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In The Kingdom New Testament, author N.T. Wright, whom Newsweek calls “the world’s leading New Testament scholar” provides a fresh, vivid translation of the New Testament. This is The Message for a new generation. Not for a long time has such a powerful and authoritative new translation of the Scriptures arisen for Christians everywhere, changing the way we read the booksIn The Kingdom New Testament, author N.T. Wright, whom Newsweek calls “the world’s leading New Testament scholar” provides a fresh, vivid translation of the New Testament. This is The Message for a new generation. Not for a long time has such a powerful and authoritative new translation of the Scriptures arisen for Christians everywhere, changing the way we read the books of the New Testament. In The Kingdom New Testament, Wright achieves a closer match to the Scripture’s original Greek provides a more natural, readable tone to the readings—even while magnifying the vibrancy and urgency of the original works. For Christians worldwide, this stunning new translation of the New Testament from the author of Simply Christian and Scripture and the Authority of God is a crucial way to re-claim the message of the Bible....

Title : The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation
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The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation Reviews

  • Nick
    2019-04-27 13:00

    Starting in January, I decided to read through N.T. Wright's translation for my New Testament portion of Bible reading. As far as a contemporary translation goes, TKNT won't be for everyone (even if it is derived from the translation sections of Wright's commentary series "For Everyone"). There are some turns of phrase that will just ring awkwardly in contemporary American ears, perhaps like Jesus telling the disciples "off you go." However, as somewhat of an Anglo-phile British turns of speech do not bother me in the least. Personally, I found this translation insightful and refreshing. When I chose to read through it, though, I was also reading it with an eye to better understanding Wright's take on the NT. I have read 9 or 10 of his books at this point, and I've listened to hours of his lectures and sermons, but I was still unclear at several points what he made of certain passages in light of his theology. This translation was a window into that world, and I found it helpful to that purpose as well. My particular copy is on Kindle and at numerous point, especially in the Gospels, the headings would get off by a section and continue off-track for several chapters. That was annoying and something a careful editor should have caught, but overall it didn't ruin my enjoyment of reading the text. I recommend this translation as a helpful tool to anyone.

  • Peter
    2019-04-30 15:37

    Mr N.T.Wright (or Tom) is 'The' exegetical voice of today! Bar non! If you want to get to grips with the New Testament he's your man. In his self penned preface to this translation, Tom (having read a few of his books I feel that I may presume upon the liberty) asks two rhetorical questions;"Is this new version then a translation or a paraphrase? And, why do we need yet another one?" His answer to the first is simple enough "It's a translation not a paraphrase." The second however, is paramount; "'s an opportunity because translating the New Testament is something that, in fact, every generation should be doing" This then is the most satisfyingly accurate, contemporary English translation in print (yes, even better than the extremely good E.S.V!). It reads like everyday English because certain 'churchy' words have been rendered anew ('Righteousness' now becomes 'covenant behaviour', 'Christ' is no longer a surname and becomes 'the King' or 'the Messiah'.) It's just a pity then that it's prohibitive high cost precludes a wider readership, as, it seems to me, that dissemination is also implicit in his all important second answer.

  • Ben Stafford
    2019-05-14 14:41

    Very readable New TestamentI really enjoyed reading through this book. Wright translated the text in a way that is very readable while at the same time adhering to original meaning of the words. I will likely go back to this again and again over the years.

  • Harold Cameron
    2019-05-19 13:39

    The Bible is a beautiful, soul touching and life transforming book to read no matter what translation you might read…just as long as the translation is true to the original text. Renowned Bible Scholar and author N. T. Wright has written what is referred to as a “contemporary translation” of the New Testament that is true to the original texts but he has written it in a way that the lay person can sit down, read it and thoroughly enjoy doing so.I found The Kingdom New Testament easy to read and understand and most enjoyable to read as well. It’s the New Testament at its finest as far as I am concerned with a totally accurate rendering of the words from the original language to our modern day vernacular. And I like the title. It resonates with my spirit…”The Kingdom New Testament.” Yes, it is “the Kingdom New Testament” as the New Testament is about the coming of Christ the Messiah and the Kingdom of God (Heaven) as well as about the salvation of both Gentiles and Jews, the birth of the church, how we then are to live as followers of Christ and members of “the church,” and about the things to come in the future.Author Wright does not include any study notes with the translation; however, he does provide some helpful interlinear notes to aid the reader in knowing what the passage of Scripture is about that they are reading. If you are looking for an easy enjoyable to read version of the New Testament I highly recommend N. T. Wright’s Kingdom New Testament.For more information about The Kingdom New Testament visit the HarperOne Publishing Company website.To purchase a copy of The Kingdom New Testament visit the Harper One Publishers website or go to your local Christian bookstore. You can also purchase one online from one of the major Christian Book retailers.I received a complementary copy of The Kingdom New Testament from HarperOne Publishing Company for reviewing it.

