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Georgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God (aka Robbie), and things are wonderful. Except her loony parents are dragging her off to Och Aye land (aka Scotland), and the Sex God's band's chance at a record contract has left her something of a "pop widow."Then up rears temptation in the form of old flame Dave the Laugh. Is Georgia about to become a shameless vixenGeorgia Nicolson is now the girlfriend of the Sex God (aka Robbie), and things are wonderful. Except her loony parents are dragging her off to Och Aye land (aka Scotland), and the Sex God's band's chance at a record contract has left her something of a "pop widow."Then up rears temptation in the form of old flame Dave the Laugh. Is Georgia about to become a shameless vixen?...

Title : Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas
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ISBN : 9780064473620
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Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas Reviews

  • Kristina Horner
    2019-05-31 09:53

    Rereading this book series is such an experience for me because one the one hand, it still holds up completely, is hilarious and charming, and takes me right back to the days when I first read it.On the other hand though, I find it extremely alarming how rude Georgia is to everyone around her, especially the following: Nauseating P. Green (Georgia is a straight up bully and it's horrible how she talks about this poor girl), Jas (as a kid, when I thought Georgia was the most hilarious person on the planet, I remember thinking Jas was kind of annoying as well. now I realize she's actually a lovely caring friend and Georgia is just horrible to her), Miss Stamp (all this part time lesbian stuff is so awful) and her parents (again, when I was younger I remember thinking 'yeah! parents are annoying!' and now I'm like 'wait she has really quirky and kind of awesome parents').I have to keep reminding myself that she's 14 and will likely grow up into a better human being, but I have to wonder how the author herself feels about some of these subjects (ie. bullying and homophobia). I also recognize these were written awhile ago, but it makes me sad thinking back to reading these as a kid and knowing I didn't feel any sort of outrage at these parts when I was younger. Georgia is a terrible influence and I hate knowing she was a big role model to me, at least in journal-writing.I was losing steam on this series until Georgia started coming to her senses about Dave the Laugh and now I'm hooked again, even though part of me hates how problematic some of Georgia's sensibilities are. I never actually finished the series though, so I'm very curious to see if there's any growth.

  • Tatiana
    2019-06-08 14:07

    Another couple of hours with Georgia and, as expected, no life lessons but tons of hilariosity. Can't say much happens in this installment. The highlights are: Georgia's ever-growing nunga-nungas (a.k.a. basoomas a.k.a. breasts) which once again attract a wrong kind of attention, this time from a Scottish lad; a serious case of red-bottomosity (a.k.a. general horn a.k.a. sluttiness); and Angus's trouser snake removal operation.Some favorite bits:Saturday, November 6th1:00 pmI'd better start my makeup soon. It's only seven hours till the gig. But as I fully expect to be snogged to within an inch of my life, what about snogproof makeup? As Billy Shakespeare said, "To lippy or not to lippy; that is the question."2:00 pmResults of lippy/snogging poll:Jas only wears lip gloss, which she says gets absorbed in the general snogosity. Rosie says she puts on lippy AND lip gloss, then just goes for full-frontal snogging with Sven. She also says that by the end of the night he is usually covered in lippy, but he doesn't mind and wipes it off with his T-shirt.Good Lord.We must remember, however, that he is not English.The rest of the gang seemed pretty well to go along with the lip gloss absorbed into the general snogosity theory.So lip gloss it is.* * *9:30 pmJools has been looking at Rollo for about a million centuries and moaning and droning on about him. He was hanging out with a bunch of lads round the bar. I was trying to concentrate on looking at the Sex God. He is soooo cool. He's by far the coolest in the band. Dom, Chris and Ben are all quite groovy-looking but they don't have that certain je ne sais quoi that the Sex God has. That extra snogosity. That puckery gorgeosity combined with fabulosity. That sexgoderosity.Jools didn't seem to know I was in Snog Heaven because she was rambling on. "He is quite fit, isn't he?""Yeah, he's gorgeous and he's all mine, mine, miney.""Gee, I mean Rollo, you banana."I was less than interested but she went on and on. "Should I go across?"Pause."Or is it too pushy?"Pause."I think it's always best to play a bit hard to get, don't you? Yes, that's how I'll play it. He'll have to beg to get my attention."9:35 pmJools was sitting on Rollo's knee and snogging for England. Oh well. I said to Ellen, "She's obviously gone for the playing-hard-to-get-ticket."

