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Collecting the acclaimed first five issues of the hot new series! When a case she's lost leads to the murder of innocents, prosecutor Kate Spencer rages into the night, tracking the perp who's eluded justice in the courts. She's found her true calling. She is the Manhunter. And she likes it!...

Title : Manhunter, Vol. 1: Street Justice
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ISBN : 9781401207281
Format Type : Paperback
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Manhunter, Vol. 1: Street Justice Reviews

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-07-13 07:49

    Prosecutor Kate Spencer gets fed up with super criminals and takes the law into her own hands as... The Manhunter!I'd been hearing about this series for half a decade before I finally plunked down some coin and picked it up. Did it live up to the hype?Sort of. Regular people taking the law into their own hands is nothing new in comics. What is new is Kate Spencer. She's not hot. She smokes. She's divorced with a young son. Her ex-husband is a douche. Intrigued yet? What if I told you Kate took some super powered goodies from the evidence locker, like a Darkstar uniform, to help her fight crime? Yeah, I was interested too...In this volume, Kate goes about the ropes, learning to be a super hero, with Copperhead and Shadowthief as her primary villains. She does a good job too, all things considered.Other than Kate's ass-kicking character, the things I liked most about this book were her interactions with the rest of the DC universe, namely Batman and the Justice League. Seeing her gay assistant hit on Hawkman was possibly my favorite non-violent part of the book.After reading this, I can see how Manhunter became a cult hit in its initial run. It's not like the other comics on the rack, it's very well written, and has a lot of unconventional things going on, especially for a super hero comic. Four stars!

  • Sesana
    2019-07-10 05:35

    It's really hard to build a story around an intentionally unlikeable character and keep it a compelling read. And in Manhunter, Andreyko nailed it. The lead and title character is Kate Spencer. A top prosecutor, she reacts to losing yet another supervillain case by stealing high tech goodies from evidence lockers and turning vigilante herself. Kate is no selfless wonder herself. Her vigilante turn seems to be inspired as much by an inability to accept defeat as by any thoughts of justice. Her personality is abrasive, and she's a terrible mother. And still a compelling character.It's because Andreyko's writing is so solid, and because Kate's failings are realistic and not too far over the top. And I loved the way Andreyko integrated the rest of the DCU. The Justice League's appearance was spot on. I'm very much looking forward to continuing this series.

  • Greg Fisher
    2019-07-04 02:42

    Collects Manhunter #1-5.Marc Andreyko is a Cleveland author who is proving he has more than enough writing skill to stand with the three bald Brians of Cleveland (Brian Michael Bendis, Brian K. Vaughan and Brian Azzarello). Taking what was essentially a lame concept -- the idea of Manhunters in the DC Universe -- and revitalized it through characterization. Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor who is tired of seeing super-powered criminals slip through the justice system. Those who do, become her prey and she is not afraid to kill. In the chaos of the DC Universe this has gone unnoticed for the moment but should this comic survive, and I hope it will, she will get the attention of other super-powered people -- criminals and vigilanties alike.What sets this apart beside Kate's difficult personality, is the exploration of justice and morality. Andreyko isn't afraid to make Kate a killer (Remember when Green Arrow took a life? Remember that we've almost retconned that?) and getting her dirty. She doesn't feel like a "company character" on which nothing sticks for long (Hal Jordan-Green Lantern, anyone?) but a real character who will change -- or not -- in her own good time.In this collection, seeing the villain Copperhead practically get off despite killing and many times eating nearly 40 people, Kate steals a Manhunter costume and equiptment from the evidence room and takes justice into her own hands. But unlike so many DC heroes, she is not afraid to kill and ramifications of bringing justice to Copperhead brings her into conflict with the Shadow Thief.Manhunter vol. 1.

