beach in the south) and completed in 1936, the yaquina bay bridge is a shining example of the new deal-era infrastructure projects that helped stabilize a devastated economy and put unemployed people back to work. love's book focuses on all aspects of the bridge, including its history and legacy, its unique aesthetic traits, as well as the politics of the bridge's construction (even invoking that much-maligned s-word: socialism!). love includes anecdotal tales from local newport residents as well as writings from his high school students. with over 100 photographs, most taken by love himself, love and the green lady is the definitive biography of this stunning with all of matt love's writing, his freewheeling style enriches an already fascinating narrative. with ample sex, rock n roll allusions, candid political asides, and playful, witty humor, it is clear love is an engaging storyteller. matt love has come to be the unofficial biographer of all things oregon, or, at the very least, the literary ambassador of all things stone, the idea of the state building a beautiful bridge like the green lady seems as remote as the days when american presidents owned slaves and coupled with them. perhaps oregon's inability to construct, let alone conceive, another public works project as magnificent compelled me to produce this little book as an homage, a historical reminder, a rejoinder, a spark, a celebration, a meditation, a thank you, a love letter and a present to the green lady on her seventy-fifth still got it baby.

  • Bill Hall
    2019-05-12 08:23

    Matt Love’s latest book, “Love and the Green Lady,” is a wonderful tribute to the Yaquina Bay Bridge on her 75th birthday. It’s a wonderful book, but it defies easy categorization. It’s a fun, funky mix of history, literary essay, photo essay and personal memoir with a bit of poetry added for extra seasoning. Love moved to South Beach in 2008 when he took a teaching job at Newport High School, which made him a daily commuter over the bridge. He quickly fell in love with the iconic span that he’s dubbed “the green lady.” There are several recurring themes throughout the 200-plus pages of this volume that help to give it unity. Matt calls the bridge “Oregon’s crown jewel of socialism” (it was a product of the New Deal building spree that also gave over Timberline Lodge and other public projects of lasting utility and beauty) and wonders if we as a society have the capacity to create something as functional and beautiful today. His passion for teaching also shines through; we hear and see how he’s used the bridge to engage his students in seeing, thinking, and expressing themselves. It’s a great book, and it was printed in Newport too! Get a copy—you won’t be disappointed.

  • Mysterium
    2019-05-08 01:32

    Once again Matt Love delivers another slice from all of the beauty that the State of Oregon as to offer. The Yaquina Bay Bridge is beautiful on its own, but when one learns the unique and colourful history behind it, it gives it a whole new dimension. Great story with great photographs. Matt is an amazing high school teacher here on Oregon's central coast and is "what is right with education today". Little things can mean quite a bit to us here in Oregon, and I dare you to not find meaning in your life once the Green Lady enters in it. I had driven over that bridge hundreds of times and felt so many different after reading this awesome book, I want to give it another hundred passes to see what happens. Life is all about the paths we take...

  • bookinglibrarian
    2019-05-08 01:49

    Awesome--I've driven across this bridge many times and never really appreciated it--now I've got to head to Newport and really check it out. The book itself is a fascinating combination of Oregon history, political opinion, educational practice, aesthetic appreciation, sociological commentary and compelling photography--it revives the human spirit. Thanks, Matt!

  • Rich
    2019-05-17 03:29

    On STEP zealotry: "How about graduating more artists and photographers? Whose paths start with inspiring the Philistines that run and ruin the planet to consider -- and confront -- what is beautiful and sacred in this world?"