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Flan Flood has always had her pick of the coolest parties and the cutest designer clothes. Her family is legendary in New York City, but she’s sick of her friends just trying to get closer to her hot older brother, Patch.So when Flan starts a new high school, she decides to reinvent herself as a totally normal girl. The only problem is, Flan’s life is anything but normal.Flan Flood has always had her pick of the coolest parties and the cutest designer clothes. Her family is legendary in New York City, but she’s sick of her friends just trying to get closer to her hot older brother, Patch.So when Flan starts a new high school, she decides to reinvent herself as a totally normal girl. The only problem is, Flan’s life is anything but normal. After all, she has a starlet in her bedroom hiding from the paparazzi, the hottest club promoter in NYC camping out on her living room floor, and a beautiful socialite crashing in her guest room.Flan quickly finds that keeping her crazy social life from her new friends is like keeping a Marc Jacobs sample sale secret-totally impossible! What will happen when her two worlds collide? Will New York’s ultimate Inside Girl be left…an outsider?...

Title : Inside Girl
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ISBN : 9781599900865
Format Type : Paperback
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Inside Girl Reviews

  • Jennifer Wardrip
    2019-04-06 20:30

    Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToo.comFlan Flood is the main character in this awesome spin-off of the INSIDERS series! Flan decides that she wants to go to a public school, because she is tired of her friends using her to try and get to her older brother, Patch. All she wants is to be a normal girl, having a normal high school experience. But she's a Flood. She has some of her friends that she's met though her brother living with her as runaways and a movie star hiding in her apartment from the paparazzi! February is gone with a friend, helping film a music video, and Patch is hanging out with some new girl that he's met, some how or another! How is Flan going to fit in at her new school, if she can't even talk to the person that calms her down the most, her older brother, Patch? Flan is my favorite character from the INSIDERS series because she seems the most realistic! She does things and thinks about everything the way any teenage girl would! INSIDE GIRL is too good of a book to miss!

  • Dayjara Nelson
    2019-04-18 15:39

    A 14 year old girl named Flan Flood, endures the luxurious life of a rich family, living in a beautiful home in New York City. She hides in the shadows of her popular siblings, Patch and Feb. Her parents are never home and are always traveling.Usually, she would attend a very high class prepatory school for her high school years like most of her acquaintances, but this year she wanted to stand out and start over as a "normal" girl. However, her ideal plan of maintaining a "normal life" would not be easy for her. She lies to her two new friends Meredith and Judith about her life. Normally, she is home alone. However, she never allows them to come over and makes constant excuses for them not to come, in order to hide that fact that there are three celebreties in her home who all face paparazzi and challenges that they want Flan to help with. Sara-Beth Benny, a famous actress and Flan's bestfriend, hides in Flan's house from paparazzi in order to get the negative views ceased to get an apartment for herself. Phillipa hides from her parents because of her famous celebrity relationship with Mickey. Lastly , Liesel, celebrity party designer, hides from a stalking artist that was paid by her parents to paint a mural all throughout her house. Flan also engages in a teenage romance with the 2nd cutest boy in sophomore class, Bennett. Throughout the book, Flan has to uncover her true identity to her normal bestfriends, Bennett, and her celebretic bestfriends.Flan is an interesting teenager. She does not want to fit into the conformity that her society entails. As a rich girl in NYC, I would have expected her to take upon the life of a prissy snob that always got what she desired and hung out with all the famous celebrities for more fame. However, Flan is the exact opposite. She wants people to see her as a normal girl because that is what she truelly is. She is very helpful to her normal and celebrity bestfriends. I highly recommend this book to many teens or even adults so that they can understand that conformity to society is not always the correct way to live, be yourself.

  • Anna
    2019-03-25 19:44

    I didn't know that this was a series and I hate starting series's

  • Kelly Pratt
    2019-04-12 14:40

    i love patch

  • Angel Zheng
    2019-04-01 20:35

    ... The book Inside Girl by J. Minter is about a High School girl named Flan Flood. Flan's family is really rich, so her mom and dad sends her to an all-girls private school. Flan's parents enjoy traveling around the world, so they are not always home. Flan's brother and sister are famous and she is only well-known because of her siblings. All of Flan's friends show more interest in her brother instead of her, so Flan got sick of this and decided to attend a public school as a normal girl. At Stuyvesant, Flan meets her two new friends, Meredith and Judith. She also becomes friends with the guy she likes, Bennett. But this is only the normal side of her life at school. At home, however, Flan has three celebrities hiding out; the starlet, Sara-Beth Benny, the hottest club promoter in NYC, Liesel, and a beautiful but neurotic socialite, Philippa. Flan tries her hardest to separate her life into two categories, school life and home life. She keeps the secret of her real life from her Stuyvesant friends, but everything was changed at the day of Bennett's party. On the same day however, Flan had promised her celebrity friends that she would hang out with them, but she couldn't stand the thought of not going to Bennett's party. During the party, someone that had also went to a "legendary" Flood party recognized Flan and spilled all her secrets. Her friends are disappointed, hurt and angry with Flan because she kept it a secret. When Flan returned home, she found that her celebrity friends are also angry with Flan. To have everyone forgive her, she decides to throw a party of her own that includes all her friends and family. In the end, everyone forgives Flan, even though her parents and two of her celebrity friends could not make it. ... I think that this book was really interesting. One thing that made it interesting is the theme. The theme of this book is that you should always be yourself. Flan tried to create someone different- a normal teenager. Now, look where it got her! It was difficult to keep her real life a secret, and when the beans were spilled, everyone got angry at her. But her friends trusted Flan and had forgiven her. Still, if I were in Flan's shoes, I would also feel the urge to have a different, normal life with friends that are friends with me because of who I am, not just to get closer with my brother. I would recommend this book because you can learn a lot from it. One thing someone can learn is to not change their personalities just because they want to be popular and have a lot of people like him/her.