  • Caroline
    2019-07-03 10:53

    I really wanted to like this, because I've picked up more recent issues in the series, and found them a lot of fun. However, aside from the great art by Jesus Saiz, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Steve Buccellato (pencils, inks, and colors respectively) I didn't find a lot to love in this book.Kate Spencer is a prosecutor of 'metahuman crimes,' who apparently flips her gourd when a defendant is found not guilty, by reason of supernatural powers or something -- and then turned loose on the street? I don't know, this makes no sense, either literally or as a metaphor. Anyway, Kate decides to steal some kind of super suit from an evidence locker, calls herself 'Manhunter,' and goes and hunts the bad guy down and kills him. There's certainly a great opportunity here to take a fresh look at the idea of vigilantism in a world with superheroes, but that doesn't happen here. It's just kind of mindless and dumb, and Kate is one of the most unlikeable protagonists I've encountered in a while. She has a kid, to whom she's a manifestly terrible mother, and an ex-husband who she perceives as an annoyance, for whom I had nothing but sympathy.At some point between this first volume, and the new issues I'm reading now, the story obviously got better, but I'm on the fence about whether I want to invest in the next two collections. I probably will, just so I can figure out what's going on with the current story.Oh, comics.

  • stephanie
    2019-07-16 10:43

    not what i was expecting, at all. kate takes the title of manhunter (i don't know how she learns the moves, but hey) by kind of stealing the costume from the police evidence lockers, and then blackmailing a dude she put away into fixing her stuff. did i mention she's a lawyer? a chain-smoking, no-nonsense, actually-will-kill-you lawyer?yeah, this was new. definitely not your average DCU main title character. the thing was, i liked it, but i didn't love it. and i didn't find myself wanting to care about kate. or really, even caring about kate. i like her, but i don't love her. i would like to pick up the second volume, just to see how it moves forward, but i can't seem to find it anywhere. the art wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad, either.

  • Jordan
    2019-07-14 05:00

    Four stars. Barely. Kate is a lawyer who, frustrated with the justice system, decides to just started killing off super-powered bad-guys. Which is kind of nice. The "no killing" rule a lot of superheroes have makes me roll my eyes after a while. Oh, the Joker broke out and is murdering people again? We'll just lock him back up, surely he'll stay locked up this time and not escape again leading to more innocents dying! Anyways. Kate is kind of flawed. She smokes. A lot. Her superhero gear is basically stolen. She blackmails her technical assistant. She has a kind of messy divorce. And she sucks at being a mom. Which makes her kind of fun. Because I really don't like good guys that are too good. I tend to want to punch them.

  • Charles
    2019-06-26 02:53

    Though Manhunter is a revisionist superhero comic (the heroine is a chain-smoking divorcee and a poor mother) it doesn't sucessfully break from other vigilante justice comics in terms of style and content. This heroine has anger issues, is mostly friendless, and pretends that she is motivated by high ideals rather than a love of violence. In terms of craft, the story is well done, but if you're looking for something fresh in the superhero genre, as I was, this will probably dissapoint.

  • Kristen
    2019-06-26 06:03

    The closest thing I can compare this book to is Bendis' "Alias", with Kate Spencer's mess of a life as a protagonist who isn't conventionally likable - except that I enjoy Manhunter more. Kate's sass is entertaining in a way Jessica Jones's personality isn't (in the comics - the show is funny). Where "Alias" sort of dragged on with little character, "Manhunter" steadily chugs along. This is a refreshing take on a flawed superhero, with less sexualization and more attitude. And it works!

  • Mariah
    2019-06-17 07:34

    I bought this on a spontaneous trip to my comic book store. Manhunter was something I noticed on the shelf that I thought I would enjoy. It seems Manhunter is an anti-hero who is similar to a female version of Daredevil. I had never previously heard of Manhunter which made this comic more intriguing to me. Kate Spencer is an attorney by day who smokes her cigarettes and argues with her ex-husband about custody of their child. As she is prosecuting a meta human named Copperhead, she is angered to find that he is released on the streets. She chooses to don a costume and steel a meta human weapon to fight criminals with. Kate feels like a different character than Daredevil. She is someone who is hard to like. She's a smoker, she seems like a rather cold person, yet I find this series enjoyable to read. I think the story is great along with the artwork. This comic is from early 2000, but I didn't find it a drag to read through. I have this on my list of series to read and I'm ready to buy and read volume #2.