  • Christina
    2019-05-20 06:50

    I got a real kick out of these funny, honest, unsentimental YA books. I would have loved (and I mean LOVED) them in high school. They're written as the diary of a British girl named Georgia, and she covers all the drama, hilarity, embarassment, etc., of the high school years, only with a delightful Englishness. Really fun, reeeeeeally amusing. I don't imagine they'd meet with much approval from the parents of American teenagers, though- Georgia is pretty frank (even crude- she's a teenager after all) about matters of anatomy, and she's very cheeky and disrespectful of adults. I wasn't bothered, though- I think those kinds of things are what give it an honest ring. It was hard for me to believe that Georgia's voice was actually written by an adult. Here's an excerpt, the opening of the first book:"Dad had Uncle Eddie round, so naturally they had to come and see what I was up to. If Uncle Eddie (who is bald as a coot) says to me one more time, 'Should Bald Heads be Buttered?' I may kill myself. He doesn't seem to realize that I no longer wear romper suits. I feel like yelling at him, 'I am fourteen year old, I wear a bra! OK, it's a bit on the loose side and does ride up round my neck if I run for the bus... but the womanly potential is there, you bald coot!'Talking of breasts, I'm worried that I may end up like the rest of the women in my family, with just the one bust, like a sort of shelf affair. Mum can balance things on hers when her hands are full- at parties, and so on, she can have a sandwich and a drink and save a snack for later by putting it on her shelf. It's very unattractive."

  • Beth
    2019-06-09 12:57

    Sex God or A Laugh? Jelloid knickers or strange dancing?Dave The Laugh

  • Caitlín (Ink Mage)
    2019-05-29 10:44

    Three books in and I'm done with the series. Already they're getting really tiresome. Georgia is 14 but acts like she's both 20 and 5 at the same time. Whinging on about her parents (who have absolutely NO consistency to their weak characterizations) being weirdos and her egg-headed uncle one minute, and then snogging the life out of guys who are quite a bit older than her, wearing short skirts, and going to clubs the next.I realized that so far there has been no real plot to the series: Georgia whines, her little sister comes in and is weirdly cute at random points (Georgia whines about this also), her mother flirts with any random guy, Georgia is mean to her "best friend" Jas who usually doesn't deserve it, and Georgia can't decide between (and whines about the pluses and minuses of) Robbie the Sex God who makes her legs go "jelliod" or Dave the Laugh who nibbles her lip during snogging and who she can coherently communicate with. Gee, I wonder who she'll FINALLY end up with?!It's so obvious and the "plots" are never interesting enough for me to care! Granted, I did get a few laughs out of the 3 I've read, but the laugh-to-boredom ratio wasn't worth it. If you're looking for a high school "guys and drama" series, read E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver books (start with The Boyfriend List: 15 Guys, 11 Shrink Appointments, 4 Ceramic Frogs and Me, Ruby Oliver), which are much funnier and have a much more mature and less whiny main character.