  • Tom
    2019-05-20 16:37

    I enjoyed this highly readable translation of the NT by one of today's leading Biblical scholars. The most noticeable translation choices are related to two of Wrights areas of interest: 1) the Kingship of God in Jesus, leading Wright to translate Christ as 'king' in several places. 2) Wrights work on the new perspective on Paul related to justification, giving many translations of dikaiosyne as covenant faithfulness instead of righteousness ( a complex difference and lively debate, if you are into that sort of thing!)One of my favorite aspects of this publication was the section headings being set on the margins instead of within the body if the text. This removed a major obstacle in the act of reading large chunks of scripture without breaking the flow.

  • Kyle
    2019-05-22 13:44

    I love Wright's translation of the New Testament. It is a fresh and modern translation that is also rooted in excellent NT scholarship. He is consistent in his translation of words and phrases, which helps readers to see connections from the original Greek that some translations miss on account of multiple translators with minor differences in strategy. I found this text to be a great way to get me to think deeply about what the text says since it didn't just pass my eyes as something I have seen over and over. I don't recommend this as a primary translation for study, but it is a great aid for a personal Bible reading plan or as a supplement to other translations in study.

  • Cynthia
    2019-04-28 10:53

    I enjoyed this fresh, clearly British, translation in my regular Bible reading. I was curious what Wright emphases I might find in this translation. The kingdom was emphasized, which was no surprise. Otherwise, Nothing else stood out to me as being especially spotlighted. But then I was reading it devotionally, not critically. This translation is nothing as radically different as The Message, The Voice, or God's Word Translation. Just a nice, fresh reading of the same beautiful story.

  • Harley
    2019-05-27 15:42

    This is N.T. Wright's personal translation of the New Testament. I've been reading it here and there over the past couple of years. I think it's well done, although there are some British cliches strewn throughout. Also, some words (i.e. "justification") are translated as Wright would have them in line with his own theology, which might bother some readers. But, all in all good.

  • Katrina
    2019-05-02 15:34

    I love N.T. Wright and adore this translation!

  • Jonathan
    2019-05-24 17:41

    This has quickly become my favorite translation of the New Testament. NT Wright applies his decades of scholarship and immense skill at culture and language to put together a translation that better reflects the original tone and intent of the authors who originally wrote it. What I most appreciate, however, are not the theological insights but the fresh, modern tone of the translation. The original letters that formed the New Testament were not written in a "Christianese" form that sounded old and stale to the listener/reader, they were composed in the language of the time. Wright does a good job of translating each letter so it reflects the original character - Mark is a revolutionary treatise in simple language paced with great urgency, John a much more developed book with flowerly language, Philemon a heartfelt letter to a friend while Romans is a theological treatise written to normal people. By keeping the letters in character and translating them into modern (though British) vernacular, NT Wright has helped me to take each one in fresh and rediscover the humanity behind the book.

  • Keith
    2019-05-07 10:52

    It was difficult to read as I felt that many of Wright's translation and syntax choices were somewhat strange. As one reviewer has said (on Amazon, I believe), Wright makes Jesus sound like a hippie from the 1960's. I kept a few other translations handy for those times when I felt that what the KNT said wasn't quite accurate. The majority of the times that I had to refer to my NASB, ESV, NET, or Interlinear turned out to show that there was just a wording choice that was different from what I feel I would have used had I undertaken a translation.At no point did I ever find anything that changed the major tenets of Christian doctrine. There are some points where his choices weaken a minor point but never a major point.Bottom line: This translation is a modern, gender-neutral, thought-for-thought translation that reads like a poor paraphrase. The fact that I couldn't read it without a reliable translation at hand bothered me. I give the KNT 2 stars based on the translation work alone.

  • Gail Welborn
    2019-05-04 10:35

    The Kingdom New Testament: a Contemporary Translation, by N.T. Wright, Hardcover, HarperOne, 2011, 544 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-0062064912, $25.99N.T. Wright, world-renowned Anglican bishop and best-selling author, the man Newsweek called “the world’s leading New Testament Scholar,” offers a new “contemporary translation” in The Kingdom New Testament. He describes his version as a translation instead of a paraphrase because translations follow the original Greek closely instead of paraphrasing, where the biblical message is reinterpreted for easier understanding. That said, Wright’s translation is as easy-to-read and understand as a paraphrase.Wright uses the example of Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit indwelt the Disciples empowering them to speak in foreign languages. Just as that empowerment equipped the Disciples to preach God’s message…Full Review:

  • Mary
    2019-05-05 12:54

    I am loving this. Sounds simple, but just the layout of real book pages (not typically thin Bible pages) and super-wide margins has led me to read whole books of the new testament again and again and make extensive comments/questions with room to spare. I love his forward that talks about how culture and historical context have affected every translation and how every generation has a responsibility to translate the scriptures for their current age. Don't worry, everything is still in there. This translation has given me a deep hunger to search the scriptures broadly for myself and find themes and central points of Jesus's life and teachings while trying my best to set aside all the pre-conceived ideas i bring to scripture study.