  • Jessica Hennessey
    2019-07-02 04:54

    as someone with a legal background, I really appreciated a female lawyer and part time super hero. I love that the character is not only intelligent, but also strong. I hope she will one day get her own TV show or film.

  • Annice22
    2019-07-14 08:33

    This is an old read and I wish I had read it earlier. Kate Spencer is an interesting character and she has a very different approach to being a hero.

  • Lexxi Kitty
    2019-06-29 08:51

    As Andreyko notes in the introduction to the edition I read, he entered the pitch meeting expecting to be turned down. But he figured he'd ask for what he wanted anyway. He wanted to write a woman he wanted to see. Smart, average breasted, smoker, basically Helen Mirren from Prime Suspect. A superhero willing to kill. While still being set in the DC Comics Universe. He was pleasantly surprised to find DC Comics management allowing him to have this series involving a superhero woman who fought crime in something other than a thong.The opening issue shows Kate Spencer prosecuting a vicious reptile like man. Who has killed at least 46 people. And eaten many of them. That killer vicious reptile is found Not Guilty by reason of genetic anomaly (or something like that). Naturally, this annoys Kate.Shortly thereafter, while being transported, killer reptile escapes and viciously kills the guards transporting him. Then he wanders around in a rampage. Kate gets word of this and heads to a hidden vault. Stares at some stuff. Nerves herself up and pulls on a costume and runs out to dispense some street justice. And kills killer reptile.The only appearance of Two-Face, Killer Croc, the Joker, and Batman occurs that night after Kate killed the killer reptile. In a dream. Batman is, as somewhat usual, sitting there in a closet in bondage, while the bad guys mock him and get set to do evil things to him. Manhunter - Kate, dives in and kills the bad guys. Cuts Batman lose. Also as usual, Batman's immediate response is to viciously batter Kate. Because killing is just so damned wrong. Then Kate wakes up.The storyline of Kate becoming Manhunter continues in this volume. Plus a story involving Kate's ex-husband, and their child. Shadow Thief pops up because killer reptile (man I wish I remembered what killer reptile's name was) was his best friend. ST viciously batters Kate as Manhunter. And then some actual established superheros turn up when they get word that ST was spotted in LA. They want him, because he had just killed one of their own (I can't remember if it was Firestorm or Captain Atom who was killed - it occurred off-page).Quite an interesting story. Self-contained. One of the issues did intersect with an ongoing multi-series event, but the only reason I know that is because that was mentioned in the introduction. The point being, that this time the intrusion of an outside storyline was worked seamlessly into the ongoing story, instead of being overwhelming. There are at least four more volumes of this series, and I wish to eventually get them. Or, at least, the next one and probably more.

  • Vicky
    2019-06-23 02:34

    I thought Manhunter was going to be something like Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, lol, but it is not.Kate Spencer is a federal prosecutor and she is aggressive and demanding and sexy sometimes but to my disappointment, not a lesbian. She loses a court case at the start of the story and Copperhead this villain gets to go free to kill/eat more people. It's unclear to a new reader whether this criminal-villain is a man or a monster or what (does it matter?), but we are supposed to view him as a sane man who is choosing to commit these murders which would then allow us to understand and side with Kate when she steals equipment—basically a suit and this electric staff—and becomes MANHUNTER.My "problem", though, is that Kate's hero origin story seems to be a result of her refusal to lose at anything, not like she cares or is connected to people in this justice-with-sincerity sense. Example: she is a terrible mother. I don't feel sorry for her at all. She continuously neglects to pick up her son, Ramsey, on her days with him, so that her ex-husband has to bring Ramsey to her. Then when her husband says that he should fight for full custody, she reminds him with a threat that she is personal friends with the people in the family court system thing (refusal to lose).NOT ONLY THAT, but when she brings Ramsey home, he ends up finding her poorly hidden electric staff and basically SHOCKS himself to death. And there's a scene in which the father (I forgot his name) yells at Kate and she walks away as if to say: "sigh, I guess this is it. sigh, ok, then. I will give up my family and continue to be a...Manhunter!! Yay! See ya LATER." The ease of how easily she walks away pretty much shows us that her son and her ex-husband had been a burden all along. This also happens with the character, Dylan Battles, when he loses his family (partner + son) because of Kate, and takes it as a chance to abandon them to help build weapons for Kate, just because she demanded him to do so, even though he refused at first. Like, what is really in it for Dylan? W-t-f?If later issues develop Kate into a like-able character, or at least more "interesting"/"emotional", then I would continue reading the series. I will have to revisit Identity Crisis, too.I enjoyed the art work.