  • Ellis
    2019-05-24 14:07

    Buddy read with the Jealous and the Knicker. (view spoiler)[ Please don't kill me.(hide spoiler)]The nunga-nunga questionnaire Welcome, Earth creatures (a.k.a. not-girlfriends of a Sex God popstar)!!! While our resident well of wisdomosity can't be bothered spending her precious time on something as naff as tests, this is your time to prove how (not) worthy you are of an Ace Gang honorary membership.Answer away!7. Your parents planned a family trip to Scotland. You don't want to go, since you'd rather be having snog fests and go to fish parties. What do you do?a. (Since they're likely having sex at that precise moment), you inform them you won't be coming along by screaming from the other side of their bedroom door. You end up tagging along by mistake.b. You allegedly take out your labrador-sized cat for a walk and never return home. Your parents don't notice because they're too busy prematurely exposing their four-year-old daughter to numbers 6 through 8. This is child neglect. You should call social services.c. You have a sudden tummy lurch re-flare (you know, the one you had to cover up your suspension for big uggy) and sadly, cannot go to Och Aye land.2. You call the attachment of two people at the mouth and possible exchange of saliva in a rhythmic manner:d. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.e. Snogging ("Knutschen" in German).f. Erlack-a-pongoes. 1./5. Your parents have decided to neuter your cat. What's your response?g. You make them an appreciative CAT MOLESTERS poster, which you greet them with. In a caring manner, of course. You stop speaking to them and conspire with your sister to go on permanent dirty protest. h. You make a graphic song about the bloke your Mutti sadly is living with and how he lost his trouser snake supplements because of a nighttime shaving accident, which you, obviously, didn't have anything to do with.6. You just called your Sex God of a boyfriend from a phone box in good ol' Och Aye land. What's the first thing you do after hanging up?i. You stroke your T-shirt with the receiver, pretending it to be him. You spot a Jock McTavish outside, watching you, so you act as if you're cleaning the receiver instead.j. You call your ex-best mate. You tell her to shut up, stop annoying you, and be grateful that she's worthy of listening to your fabbity fab life adventures. You're friends again after she admits you're her number one girl-love.k. You run back to Cottage Crap, snuggle down in your holiday bed and spend some time on your holiday project (fantasy snogging). However, you're interrupted by your lovely little sister, who claims your bed as her own (no matter which country you're currently in) and brings the usual crowd: scuba-diving Barbie, one-eyed Teddy, Pantalitzer, Panda the Punk and Jimmy, a haggis with a scarf on. l. You become aware your lips have automatically puckered from the snogging withdrawal. Sacré bleu. Oh merde.3. You're in a game of True, Dare, Kiss or Promise and you have to Dare your best friend (the one with the vast pantibus). What do you come up with?m. She has to perform her legendary snake trouser dance. To the score of Titanic and other fishy music.n. She has to run through her street in the nuddy-pants. Twice.o. She has to stuff her knickers with all the légumes she can find.p. She has to kiss someone other than her Hunky. A decent 6 on the snogging scale would do. 6 1/4 and 6 1/2 are allowed addenda.4. Your eyebrows are getting out of control, but you don't dare touch your father's razor after you accidentally shaved off your brows last time. How do you prevent them from growing to the floor?q. You steal your Mum's tweezers. After pulling out four hairs, you pass out from the pain. r. You put your trust in your Mutti's hair-removing cream. It's just a little dab here and there. Just to be sure no one will think a firework was stuck up your bum-oley, you tape your fringe to your forehead and refrain from raising your eyebrows ironically. No need to draw attention.s. Obviously, you've learned from last time. You use your Vati's razor again. Yes!!! Much better than your first attempt. Taping your fringe to your forehead wouldn't hurt, though. Much better. You've achieved full sophisticosity now.Try to be as non-Georgia as possible and put the question numbers in the right order. Now replace each number with the letter you answered. If you end up with jibberish, you're not ready for the hilariosity of this universe and are not allowed to walk la marche avec mystery with the Jealous Knickers.

  • Bonnie
    2019-06-14 11:06

    Aw, Dave the Laugh is the cutest.

  • Anna
    2019-06-13 12:45

    Oh no no no Georgia, don't you dare. This isn't as funny or as much fun as the previous two books. Maybe I've overdosed on Georgia? Maybe three in one day was too much (or two much, hahaha). Sven was still funny and the girls were still ridiculous but the humour just wasn't as there, you know? (view spoiler)[And to be honest, I'd really rather see her break up with Robbie and get back with Dave the Laugh. He's so cute and funny and I'd kill to have a guy like that give me the time of day, or night, or even the afternoon. Don't throw it away just because Robbie makes your boobs excited or whatever. (hide spoiler)]

