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Sequel to Devil's Descent I: purgatoryVolume I sees Julian Douglas, a Pureblood Vampire among other obsessive, psychotic things, finding Lily Walker, an unstable wreck of a girl among other pitiful, lamentable things, before abandoning her in an uncharacteristic moment of conscience. Volume II takes us two years before to when their twisted love affair began...Lily Walker,Sequel to Devil's Descent I: purgatoryVolume I sees Julian Douglas, a Pureblood Vampire among other obsessive, psychotic things, finding Lily Walker, an unstable wreck of a girl among other pitiful, lamentable things, before abandoning her in an uncharacteristic moment of conscience. Volume II takes us two years before to when their twisted love affair began...Lily Walker, resident Resurrector for a town that doesn't exist, finds herself contemplating murder.Julian Douglas, Pureblood Vampire and Lily's former love, finds himself contemplating the same.However, attempted murder leads Lily and Julian to unwanted realizations in the span of one day. Love and hate aren't so simple when sanity is a fleeting condition and obsession cannot be killed.No matter how badly Lily and Julian would like to believe otherwise......

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Devil's Descent II: impure Reviews

  • Krissy P (Kris)
    2019-06-01 19:33

    This is my second time reading this book. I read this series back in 2012 and honestly, I had forgotten just how disturbing and dysfunctional these two are. This is the second book in the Devil's Descent series and is a prequel to the first book. It's probably easier to read this one before the first one because you get the background story for these two lunatics. REVIEW MAY BE SLIGHTLY SPOILERISH (but not really):Lily Walker, a 19 year old human girl, lives in a small supernatural town, Vickery Hill, Georgia where she is the Ressurector. The town is secret, hidden and invisible to any "outside" humans. Her job is to keep order and keep the supernaturals in line or keep the peace while acting as a vessel for the governing spirit. She receives training by her handler, Jonathan, who like Ian, is in love with her. The town is controlled by the Nephilim, who are also in charge of Lily. During her time as Ressurector, she met and fell in love with her mentor, a vampire named Ian. Ian was very gentle, sweet and loving toward Lily. Seven years later, he is someone very different, someone very dark and abusive and full of hate for Lily. His name is Julian and he is the true personality of Ian. Julian is a psychotic 300+ year old pureblood vampire with Dissociative Identity Disorder (or multiple personality disorder). He hates Lily for what she makes him feel. Lily hates Julian for not being Ian anymore. Julian is awful and thoroughly insane. He is horrible, despicable and unforgivable in both the first and second books. There is no limit to his cruelty and more than once, I found myself screaming at my Kindle at what an absolute evil sick fucking bastard he is. Julian and Lily hurt each other both physically and mentally, but share a dark and disturbing obsessive "love" for each other. It's sick and it's cruel, but you are so drawn into the story, you can't wait to find out what will happen next. As a ressurector, Lily is physically strong and is able to take on Julian. In a way, she is just as crazy as he is. It's almost as if these two belong together as they love playing sick ass mind games with each other. Julian goes from absolutely hating Lily to the point he wants to kill her to actually trying to date her. Seriously, he's fucking crazy. This story is a well-written page turner, but it's very very dark and deeply disturbing and definitely not for everyone. There is one scene in this story that I had a hard time with both times I read this. I won't spoil it, but I will warn you that it's horribly fucked up. With the fucked up, there is a little comic relief in the way that Julian takes such offense to Lily's foul language. This book ends in a cliffhanger that takes you back to the cliffhanger in book 1 (am I making sense?) Anyway, I have been waiting forever for Book III to come out. If you are not a fan of cliffhangers, you may want to hold off on this series until the next book.