  • Kelsey
    2019-06-18 05:01

    I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book. I wasn't particularly a fan of Andreyko's Batwoman, but I know leading up to it, many were excited for it, based on his work on Manhunter. That and the fact that OMAC figures into this series is about all I knew going in.This is a fantastic, pulpy read. It's a fairly straightforward concept - Kate Spencer, federal prosecutor whose home life has all but failed, has had it with villains getting away with no sentencing, or little sentencing. So she dons a costume and starts killing them.Simple, but great. Kate is a true anti-hero, very grey. She tries to do her best, but her stubborn pride gets in the way of that a lot. She's not likable in practice. Some great little asides here and there. Seeing her gay assistant hit on Hawkman was awesome. And even the advertisements themselves - there was a vintage Smallville ad on the back of one that was a pure mix of 90s drama with 80s romance covers.All in all, the mood here is perfect. Definitely a series I'm ready to devour more of.

  • Bill Williams
    2019-06-28 05:44

    I love a good crime comic and really enjoyed what Marc Andreyko was doing in the Manhunter series. After deciding to reread the series, I picked up this first trade paperback. Marc had a hard female protagonist who was on the unlikeable side in a dangerous situation acting under a sort of compulsion. The art is clear and tells a good story. The story moves at a pretty good clip as opposed to a more decompressed approach that has found favor. The first little arc has some fun moments, but I think I see the seams that are about to come apart and doom the series to a premature end. It's the curse of being a writer. You spend time looking past the pretty pictures to see the architecture. The roiling alchemy of creation is a delicate mixture that changes with every new character and story. I have the feeling that there are too many unsympathetic characters in the early stages of the series, but that might just be a personal taste.Marc Andreyko is in a writing group with me, but that does not influence my opinion of the elegant work in the first Manhunter trade.

  • Jon
    2019-07-02 04:47

    Manhunter, Vol. 1: Street Justice by Marc Andreyko is the first arc in the most recent Manhunter series by DC Comics. We are introduced to Kate Spencer a prosecutor in L.A. as she loses a murder trial of a serial killer named Copperhead. Unhappy with the verdict she takes justice into her own hands and does what the jury failed to do. As the story progresses we learn more about Kate's failed marriage and weak mothering skills. The book had great writing and art, it doesn't have a lot of background so even if you haven't read a comic before you can pick this one up and not be lost at all. This book is great if you like crime stories. Also the if you are a fan of realistic portrayal of female characters pick this up because Kate Spencer/ Manhunter is strong, independent but still has flaws that make her relatable.

  • Thrishni Subramoney
    2019-07-08 08:40

    To be honest, I just started reading this because nothing else I had available to read really appealed to me. I have to say, I got curiously into it. I will, of course, compare every ass-kicking fictional with the inimitable slayer and Kate Spencer ... is no slayer. But she is compelling enough - a public prosecutor, who turns rogue vigilante. Serious flaws with the plot though (who leaves fancy magical staffs just lying around in evidence lockers, for one), which aren't reason enough to force me to put this down yet.So onto Volume 2 then.

  • Meghan Wilson
    2019-07-05 05:43

    Yay! Finally a depiction of a woman I can get behind. Especially the art...she looks NORMAL! I have a feeling I might get tired of her tough edge, smoking bad mother shtick but Im on board to see where this goes. Also I find it a little strange how easily the athletic, acrobatic fighting comes to her...theres no mention of any previous training before she goes out there and does her thing. However, the story intrigues me and although I hate to say it, being a female lead book, the tech guy is a great character and I am excited to see where things go with him too.