  • Libbie Hawker (L.M. Ironside)
    2019-06-10 11:44

    While caring for a very sick relative (and dealing with all the stress that goes along with such a task), I wanted something fun and silly and light-hearted to read to leaven the seriousness of my ongoing work. I recalled seeing Louise Rennison's books back when I worked in a book store, and thought I'd track down the first in her series for my ereader. Well, that was not possible, since the publisher has decided to make only the third book (this one) and subsequent books available electronically. What's up with that? But none the less, I jumped in with this one even though I haven't read the first two.After finishing this book, I'm not sure I need to have read the first two to get what's going on here. This is exactly what I was looking for: silly, light-hearted, and fun. The book, like all the books in the series, I presume, follows either the journal or the internal monologue (not quite sure which) of English teen Georgia Nicholson. Rennison captures the spastic, creative, unfocused inner monologue of a teen girl with eerie accuracy. I mean, no one should be surprised by this, since presumably Rennison was once a teen girl herself. I love the fact that the author didn't try to polish up the inner life of a teen-age girl. She told it true. So excellent.Not as likeable was Georgia's selfishness. She's a funny character, but she's also a bit of a prick to her friend Jas. Jas seemed to be the only level-headed person in the entire ensemble of characters, yet Georgia frequently derided her and sometimes felt rather abusive in her approach to Jas. Too bad. It would have been easier to like Georgia if she would lay off her poor, sensible friend once in a while.Nor did I like the abruptness of the ending. Even considering that this is a series, the end of the book seemed to fall out of the sky and thud on the ground, with not even a few sentences to wrap it up and prepare us for what may come in the next installment. I also disliked the constant use of timestamps. That made it hard to tell whether I was experiencing the thoughts of Georgia or some kind of diary. I really had no idea, and the timestamps quickly became a tired gimmick that I just skipped over in favor of reading the text.All in all, it was a fun book and it did the job I needed it to do. I may pick up another, but if you're looking for anything other than simple, silly fun (good plot; deep, likeable characters) there are loads of other YA novels that will do that particular job much better. Bonus information: My sister's name is Georgia and my (real) name is Libbie (Libby). This is the first time I've encountered two sisters with our names in fiction. Spooky.

  • sam
    2019-05-28 11:56

    4 Stupid & Hilarious StarsAnd I knocked down the third book of this series. I'm going a little fast with these books, but its because no matter how kind of stupid they, I cannot put them down. Always laughing at her crazyness and I have even absorb some slang of her. Sacré bloody bleu!"As I went through the door Angus made a desperate bid for freedom. He was fastened to the kitchen table leg, but that didn't stop him. He dragged the table along with him. It really made me laugh, because one minute Mum was eating her cornies on the table and the next minute the table and cornies were gone."ANGUS! I swear that cat is even crazier than his owner, Georgia. It is a full character that it wouldn't surprise me if sometime it has lines and full on scenes. No matter how he is, Georgia loves him and we can see that he (on his way) loves her. And NO matter that Vati cut his cat parts, he is going to be a father!!!"He says,'Well, I'm off then. I'm away laughing on a fast camel,'" And she absolutely pissed herself laughing. What is the matter with her?The situation of Georgia in this book pissed me off a little, because she's been rambling about SG [sex god] from first book and NOW she is having second thoughts? Oh, please, Georgia, leave the poor Dave the Laugh away laughing on a fast camel and keep living your life with SG, because thats what you wanted.“Dad leapt over the garden wall instead of going through the gate. Sadly he didn‘t do himself a severe injury, and so he lives to embarrass me to death another day.”Of course, Georgia's family still cuckoo-cuckoo. Her dad is crazier than ever, but thank God her mom is more "normal". She isn't really paying too much attention to Georgia, but at least isn't bothering her. A question: Why does Libby keeps going from weird to weirder (if thats a word)? I mean, she is growing, so why not (at least) potty train her. Btw, about growing up... Is Georgia still 14yo? Because at least a year and a half has passed and she still 14? Damn! These books make me dumb, but then again laughing away on a fast camel in a nippy noodles day and dancing in my nuddy pants!