  • Monique
    2019-05-29 13:38

    Review also posted on my blog: AsianCocoa's Secret Garden3.5 StarsI first starting reading Devil’s Descent I: purgatory (DDI) late last year but was so confused about what was going on I had to stop. Then Devil’s Descent II: impure (DDII) came out. I knew that this was the prequel to Julian’s and Lily’s story so I thought it might help me if I read this prequel first. I asked the author, Claudia D. Christian if it would ruin the story if I read DDII first and she said it wouldn’t hurt the story and that it might actually help since I was so confused. So with Claudia’s blessing I launched into reading Devil’s Descent II: impure. This installment in the “Miserable Love Series” begins in Chapter 8 and takes the reader back two years. Nineteen year old, Lily Walker is the current Resurrector of the secret town of Vickery Hill. Lily is a foul-mouthed heroine with a violent temper. Devil’s Descent II: impure is the prequel to Devil’s Descent I: purgatory. We find out where Ian came from and learn a little more of the back story between Lily and Julian. The history of Vickery Hill and it’s residents is also revealed. Secondary characters like Lily’s Handler, Jonathon are introduced. It’s through their conversations that Julian’s psychotic history is exposed.Lily has just found out that her mentor Ian is gone and will never return to Vickery Hill. Ian is a vampire who was sent by Nephilim to train Lily when she becomes the Resurrector at the age of twelve. Lily and Ian become best friends and eventually she falls in love with him. But even though Ian is good and pure he has a secret that he cannot reveal to Lily. Lily is despondent and confused. She doesn’t understand what has happened. Why is the man known to her as Ian now calling himself Julian? Lord Julian Douglas is a 325 year old pureblood vampire. He has been away from the “real world” for 150 years and returns to Vickery Hill with vengeance on his mind. When Julian first meets Lily he hates her and actually wants to kill her. He begins to stalk and play head games with Lily even going as far as getting permission to court her. There were a lot of vicious verbal and physical exchanges between the two of them. Julian and Lily fought each other mercilessly. As a Resurrector Lily has supernatural strength and healing abilities so she is able to battle with Julian blow for blow. I was fascinated and sickened by the way Julian treated Lily. At times I felt sorry for her but then at other times I didn’t want to care. They both torture each other with their murderous threats against one another. Julian is a total sociopath and treats Lily with a cold, evil, detached manner that sent chills through me. Despite their twisted mind games with one another, I still hoped that there really was just a little bit of real love between them. I mean they really were perfect for each other. Once again, Claudia D. Christian has masterfully woven together a miserable dark love story that had me on the edge wanting more. I give Devil’s Descent II: impure 3.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Tina Tharpe
    2019-05-30 12:30

    Let me start by saying that this is the only book in the series that I have been able to read yet. I did get just slightly confused for maybe a page or two, but I caught on and was able to read this book first. I think anyone else could do the same with little difficulty and enjoy the book. This is one intense book. If you want a happy ever after story, don't read this. There is no sunshine ending, or promise for tomorrow. The romance (if you can even call it that-it is more like a mutual obsession) between Lily and Julian is not at all a normal one. Lily is a Resurrector which is a very important duty in town that will also kill her very young. Julian is a powerful vampire who has some serious emotional issues that are made even worse by something that happens (I am not going to say; I don't want to give too much away) and he ends up focusing some of that on Lily. Will they destroy one another? Will one or both of them die? Will they finally walk away from the dangerous game they are playing with one another? These are just some of the questions you will find yourself asking while reading this unconventional romance. This is the ultimate love/hate story. They are obsessed with one another to a degree that is dangerous to them both. I loved this story, but I can see how some other people would hate it. I enjoyed the fact that there is no happy ending in sight and that there are no easy answers for the problems the characters all face.

  • Leah
    2019-05-23 18:33

    There is a note claiming this is the second book in the series, after reading, I'm not sure what this first book could possibly be about. It stood on it's own well enough without having read it. The author has a tendency to do sudden flashbacks, while there is a gap between paragraphs denoting a change in scene, it often took many paragraphs to realize it was a flashback not just a scene change. Add in really long chapters that should have been broken up into shorter ones and two main characters that I wished would just kill each other so the story would be over and I was glad when this one was FINALLY over. I'd give this one a one star rating but the author did have a few spots that managed to catch my interest, but not many. There is another book after this one, or at least I assume based upon how this one ended, but it would just be torture to read it so I'll pass on it.

  • Donna Hokanson
    2019-06-15 19:44

    Love and Hate so close an emotion This vampire tale had my head spinning. The emotional highs and lows were off the chart. The world created by the author is a very unique one. Two main characters that had an emotional connection that can only be a love/hate relationship and yet the Love is denied throughout the book. Very entertaining to read.

  • Shelley Chastagner
    2019-05-24 18:31

    Dark and twisted. This is NOT a romance where there is a bright happy ending. The author has recommended that this is read before Devil's Descent I: purgatory: A Psychotic Love Story. Adult read