  • Inge
    2019-04-15 15:32

    One of the tweens at the library recommended this to me. I had high hopes, as it seemed semi-Gossip-Girly in nature. Flan Flood just became too tiresome after a while. I realize that this is the first book in a series, so I sincerely hope that Flan develops and matures. Flan is a doormat. Her family neglects her and her rich friends take her for granted. I waited the entire book for Flan to stand up for herself, but she never does. Her wealthier friends expect her to act as their mother even though she's only 14, and desert her when she can't fit the bill. Her parents are never around, even when she specifically asks for their presence. Instead of asking for what she needs, Flan just kowtows to the people who consistently let her down.In addition, most of the characters are completely unremarkable. At their best, they are uninteresting basketcases. Flan's world is completely devoid of wit or humor.Blair Waldorff would have never stood for this crap.Still, the tween who recommended this to me adores the series, and it may be a good pick for the crowd that isn't quite ready for Gossip Girl-type books.

  • Shirley Ye
    2019-04-19 16:34

    This book was very interesting. I finished it in 3 days. It is about a girl, Flan Flood, who has very rich parents that likes to travel around a lot so she is left with her brother, Patch, and her sister February. February isn't mentioned a lot in this book and Flan doesn't know what happened to her. Patch and February are very famous people and they like to have a lot of parties while her parents are away. She just came out of private school and she is moving onto her high school life. She got into Stuyvesant to get a normal teenage life. During one party with her friends one of the upperclassmen asked her if she was related to Patch Flood because she kept her "Hollywood" life outside of school. After this her life came tumbling down. and she is trying to patch everything up by the end of the book.

  • Alessandra
    2019-03-26 16:40

    I started reading this book when I was at Borders bookstore a few years ago. I read about halfway through & then it was time to leave & I wanted to continue reading it, but there was only 1 copy left. I decided to buy it. It's an easy read & a great book for young adults or teens or anybody who wants to relive high school again. The story centers around a girl named Flan Flood who starts a new high school & wants to be the normal girl for once. She is always used to having the paparazzi around her & living her luxury lifestyle,& she wants a change. She decides to keep her social life from her new friends, but will that work well if they really want to get to know her?

  • Lynn
    2019-04-20 19:48

    This book is just what I rated it...just ok. It was a very fast read. It of course was not mentally stimulating but it was cute and chic. I bought it from a dollar store and kept me entertained for a few hours. It is a very cliché book and I would recommend it to the younger readers and not those above the age of 15 unless of course...not like younger teen reads. It just isn't my cup of tea.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-05 20:26

    Fun book about a 14 year old, NYC socialite (imagine Paris Hilton having a teenage sister) who decides her life is too shallow. She enrolls in a public school, stops wearing designer fashion, and hides her old life from her new friends. Problems ensue – including any number of interesting characters deciding to move in with her and her falling for a totally normal boy.As an adult reading this, I did find it a bit young for me. However, I still enjoyed it.

  • Macey
    2019-04-20 17:38

    This book is amazing. I loved it. It is about this girl named Flan Flood and her two siblings are almost famous but she is tired of the glamour life. So she goes to school undercover and you will have to read the rest to find out.

  • Olivia
    2019-04-17 21:36

    i liked this book because it was interesting and because it showed just how hard it is to move to a completely different school and how people over think things. this book was also interesting because it had in depth vocab and interesting ideas.

  • Anna
    2019-04-19 22:30

    Pretty good. It's a good story about friendship.

  • Mikayla
    2019-04-14 19:23

    I thought the very interesting! It kept me hooked and was a fast read, definitely recommend this book for teens to read!

  • Amethyst
    2019-03-27 22:39

    Awesome book!!!

  • Josephine
    2019-04-08 21:36

    I thought it was boring up until chapter 26.

  • Angeliquelovekittens
    2019-04-03 16:43

    This book was amazing i thought the book was awesome

  • Samantha
    2019-03-27 22:36

    this is a VERY good book especailly if u like books about teenage girls lives

  • Emma
    2019-04-09 15:47

    i feel sorry for flan... she has like three celebrities hiding in her house and nobody can come over.

  • Trisha
    2019-04-19 19:21

    I didn't LOVE this book but it was easy fun reading.

  • Anastacia
    2019-04-11 18:42

    pretty good, semi realistic gossip book

  • Mary
    2019-04-21 20:30

    This book rocked! Even though Flan made lots of mistakes she learned from them and fixed what she broke. I learned a lot from her own mistakes.

  • Rachel
    2019-04-10 21:44

    I liked it!!!

  • Mikayla
    2019-03-25 22:39

    not to bad i read it to read something

  • Maya ...
    2019-04-12 16:21

    it was good.... while reading i would imagine myself as Flan Flood...=]

  • Shelby
    2019-04-17 14:23

    Amazing story. Could not put it down. Started and finished and forgot I was reading a story it felt so real.

  • Christina
    2019-04-19 14:27

    It was okay. I liked how she didn't push her celebrity friends or use them for popularity. I didn't get why she couldn't tell her friends the truth about her family though.

  • Madison
    2019-03-31 21:51

    I read like 3 books in this series. I really enjoyed these books and finished them rather quickly. Mostly for teenage girls.