  • Sandy
    2019-06-20 12:59

    The humor in these books is unparalleled. Do not read in public unless you want to be laughing like a loon for all to see. Georgia is so endearingly oblivious to her self-centered, superficial, player ways. From her lines about her Vati to her tales of Angus the Scottish half-Labrador cat to her boy-crazy musings, I just can't put these books down.Dave the Laugh is my favorite YA mate of all time, and one of my favorite Dave the Laugh scenes is in this book. (Oh, that clown nose!)However, am I the only one who thinks these books would work better if Georgia were a bit older than 14? I don't know how they do things across the pond, but here in Hamburger-a-gogo Land, I doubt we'd really let a 14-year-old party at a club until 2:00 a.m., let alone even get into a club. Call me a Puritan, but if my future teenager was a snogging champion like Georgia at 14, I might have a bit of a nervy spaz.

  • Jenna
    2019-06-08 13:07

    I love these books. Yes, the main character is shallow and vain and quite self-absorbed, but most teenage girls are to a certain extent, right? I love that despite these things, Georgia remains a lovable character, and we get to see the chinks in her armour, as it were. She really does love her parents, even though most of the time they annoy her half to death and do things she finds appalling. You didn't feel like that as a teenager?! I did! She cares about her friends. She makes mistakes that she regrets. And what makes these books so fun is that they are almost like the diary of the class many books have you read like that? It is a familiar yet unique perspective, in my opinion. I love them and will continue to love them. If you were once a teenage girl, don't take life incredibly seriously, and can find the humor in funny thingositys, you will probably enjoy these, too.

  • Gina
    2019-06-13 06:46

    3.5 starsagain!God damnit, actually Georgia is such a bad friend, incredibly disrespectful towards her father and ridiculously self-centred it is disgusting hhahah. Yet still I cannot tear myself away from these books. I think it's because I love the movie so much that I just am eager to know what happens. Although there are so many differences. I just realised that in the book Tom is younger than Robbie whereas in the movie they're twins. Also in the movie I love Georgia and Jas's friendship whereas in the books I feel so sorry for Jas 99.5% of the time.Another thing I can't wrap my head around is that I don't understand how Robbie and Georgia are dating when they barely spend time together???? PLUS Georgia always gets "jelloid" whenever she sees him and speaks absolute gibberish hahaha so I just don't quite get how this happened. How did Robbie get feelings for Gee when there hasn't been times and moments to develop some?! I've said this before, but in the movie those things are played out A LOT better. At least there the both of them spend time together and get the opportunity to develop some feelings. EITHER WAY, I do enjoy these books even though Georgia is a rude cunt and the vocabulary used is cringe as hell. Georgia can be ridiculously funny and that also quite makes up for it. For example I have laughed out loud for way too long with the expressions"my eyebrows have grown to the floor by the time you got to the phone!"I nearly choked on my drink.

  • Debbie
    2019-06-10 09:05

    The books in this hilarious series (American titles):Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal SnoggingOn the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex-GodKnocked Out by My Nunga NungasDancing in My Nuddy PantsAway Laughing on a Fast CamelThen He Ate My Boy EntrancersStartled by His Furry ShortsLove is a Many Trousered Thing? (It's the series that never ends!)Georgia Nicolson is a self-absorbed, British teenager who keeps a diary detailing her life in all its glorious angst(think Bridget Jones for teens). Her parents are mad and her friends just do not realize that Georgia is indeed the center of the known universe. She's got a cat who is half Scottish wildcat and a little sister who is only partially potty-trained. Georgia thinks about boys constantly and treats them kind of like Lays potato chips (you can't kiss just one). She accidentally shaves off her eyebrows, goes to a party dressed as a stuffed olive, and has problems with nipple control. Nevertheless, she manages to attract the attention of Robbie the Sex-God, Dave the Laugh (who coins many funny phrases like piddly-diddly department and away laughing on a fast camel), and Masimo the Dreamboat. Georgia suffers from a severe case of what Dave the Laugh calls "the Cosmic Horn" and can't seem to settle down with just one boyfriend.Georgia gets herself into one hilarious predicament after another. While this series isn't exactly classic literature, I dare you to read it without laughing out loud.