  • Harry Allagree
    2019-05-24 17:58

    I think I've just set my own personal record for length of time to read a book...5 months! I'd learned of this version of the New Testament at our clergy conference last year, for which N. T. Wright was the keynoter. (I still have his thick 2-volume set on St. Paul to read, so I may break my own record!) Bishop Wright had used some quotes from it then, & I thought it would be a good way to check it out & accomplish our own bishop's annual Bible Challenge at the same time.Honestly, I sometimes felt that this version was a bit too contemporary. I don't at all like Wright's frequent use of things like "d'you suppose", "you see...", "King Jesus", etc.. Nevertheless, it is a fresh, solid take on translating the New Testament, and is amply accompanied by helpful maps.

  • Jett Clark
    2019-05-14 10:45

    I'm inclined to compare this to Marcus Borg's "The Evolution of the Word." Where Borg re-framed the New Testament by putting it back into the order it was written (arguably) thus helping its readers to see the development of NT theology over time, Wright has provided us with a translation that attempts to unpack the theological baggage that has accrued over the centuries on much of the text. It's not without its biases. N.T. Wright is an excellent scholar, but he's been known to read into the text eisegetically and come to uh, some pretty interesting conclusions. Still, this represents a landmark in scholarship for the laity (a.k.a. me) which will help people to read the New Testament with fresh eyes. Just be forewarned that it's not without its warts.

  • Joe Cummings
    2019-05-19 14:48

    During Lent, I like to read the New Testament. This year I read Wright's modern translation. It was okay. "The Kingdom New Testament" is a great companion read to Wright's other books: "Simply Christian,""After You Believe" and "Surprised by Hope." Many of the theological ideas in those books are apparent here. Nevertheless, I still prefer the RSV version. Like the KJV, it has a more tradional voice within. Wright's voice is too contemporary for me, and he also makes some editorial decisions that are distracting. For example, the devil's name is spelled "satan" instead of Satan. Still, it was okay as a Lenten read, and I'd recommend it to readers who want a "modern" version.

  • David Holford
    2019-05-18 15:35

    This is the compilation of all the translations he has done for his "For Everyone" series. I haven't read the whole thing, but I've read enough of it to rate it and review it. This is certainly a very dynamic equivalent translation rather than a literal translation and should used as such. But while it unabashedly carries the stamp of Wright's perspective, any translation by a scholar as erudite at Wright must be taken seriously as is worthy of study reference as well as enjoyable extended reading.

  • Edward
    2019-04-29 14:36

    I've been beginning to read the Pauline Epistles in this translation (Kindle version), and I find that Wright makes Paul very readable and engaging - with the directness and tone that Paul probably intended. And his word choice provides interesting perspectives.Highly worthwhile, because in the writings of Paul it's otherwise very easy to lose the thread of what he's saying!

  • Ryan
    2019-05-19 14:35

    This was a really good translation of the New Testament. Though I wasn't a fan of how Wright translated some words and phrases, overall it read really well and was fresh. It will be a translation that I look to often and reread again and again to maintain freshness in my Scripture intake. Read first August 22–September 26, 2015. Read again in September of 2016.

  • Brad Belschner
    2019-05-04 16:42

    This is NT Wright's translation of the New Testament, basically lifted from his commentary series. This is my #1 favourite translation: it's easy to understand, compelling, and follows the Greek text closely while avoiding woodenness. This is written in real English. This is what a translation is supposed to be like. (4 stars because it's only a translation after all :-)

  • Paul Walker
    2019-05-24 12:40

    Tom Wright does an excellent job of bringing a fresh prespective on the New Testament. I deeply appreciate the time Wright has invested in bringing out the greek. My favorite passages include his rendering of the sermon of the mount, Galatians, and Romans. Thank you N.T. Wright!

  • Duncan
    2019-05-04 09:55

    This translation is amazing and so accessible. Two Classicists I know personally (both of whom have mastered New Testament Greek, first century Hebrew, and have studied first century Jewish culture in Judea and Samaria) are very impressed by Wright's translation.

  • Jon Cooper
    2019-05-17 14:56

    Reading this straight through. The introduction alone is worth the price of admission. However, the rest of the translation clearly needs the commentary that it was originally written for. I say this having read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and half way through John.

  • Ryan
    2019-05-14 11:40

    Still my go to New Testament translation for the time being, but I'm switching back to Old Testament / Hebrew Bible for the next 9 months.

  • Jeff Whittum
    2019-05-12 18:00

    The 4 star rating is for this translation, not the New Testament in general.

  • Justin Heap
    2019-05-07 18:01

    My all time favorite translation yet.

  • James
    2019-05-18 14:41

    great paraphrase of the new testament. Great as a second or third read but not as your primary text.

  • Josh Shelton
    2019-05-08 17:48

    Very good translation! Love it

  • Warren Christianson
    2019-05-24 13:38

    Fair translation. He hegdes on a few passages, but overall very easy to read

  • Michael
    2019-05-06 14:57