  • Jane Salvador
    2019-06-22 04:56

    Kate Spencer is not a particularly likable character. She's a terrible mother, obsessed with her career, and is driven to take up the mantle as the Manhunter after losing a court case against a meta-human criminal, Copperhead. Despite this (really forced plot), it's a well-written with excellent artwork. Here we have a heroine who's purpose isn't to titillate male readers with her bosom, but to show the beginnings of a no-nonsense hero with a lot of potential.

  • Tim
    2019-07-09 07:36

    This was ok, it wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't great either. The art and writing were both good for the most part but the concept wasn't really all that original. Basically it's just a female Daredevil who isn't afraid to kill if she has to. One thing that I hated though was the red text on black backgrounds for Kate's inner monologue, that was about the worst idea ever.

  • Jdetrick
    2019-07-03 03:03

    This is dark, gritty and intense, which tend to be negatives for me when it comes to DC's titles. Yet this book is also well written (and drawn), telling of characters and their stories. The violence is always in service to the story, and not just depicted for its own sake. Very good start to the series.

  • victoria.p
    2019-07-10 09:53

    Things I liked: Kate, her prickly/aggressive personality and willingness to use lethal force when she deems it necessary. Her friendship with Cameron Chase. The fact that she and Dylan never had any UST. The fact that they hashed out her ex-husband and kid issues pretty quickly. Things I was meh about: the eventual superhero family backstory reveal. Meh.

  • Mark Desrosiers
    2019-06-30 09:54

    Andreyko's introduction proposes something NEW: "a flawed, somewhat unlikable, fully-clothed, average-busted woman" as a superhero. "Oh yeah, for kicks, we'll make her a lawyer!" he continues. Ha ha ha, so this is just the chick DC version of the Daredevil, except she has fully functional vision and a magical stick... snoozer!

  • Joseph
    2019-07-03 03:00

    Dark without feeling forced, Manhunter manages to bring together memorable characters and a great concept. Although the lawyer-by-day-vigilante-by-night idea may seem played out, Kate Spencer feels unique. She's inexperienced without being naive. She's tough as nails without being a cold bitch. She's worried about her fractured family without becoming mawkish or saccharine.

  • Joe
    2019-07-09 04:45

    Aside from some really traditional sexist cover art, Manhunter is pretty decent. It has a Jessica Jones / Alias vibe to it thanks to Kate's dark wit and awkward social interactions, as well as the frequent cameo appearances by famous characters (JLA, Batman, Joker, etc). Manhunter isn't going to set the world ablaze or anything, but it's a quick and entertaining read.

  • C
    2019-07-01 09:47

    A favourite. I love Kate Spencer, prosecuting attorney turned vigilante bad-guy killer who is prickly and not terribly likeable as a person but who can't live with the injustices she sees at work. I love characters that are driven, and she definitely is.

  • Daniel Sepúlveda
    2019-06-30 10:51

    No esperaba mucho de esta serie. La lei porque un colega me la recomendó.Me gustó. Es interesante,el ver como Kate decide tomar justicia por su cuenta y que lo hace muy bien!Desde que la empecé a leer, la recomiendo con gran esmero.

  • Sam Poole
    2019-07-13 03:02

    In many ways DCs best answer to the punisher is here- Kate Spencer using the legacy name manhunter to kill the super villains who get free in LA. This is dark but good- it's sort of like the punisher meets Gotham central. Excellent art and development. Glad I have SO many of the trades !

  • Shaun
    2019-07-12 06:33

    Manhunter is one of my favorite modern superhero comics. This being the first volume, it lays the groundwork for the fascinating and complex character that is Kate Spencer/Manhunter. Prosecuting attorney by day, driven to go after the ones who get away in the courtroom by night.

  • Laura
    2019-07-17 09:57

    Excellent start to a series with the most rounded character treatment since Morrison’s Animal Man.Frustrated with the system’s failures to stop supervillians, public prosecutor Kate Spencer doesn’t turn bitter- she turns vigilante.