  • Emily
    2019-05-22 10:05

    Oh my goodness, Georgia is hilarious! Her journal starts right back where she left us banned from school and a Sex God's girlfriend. I think the best part of this is her ridiculous thoughts and sentences. And the fact that she is SO selfish that I don't think her friend Jas (who she talks to a lot) ever gets a full sentence in! In the ever mind changing pace of a teenager, while Georgia is so happy to be SG's girlfriend (swoon, and let us think about the snogging) she also may possibly like Dave the Laugh again, even though she dumped him and he was just a Red Herring. Oh boy, what to do? Angus the cat is going through a serious love affair with the Across the Road Neighbor's vixen of a cat. There is serious discussion of removing his trouser snake addendum's to keep him away from Naomi the cat.

  • Alahna
    2019-05-29 08:52

    There are books that are meant to inspire you and to open your mind to new ideas. The characters always learn some incredibly important life lesson and become a better person by the end of the story. This is not one of those books. Georgia is incredibly shallow and vain and she stays that way for the entire book (and series for that matter). And that is fine by me. She is 15 and, while not a great role model, a pretty accurate representation of a 15 year old girl. Well at least 15 year olds that I knew when I was 15. Plus these books are laugh-out-loud funny so it's easy to look past some of her more ridiculous behavior.

  • Zoë
    2019-06-04 12:59

    I love Georgia Nicolson's voice so much. This series is so entertaining and light hearted. Definitely a good read for this busy month as it is a quick and easy read!

  • Jessica
    2019-05-29 13:10

    Funny and dramtic insight to the life of a teenage girl :') love louise rennisons books !!!

  • Heather
    2019-06-01 12:57

    still hilarious, but Georgia is starting to get on my nerves.

  • Marija
    2019-05-27 05:49

    This third installment to the Georgia Nicolson confessions is good and quite amusing, though I must say I didn’t like it as much as the first two installments. However, these books are certainly addictive. The scary thing is that I’m unconsciously adopting some of Georgia’s phrases. I caught myself thinking one day as I was sitting by the air conditioner, “It’s nippy noodles here!”…then found myself wondering, “Where did that come from?” Oh, so bleak! ;) I completely forgot that it came from this these books, until I picked this one up. I can relate to the egg baby project. For my senior year morality class, we were required to tote baby dolls 24/7 and keep a journal, reflecting on the experience. All of my peers took it so seriously and I remember getting yelled at by my peers and my theology teacher for laying my doll on my school bag during class. No one bought my story that my doll was taking an afternoon snooze. Some of my favorite lines:“ ‘Och…. We go awa’ doon to Alldays, you ken.’ (I don’t know why he called me Ken but that is the mystery of the Scottish folk.”“Angus has rediscovered his Scottish roots. Apparently they are in the middle of some bog because he had bits of horrible slimy stuff in his whiskers. He came into my bed purring and all damp and muddy. He soon got nice and dry by wiping himself on my T-shirt. God he smells disgusting. I think he’s been rolling in fox poo again. He thinks it’s like a sort of really attractive aftershave.” —The Angus sections are so wonderfully visual. I love them!

  • Beth
    2019-06-02 08:04

    The first book was refreshing and funny, soured only by continous lesbian bashing. The second book was decidedly less so, and by this third installment, I am personally quite sick of listening to materialistic, shallow and self-centered Brit Georgia Nicholson whine about her parents, friends, and school. Even the subplot - Angus' courting of the neighbors' cat is so out of control Georgia's dad threatens to have him spayed - is not funny.In Knocked Out, Georgia, having recently hooked up with an older Sex God, is abducted by her parents on a family vacation to Scotland, which she refers to as Och Aye land and insults with her usual brand of dramatic sarcasm. Upon her return, she cheats on her new boyfriend by snogging the guy she used as bait to make the first boyfriend jealous, and debates her decision to date a hot but unavailable older guy versus a funny available boy who obviously likes her IN SPITE of the fact she blatantly used him in the last book. When Dave the Laugh tells her she has to choose, she is in a quandary for all of a DAY before deciding she will find a way to have both. UGH. She is a thoroughly despicable character. Still, the Printz award stamp on book one and the fact that the prequels were popular will make this a likely choice for most libraries.

  • Zahra
    2019-06-15 09:48

    Oh, so this is why the girls at the back of the class started referring to breasts as 'nunga-nungas', I never quite understood that. Honestly, nothing much happens in this book but I've come to enjoy Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, not really for the plot, but...well...for the lols!Mandatory harassment of Jas;“I hate Jas. I slammed the phone down. I will never be talking to her again. I don't forget things. Once my mind is made up, that is it.The friendship is finite. I would rather eat one of Libby's nighttime nappies than talk to Jas again. She is an ex-best mate. Dead to me. Deaddy dead dead. Forever. 4:22 p.m. Phoned Jas.”Favourite one-liner in the book;“Jesus would never snog his mate's boyfriend.”Best 'She's mad' moment;“Just a minute-you haven't said you are sorry yet." "I have. I just told you I had to come and apologize." "I know, but you haven't." I said patiently, "Well, why am I here then? Am I a mirage?" "No, you're not a mirage; you're a bloody nuisance." "Thank you.”

  • Christina
    2019-06-01 06:46

    Georgia Nicolson is back once again, more hormone driven than ever. We are served a grand helping of Sexgoderosity with snogfests on the side!Georgia finds herself in a state of confusiosity and red-bottomosity - torn between Robbie the Sex God and Dave the Laugh! Who would've thought the Red Herring from Operation Elastic Band would backfire! Ear snogging or nip libbling...Hmm tough choice! This instalment is just as hilarious as the previous books, if not, more! I found myself laughing out loud so many times! I love Georgia's language and sense of humour (though most of the time it's lost on her family and friends but hey, I appreciate it :)) These books are such a lighthearted read (and should not be taken too seriously)!

  • Kim Valentine
    2019-06-01 12:59

    I did not like this book because it is about a teenage girls diary that does not have a hook to keep me interested in reading more. After reading 15 pages, I could not get interested in the book. It seems to be random writing without a story to it. There are 10 pages of definitions to made-up words used by the main character, Georgia who is a teenage in England writing in her diary. Why would I want to look up made-up words to understand what is going on in the diary? It is a banned book because it is crud in the ways Georgia writes in her diary about here daily life. Maybe this would appeal to some people but this book does not appeal to me.Genre: Fantasy FictionGrades: 6-8

  • Tatiana
    2019-06-09 08:03

    Is it just me or is Gee getting ruder? She’s always been anti-authority and a bit of an idiot. But in a lovable way. Now…not so much. It’s tough to want nice things, like Dave the Laugh, for such an insolent little twit. And she’s (secretly) running around with Robbie, who is much older than her. Come to think on it, the only guys who are remotely interested in her are years her senior. Hm. Anyway. Liked the jaunt to Scotland. Gingers! The series is still a laugh if not taken seriously. At all.

  • Nicola
    2019-06-07 11:53

    Fun and cute! Once again Georgia Nicolson narrates her ordinary life in a highly amusing tone. This installment sees Georgia take a family trip to Scotland ("och-aye land"), juggle two boys and clumsily stumble through daily life. Georgia's voice is unique and entertaining. These books, while short and light, pack a lot into the small amount of pages and never fail to make me laugh out loud more than once which to me is the sign of a very successful book.

  • Kathleen Dixon
    2019-06-06 05:48

    I should get the first two of this series. Not that they're necessary in order to understand - I mean, teenage girls are teenage girls - but they'll be fun to read (or listen to, as the case may be). Georgia is funny, single-minded (just think about what 15-year-olds can't stop thinking about), and self-absorbed. On top of that I found the narrator's voice just exactly right (and so it should be as it's the author herself reading it)!

  • Nikki
    2019-05-24 06:50

    I keep forgetting that it's a bad idea to read these on the bus, because I always end up laughing out loud. Georgia's diary entries are hilarious, but she's not really that nice a person, so I feel pretty conflicted about some of the remarks she makes. But I'm mostly here for Angus (the cat) anyway, and he's as charming as ever in this one.

  • Lexi Herondale
    2019-05-22 14:01

    1. 12/6/2014 I just love these books so much. Where have you been all my life, Georgia Nicolson?2. 1/5/2016

  • Sofia
    2019-06-05 05:44

    I laughed so hard while reading this one. Libbie is my spirit animal, I just love her.